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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 420

Great Serpent Mound and IFSC Inverse ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Great Serpent Mound and IFSC Inverse ..
Thu Jun 19 10:02:06 2003

Back to The Great Serpent Mound .. Ohio, USA.

It strikes me more and more; that its depiction
(from aerial-view, remember)involving the "Egg"
is relating to the "Serpent" (or; the Serpent's mouth)
as a metaphor for the dynamics of The Fine Structure
Constant. (In-which a Photon is either "absorbed-by" or 
is "emitted-from" an Electron).

The "Egg" is then a Photon .. an entity of "Light" ..
which I think of as "Knowledge" .. 'awareness' .. 
'understanding'. This is tied very closely to what
Laurence Gardner writes about .. *ancient Kingship* ..
the "Grail" .. highest ancient wisdom and knowledge,
and understanding. Not simply "rote-information-
accumulation". This is the stuff of which it is most
desirable that_"Leaders"_be made-of. In Dubya Bush's case;
it should be bvious that he is made-of the 'opposite'
sort of stuff. "LIGHT" and "SHIT" each add-up to 56.

If I can't be "political" now .. I may never again get 
the chance to be so. Integration .. integrity ..
a yearning for wholeness .. you know.
Something that is increasingly "forbidden" in our 
so called "society".

Anyway; Munck's Grid Point Value for "The Egg" at
The "Great Serpent Mound" is (45 * 3.141592654) ..
a "high-precision" 45Pi.
Is the Photon going to be "absorbed" by the Serpent ..
or is it being "emitted" by the Serpent ?

If the Photon is being emitted; is it being "rejected"
outright .. ?? .. or; is it being "put out there" for
others to take-in ? 
Are we seeing "options of free-will" being illustrated,
here, as well ?

Hopefully; the "45Pi" of The Egg (The Photon, the "Light
Entity") .. will mathematically *resonate* nicely with ..
the "Ideal-limit" for the Fine Structure Constant as I've
seemingly discovered it ?
(141.3716694 / 137.0778389) .. 1.031324031 ..
a decimal-harmonic of the_exact_Area for a Circle,
in terms of the_360_system. {10313.24031 Square Degrees} ..
= 3.141592654 * (57.29577951^2).

I think that is quite significant.

Next; I hope that the Bert Schreiber "Quantum Electron"
decimal-harmonic will *resonate* well with 'these-above'
The Electron is the Serpent, apparently .. in the 
depiction (aerial-view) of The Great Serpent Mound, itself.

(1.234567901 / 1.031324031) = 1.197070818 ..
= (3.141592654 / 2.6244)

And what's 2.6244 ? It's .. C^2 .. light-speed Squared.
Very significant, if you ask me.
This is in terms of_nautical miles_per time-second.
This is .. 2.6244 * (10^10) in nautical miles per 
time-second. Speed-of-light Squared in nautical miles
per second of time. And that's "Universal Time" in
Bert Schreiber's book .. and I agree with that.
This is (162000^2) in nautical miles per time-second.
So it fits with Bruce Cathie's work, of course.

And; recall that 1.234567901 is also the Grid Point
Value that I found for "EARTHFACE" (centered) in
Middletown, New York, USA .. an_actual_mirror-image ..
*literally* .. of "The Face on Mars" .. (both of them
"as-seen from aerial-view"). Of course, "EARTHFACE" is
heavily eroded. But Dr.Bruce Cornet_clearly_showed the
mirror-image likeness of the 2 faces .. on his (long-
since-pulled) website of 1998.
And_1.234567901_is the Square of .. 1.111111111 ..
which is_also_the Grid Point Value that I found for ..
"Tholus II" .. in the same_general_vicinity as EARTHFACE.
It's right near the south border of ..
"Stewart Airport/Airbase".

Please recall the number 82944 .. 
which = (360 * 230.4)
And; 230.4 = 09(deg) * 32(min) * 0.8(sec) ..
on MARS .. the_condensed-sexagesimal-mode figure for
the MARS_prime meridian longitude-variance ..
{Morton}. [ See the local search-engine
on "GridPoint"; I hope there's something there
on this].

(8.2944 / 2.6244) = (2.777777778 * 0.64)^2
This is where; 2.777777778 is the multiplied-
product of the Bert Schreiber Quantum Proton and
Quantum Electron decimal-harmonics ..
(1.234567901 * 2.25); and where; 0.64 is a decimal-harmonic
of the_640_Y2K-Ecliptic Grid LONG for POLARIS.

Then; I noticed this ..
(8.2944 * 13.67835979) = 113.4537875
And this is where; 13.67835979 is my latest-proposed
Y2K-Ecliptic Grid Point Value for NIBIRU, and where;
113.4537875 is my latest-proposed AU-distance for NIBIRU
as of *Y2K*.

And here's a little check on how this "plays" with
the_multiplied-product_of my "Ideal-Mean" AU-distances
for VENUS and MARS .. 
(113.4537875 * 0.72 * 1.523087099) = (15 * 8.2944) ..
and the "Mighty 15" .. "OSIRIS Re-Membered" .. shows-up.


-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.