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Messages from Michael L. Morton

More Discoveries and Confirmation..

I just made some more discoveries.

As you can (hopefully) see in your files, re: my emails of some time ago, in which I gave you my numbers for "Miami Square" ... with 'The Miami Circle' at the Northeast Corner and "The Water Well" at the Southwest Corner ... I wrote that the perimeter of "Miami Square" is ... "8250.592249 Feet".

BTW ... I think 'The Miami Circle' is the site of "The Fountain of Youth". I think water formerly "shot up" through all those little holes within-and-near 'The Miami Circle'. (Not the large holes on the circumference ... but the little holes 'all over the place' in and around there).

Notice that Munck's latest book, "Whispers From Time, Vol.2" .. { } ...

has the spot of the former "Atlantean" geographic North Pole on Akpatok Island, northeast of Hudson Bay, during the so-called "last Ice Age" ... as .. "82505.92249" W.Giza ... IDENTICAL to the Grid LONG of The Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco in South America. NOW ... I just realized, after checking my notes, that this is a precise decimal harmonic of the "Miami Square" perimeter, in Feet !!!

Here is that longitude, shared by the spot on Akpatok Island, and The Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco in South America ... 68 deg 40 min 16.56235743 sec W.Greenwich. 99 (deg) X 48 (min) X 17.36235743 (sec) W.Giza ... = 82505.92249 W.Giza.

ALSO .... I just figured out that my Grid POINT Value for the Orion belt-star ALNITAK ... the prime meridian marker-star for our *ecliptic* ... when multiplied by "8.250592249" ... equals ... "360" ... and of course 360 is the Grid LONG of any prime meridian marker-node !!! 43.63323131 X 8.250592249 = 360.

I also wrote, in those earlier emails about "Miami Square" and my 'projected' 4-sided square pyramid ... that if my projected pyramid on "Miami Square" had the same slope angle as The Great Pyramid of Giza ... that the height of this projected pyramid would be ... "1313.12254 Feet" ... exactly TWICE the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992) of .. "656.56127".

Now ... I also realize that if we multiply my Grid POINT Value for the star ALNITAK, times "1.31312254" ... we get .... "57.29577951" ... The Radian (deg). 43.63323131 X 1.31312254 = 57.29577951 ... The Radian (deg).

Please see my material on "A Sky Matrix" ...

Recently, I've read a book by Greg Rigby, entitled, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven". { ISBN 1900706 008 }. This book, which I highly recommend, presents good evidence for a massive layout, marked by the locations of cathedrals in France, of the Ursa Major constellation. This layout is hundreds of miles wide.

Rigby also concludes in his book that the site of the church at Rennes-le-Chateau, in terms of the context of this "Ursa Major" layout ... correlates to the pole star POLARIS.

As you know, I have figured a Grid POINT Value for POLARIS of ... "21.6". Now; we can see that we can actually calculate the Polar Radius of Earth ... by using my figure for POLARIS (21.6) and my Grid POINT Value for Rennes-le- Chateau (2Pi) .... 21.6 / 2Pi = 3.437746771 .... decimal harmonic of Earth's polar radius in nautical miles .... "3437.746771".

Rigby also mentions in his book, that in "24" hours time ... Ursa Major 'appears' to "revolve around POLARIS" ... one rotation. So ... let's multiply ... 24 X 21.6 = 518.4 ... and then let's divide that by my Grid POINT Value for Rennes-le-Chateau (2Pi) ... 518.4 / 2Pi = 82.50592249 .... decimal harmonic of "82505.92249" ... "8250.592249" ... "8.250592249" ... discussed earlier in this email.

Let's now also look at another "pole star" ... but one from a different part of our Earth's precession cycle. My Grid POINT Value for "VEGA" is ... (10 / Pi) ... or, "3.183098862". 82.50592249 / 3.183098862 = 25.92 ... a decimal harmonic of the precession cycle itself .. in years (25920).

Here's how the Earth precession cycle relates to the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992) :

25920 / 656.56127 = 39.4784176 .... exactly (2Pi) Squared. Recall "The Phoenix Lights" incident ? I've stated my Grid LAT for the center of the intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue, where the huge UFO hovered for 240 seconds (4 minutes) on that night of March 13, 1997 ... as ... "39478.4176" North ... = 33 (deg) X 29 (min) X 41.252265 (sec) North. Of course .... that Grid LAT is a decimal harmonic of ... (2Pi) Squared.

Munck states that the current spot of the former ("Atlantean") geographic North Pole ... on Akpatok Island, northeast of Hudson Bay, is at a precise latitude of ... 60 degrees North. That *same spot* used to be, of course, at exactly 90 degrees North during the "last Ice Age".

So let's multiply those numbers ... 60 X 90 = 5400 ... Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of The Great Sphinx of Giza. That number ... "5400" ... is ALSO the exact number of nautical miles of arc-distance on Earth from Pole to Equator. What would be the current Grid POINT Value of the (current) geographic North Pole ? I would use the latitude of "90" ... of course ... and I would use the LONG of ... "360" ... of the prime meridian. Form the ratio ...

360 / 90 = 4. What is the Polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles ? "21,600" .... which is ... "4" times ... "5400".

What if we take the ratio of "90" and "60" ... the former and current North latitudes of that spot on Akpatok Island ? 90 / 60 = 1.5 ... decimal harmonic of ... "15".

5400 / 1.5 = 3600 .... could be the orbital period of "Nibiru", in earth years.

At least we do know that "3600" is a decimal harmonic of "360" and of "36". Now we can use "3600" to show some figures you have seen earlier in this piece. 3600 / 43.63323131 = 82.50592249 ... eh ?!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton