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Messages from Michael L. Morton

"Mistake Alert" re: Munck's latest book ...

IMHO ... there are some rather glaring mistakes in Munck's
latest book, "Whispers From Time, Volume 2". 

*** I already went through the "page 250" thing, regarding the map/sketch, 
 'The Tholus', etc.

*** Pages 6,7, and 8 ... there's a break in text, at the beginning of page 7 ...
he "jumps" from Stonehenge right into (non-sequitor) "Octagon Circle"
at Newark, Ohio, earthworks. Then, at top of page 8, he is "back" 
(suddenly)to Stonehenge.

*** Page 230 ... regarding "Cahokia Woodhenge # 2". He has the wrong latitude
(entirely) shown on the drawing. The latitude he shows in this drawing 
is the latitude of "The Observatory Circle" in Newark, Ohio ... a different 

He also has the Grid POINT Value wrong, for Cahokia Woodhenge # 2.

It is not "1.315947253", in my opinion. Rather, it is .. "1.290994449" ...

exactly 1/3rd of my Grid POINT Value for The Miami Circle.

The correct latitude for Cahokia Woodhenge # 2 is ... 54000  North ...
=  38 (deg)  X  39 (min)  X  36.43724696 (sec)  North. Notice that "54000" is exactly
"5" times "10800" ... Grid LAT of The Miami Circle. 

He also has the Grid LONG wrong, for Cahokia Woodhenge # 2.
The correct longitude is ... "41828.22014"  W.Giza ...
=  121 (deg)  X  12 (min)  X  28.80731415 (sec)  W.Giza. Notice that
"41828.22014" is the IDENTICAL Grid LONG to The Miami Circle.

So; Grid POINT Value for Cahokia Woodhenge # 2, CORRECTED ....
41828.22014 / 10800  =  1.290994449 (Morton, 1999).


Of course Munck's most valuable contribution, in this latest book, is his 
deciphering of the last 3 "Polar Rounds" ... finding the precise location and the 
numbers of the former so-called "last Ice Age" North Pole, for example, and identifying 
certain "marker-pyramids" indicating the locations of these former North Poles.

Yes, I do agree with his figures on this one !!  ALSO ... his numbers for 
Avebury Circle are very important ... and I agree with his figures there, too. 

I do find Munck's "condescending persona" quite annoying, in this latest 
work. He evidently considers himself to literally be the reincarnation of some 
"upper-echelon" High Priest of Atlantis ... and he "let's us know it" at several 
junctures along the way. I try to ignore this "aspect" of his work. In fact, I don't 
take it as a serious part of 'the work' itself, but it's something that many people could 
use to discredit him. This is unfortunate.

An interesting question that seems to be posing itself, here :
Does the apparent "precise movement of 30 degrees of latitude" ...
of the 'most-recent' North Pole ... 90 degrees North, to "exactly" 60 degrees
North ... to its *present position* on Akpatok Island ... does this suggest a
"mastery of hyperdimensional physics", on a planetary scale, by *someone* ?
Could there possibly have been a similar scenario, involving a (possible)
"precise 're-location' of The Face on Mars" ... ??  ... I hate to admit it, 
because I don't buy TVF's model of Mars having been a "moon" of another planet, and I
still think Sitchin's model of a "collision" event, as he interprets the 
Enuma Elish, is the best model so far. But, I'm trying to consider the possibilities 
opened-up by Dr. Norman Bergrun's work ... and his book, "Ringmakers of Saturn", etc. 

If there actually have been gigantic EMVs around for ... ?? ... "billions"of 
years .. as Bergrun suggests .. maybe acting as "maintenance and security" for ...
 for what ?? ... "The Nursery", so to speak ?  Just wondering. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000