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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Astrology and Precession

In a message dated 03/14/2000 3:34:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

On the side of tropical astrology, we need to recognize that it is solar based astrology, the stars are no longer relevant to tropical astrology. It should be called solarology, to reflect that the logic is a pure rationalization of Mithrasian Sol Invictus

I appreciate Rush Allen's comments, here. Thank-you ... Rush.

Yes ... the "Tropical" Zodiac is limited to only The Sun. But we are rapidly becoming more-and-more aware of our intimate connections to ... "everywhere out there" ... to put it that way. Out there ... the stars ... beyond our Solar System. It's a BIG picture ... a BIG place ... we are not limited to this Solar System.

What is the "farthest out there" that we humans can "see" with the naked eye ? It is the constellations. We can actually see the constellations with the naked eye.

I think this is significant. We are closely-connected to those stars. Our Solar System would literally not exist without "all that other stuff" out there.

We are broadening and expanding our awareness-horizons. We are 'of the stars' and we are 'from the stars'. The "Sidereal" Zodiac is the actual Zodiac, because it simply "precesses" with those constellations ... those constellations which The Zodiac is BASED on.

We are re-discovering *advanced ancient* knowledge. We are finding out, to an accelerating degree, that our 'planetary culture' has suffered a broad-based loss (and suppression) of knowledge AND technologies. I think part of the "loss" (and possibly part of the "suppression") included the failure to adjust The Zodiac to precession ... around 216 A.D. (or 221 A.D., maybe). It was sometime early in the 3rd century A.D., at any rate, when this gross failure began .. and it has continued to the present with 'conventional' ("Tropical") astrology !!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton