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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Mars Tholus & Phi Spiral...

There is literature out there, already, regarding the apparent "Phi Spiral"
(Fibonnaci Spiral) pattern displayed by 'The Tholus' on Mars (Cydonia) from aerial view.

Munck says the figure "1.622311471" is ... "archaeomatrix Phi".  I have found this figure 
is the Grid POINT Value of "The Water Well" (Morton, 1999) ..

the Southwest Corner of "Miami Square". I now have dubbed this ancient
water well "The Well of Osiris", because I now think The Miami Circle
(Northeast Corner of "Miami Square") is the site of the former so-called 
"Fountain of Youth". I think water formerly "shot-up" out of the numerous 
small holes in the porous limestone in-and-around the site of The Miami Circle.

Let's now look at my Grid POINT Value for 'The Tholus' at Cydonia, and how it
relates to "archaeomatrix Phi", the Grid POINT Value of "The Well of Osiris".
754.5275746 X 1.622311471  =  [(2Pi) Squared]  X  (Pi Cubed). 

"(Pi Cubed)" is the Grid POINT Value for the Orion belt-star MINTAKA, in
the "Sky Matrix" {}.
And "(2Pi) Squared" is DISPLAYED by "Miami Square" ... by the Grid POINT
Values of its 4 corners !!! ...

[(SW) X (NE)]  X  [(NW) / (SE)]  =  (2Pi) Squared.

(1.622311471 X 3.872983346)  X  (8.268340445 / 1.315947253)   = (2Pi) Squared.

Now let's divide 'archaeomatrix Phi' into 'The Tholus' (Mars) ...
754.5275746 / 1.622311471  =  (Pi Cubed)  X  15.

And "15" is the *Square* of the Grid POINT Value of "NE" ... The Miami Circle. 

AND .. "15" is the number of "OSIRIS RE-MEMBERED". 

Actually, I've just now (within the past day or so) .... REVISED the longitude of
The Tholus (Cydonia) !  Another revision !!   I still have "1296" as the Grid LAT of both The 
Tholus and The City Square, though.

AND .... I've also revised the longitude of The City Square.
I hope you realize that I'm one who releases "work in progress" to certain 
people ..(as if you hadn't noticed !!) ... so that 'said' work-in-progress ...
"PROGRESSES" through time ... as in .... "keeps getting more accurate, as time goes along"
... as I get a better-and-better "read" on things. You do understand, I hope.  --- Michael 
Personally, I like to watch the work as it progresses. It's providing an interesting record
of the history of how all these pieces were found and how they are being put together.

Good !!  I appreciate the understanding, Gary. 

I'm measuring the "plate no. 10" in Hoagland's book ... "The Monuments of Mars".

Kind of a small item to try to measure accurately, but I'm doing my best. The prime meridian 
runs through the center of The D&M Pyramid .. we know that  from Carl's work (Carl Munck; for 
those of you new to this material). I've figured (and predicted) that the azimuth from 'The D&M 
Pyramid' apex to the nose on 'The Face' is ... 13.15947253 degrees ... a decimal harmonic of 
what I'm figuring  is the "intended/ideal" polar circumference of Mars ... 13159.47253 statute 

So; if you'd like to draw a prime meridian on (or overlaying) that orthographically- rectified 
photo-mosaic in Hoagland's book (plate no.10), draw it "13.16" degrees counter-clockwise (using 
a protractor) from a line from the 'D&M' apex to the *nose* of 'The Face'. That will give you 
not only the prime meridian, but also a  due-north/south line you can use in measuring various 
objects on that page (photo-mosaic). You have a due-east/west line already on there ... it's 
the line from the center of The Tholus ... all the way to the center of The City Square. 

I have calculated that latitude (of that line) as .. 41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X 10.53658537 (sec)  
North ... =  1296  North.  

So, that's my current best figure for the latitude of both The Tholus and The City Square 
(center). BTW .. it does help to use a magnifying glass. ALSO ... I am not ONLY measuring ... I 
am drawing upon my knowledge of this re-discovered archaeomatrix, in trying to figure out the 
*intended* Grid LATs, Grid LONGs, and Grid POINT Values. It helps GREATLY, of course, to learn 
the basics of this archaeomatrix, before simply "jumping cold" into this. So .. don't expect to 
simply be able to 'measure this page' in Hoagland's book, and  "automatically" come up with the 
"right figures". You need to learn the basics of this archaeomatrix. {See the reference-URLS at 
the end of this article, as a 'start'}.  

For example ... I know (already) the precise latitudes (in the matrix) of The D&M Pyramid and 
The Face, from Munck's work. He self-published that information about 8 years ago. PLUS ... he 
also published (at the same time) the precise longitude of The Face ... relative-to The D&M 
Pyramid, with the center of the D&M *marking* the prime meridian. So ... knowing that info, I 
can use *that* info as reference points (latitude/longitude numbers) in my measuring of this 
photo- mosaic page in Richard C.Hoagland's book.

LAT of The Face .... 41 (deg)  X  11 (min)  X  10.03080581 (sec)  North ...
=  4523.893421  North ...
=  1440 X Pi.

LONG of The Face .... 6.890283706 (min)  E. Cydonia ... east of The D&M ...
=  (Pi/3) X (Pi/2) X Pi.

Grid POINT Value of The Face .... 4523.893421 / 6.890283706  =  656.56127 ..
=  360 Radians (deg)  /  (10 X Pi).

This was self-published, as I said, by Carl Munck, back in 1992. He figured out that The D&M 
Pyramid is *indicating itself* to be a prime meridian 'marker', just as he found The Great 
Pyramid of Giza to be a prime meridian 'marker' on Earth.

Of course, these were major, key discoveries. And they have been suppressed.

Yes ... this ancient 'matrix' is built on a 360 arc-degree system of geometry, as well as the 
Pi constant, with many references to Phi, also. Because this matrix references "360" degrees 
very redundantly ... in terms of simple multiples and fractions thereof as well as the number 
"360" itself ... it also references (displays) "The Radian" (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees. 
{ 2Pi  X  57.29577951  =  360 }. 
LAT of The D&M Pyramid .... 40 (deg) X  52 (min)  X  4.773646584 (sec) North ...
=  9929.184894  North.

LONG of The D&M Pyramid .... "360" .. its designation number as prime meridian.
Grid POINT Value ....  9929.184894 / 360  =  27.58106915  

So ... you have those exact reference numbers to use in your measurements of this photo-mosaic 
.... 'orthographically-rectified'. This means that several photo images have been put together 
so as to give you a "true flat-surface area" on which to measure ... "transcribed-from" the 
curved surface of the planet, and also corrected in-relation to camera angles. Those are the 
kinds of things that professional cartographers do ... people such as Erol O. Torun ... who 
assembled this mosaic ... if I'm not mistaken.  

In my re-measuring of this particular photo-mosaic page ... and thank 'The Source' that 
Hoagland has it in his book ... I've now come-up with some revised figures, for The Tholus and 
for The City Square. I'm willing to share this info, as a kind of "work-in-progress" ... on The 
Internet, because I think it's important for us ... as a "planetary people" ... to get to The 
Truth of many things regarding our ancient heritage which have been covered-up ... suppressed 
... for far too long. I don't feel like going through a long process of "writing a book" in the 
traditional way ...

and having to negotiate with potential publishers, etc., etc. Maybe I'm too impatient. Maybe 
this is not "good business sense" on my part. Well ... the hell with that. I just want 'good 
nformation' ... true information .. to get out there into the open, and *soon*. I'm hoping 
people will somehow begin to "catch-on" to this ancient matrix, and how it proves that we do 
have an actual 'extraterrestrial' connection ...

in our own ancient heritage. I don't like to have to worry about "business". I just want to 
stay on "the roll I'm on" ... doing what I'm doing. So, again; that's why I'm just sort of 
"laying it out there" .... without "packaging something to sell". I hate the entire "buying-
and-selling" world, for that matter. 

LAT of The Tholus ... 41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X  10.53658537 (sec)  North ...
=  1296  North. { Note: 1296 is the Square of "36" }.

LONG of The Tholus ... 01 (deg)  X  04 (min)  X  56.25 (sec)  E.Cydonia ...
=  225  E.Cydonia. { Note: 225 is the Square of "15" }.

Grid POINT Value of The Tholus ... 1296 / 225  =  5.76
Notice that "5.76" is a decimal harmonic of "5760" ... a numerical match of the *current year* 
of the Hebrew Calendar. Zecharia Sitchin has written about the  Sumerian civilization, and how 
the year 3760 B.C. was a very important year in that society ... marking the beginning of the 
Hebrew Calendar.  The Tholus has been described as "spiral-shaped". This would fit nicely with 
the Square Root of its Grid LAT. The number 36 has a cosine of precisely 1/2 of the Phi 
constant (The Golden Section). COS 36  =  1/2 Phi  =  0.809016994

LAT of The City Square ... identical to The Tholus ... 1296 North ...
=  41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X  10.53658537 (sec)  North. 

LONG of The City Square ... 22.91831181 (min)  W.Cydonia ...
=  (72 / Pi). The City Square's longitude is West of the center of The D&M Pyramid, whereas The 
Tholus' longitude is East of The D&M Pyramid.

Grid POINT Value of The City Square ... 1296 / 22.91831181  =  56.54866776 ..
=  (18 X Pi). Note ... the number "56.54866776" is a numerical match of the standard width of 
our traditional railroad tracks, in regular Inches. In terms of regular Feet, "4.71238898" ... 
this is a numerical match of the original height (Munck, 1992) of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza, 
in Feet ... 471.238898.

Longitude Variance of Current Martian Prime Meridians

Of course, just as we have been using a prime meridian at Greenwich, England, which is exactly 
(Munck, 1992) ... 31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec  West of the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza, we 
have been using a prime meridian on Mars at (Morton, 2000) ... 09 deg  32 min  0.8 sec  East of 
the center of The D&M  Pyramid. Here's one reason why I think this assessment is probably 
correct : the difference in the Mars and Earth VARIANCES is .. exactly "21.6" arc-degrees,
or ... 21 deg  36 min. We now have, I think, an accurate (precise) longitude variance for Mars 
... so we can now get true readings on the longitudes of various "anomalies" on Mars. HOWEVER 
... we still need to know any particular coordinates (latitude and/or longitude) down to the 
arc-second, to properly evaluate any particular "anomaly" as to its 'archaeomatrix'-resonance.

Another reason why I think this Mars 'longitude variance' is probably correct :

if we add the Mars and Earth longitude variances ... 
31  08  0.8
09  32  0.8
40  40  1.6    ....  40 (deg)  X  40 (min)  X  1.6 (sec)  =  2560.

Now ... 09 (deg)  X  32 (min)  X  0.8 (sec)  =  230.4
AND ... if we subtract the Mars variance from the Earth variance ...
31  08  0.8
09  32  0.8              
21  36  0.0  .... which is equal to exactly 21.6 deg.

(21.6  X  2560)  /  230.4   =   240 ... a very important number in the 'archeomatrix'.          

Notice that "2560"  =  4  X  "640".  The number "640" is a numerical match of the "Sky 
Matrix" Grid LONG (Morton, 1999) of our current Pole Star .. POLARIS.

Not only that ... the "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) for POLARIS, is ... "21.6". 

The Polar circumference of Earth is "21600" nautical miles, which is rather common knowledge.

ALSO ... note: 21.6 arc-degrees is equal to ... exactly "1296" arc-minutes. { 21.6  X  60  =  
1296 }. Where have we seen "1296" before ? Yes .. the apparent Grid LAT of both The Tholus and 
The City Square.

I've made further progress in the process of searching for the most likely 'archaeomatrix 
code' numbers for certain structures at Cydonia on Mars.

About 24 hours ago, I reported that I had, upon re-measuring the photo-mosaic (plate No. 10)  
in Hoagland's book, "The Monuments of Mars", a revised Grid LONG for The Tholus of  ...
01 (deg)  X  04 (min)  X  56.25 (sec)  E.Cydonia ... =  225  E.Cydonia.

This would give a Grid POINT Value of ... 1296 / 225  =  5.76 ... for The Tholus.

I've now realized that there is another strong probability involved at this site ... the 
probability that the Grid LONG of The Tholus is simply the number .. "5" ..
 =  01 (deg)  X  05 (min)  E.Cydonia.

If this is the case, then ... 1296 / 5  =  259.2 ... Grid POINT Value for The Tholus.

This would be very likely, although the "5.76"  is still a very good possibility. The "259.2" 
is a decimal harmonic of "25920" .. the Earth precession cycle in years. 

A longitude of  ... 01 deg 05 min East  .. from the center of 'The D&M Pyramid" (the prime 
meridian marker) ... is only 3.75 arc-seconds East of my most recent figure for the longitude 
of The Tholus. At Cydonia, this much distance is only about 160 Feet to the East of ... 01 deg 
04 min  56.25 sec E.Cydonia.  So ... based on the orthographically-rectified photo mosaic that 
I'm working from ...

this looks like a very strong possibility:

A Grid LONG of ... "5"  E.Cydonia, for The Tholus, and a Grid POINT Value of .. "259.2" .... 
numerically one-hundredth of an Earth precession cycle in years.   

How would "259.2" resonate with The Face at Cydonia ? Or .. how would it relate to "Tholus II" 
on Earth in the lower Hudson Valley ?

(259.2) / (656.56127)  =  0.394784176 ... decimal harmonic of "(2Pi) Squared".
(259.2) X (1.111111111) =  288 ... a major gematrian number. 

"259.2" is actually a decimal harmonic of the Grid LONG of "Earth Face" in Middletown, NY. How 
so ?  Because .... the Grid LONG of "Earth Face" is ... 105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 
(sec)  W.Giza ... =  25920  W.Giza (Morton, 1998).
[ W.Greenwich  74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].

For those who are totally new to this ... here are the Grid LAT and Grid POINT  Value of "Earth 
Face" ... Grid LAT   41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.33658537 (sec)  North ...
=  20995.2  North.

Grid POINT Value "Earth Face" ... 25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901

Obviously, the "259.2" probability for the Grid POINT Value of The Tholus  at Cydonia, is very strong. But I still hold out the possibility for the "5.76" alternative.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000