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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Light-speed and 5-fold Symmetry .. & more .....

I refer first to Bruce L. Cathie's work regarding his discovery of a
Geomagnetic Grid ("The Harmonic Conquest of Space"). 
Some of you will recall 2 of his key numbers in this particular 'grid'
as ... 162,000 .. and .. 144,000 .... max. light-speed in nautical miles
per second, and max. light-speed in nautical miles per "grid-second",
respectively. By "max. light-speed", we mean the speed of light in "open 
space" ..

before it is 'slowed-down' incrementally by any given celestial body's
atmosphere and magnetic field.
Notice the reciprocal decimal harmonic of "162" .... 1/162  =  6.172839506
Now; apply the base number of 5-fold symmetry .. "5" ..
6.172839506 / 5  =  1.234567901

The number "1.234567901" is the Square of ... "1.111111111" ...
and so both of these figures are self-evidently resonant with ..

1) speed of light. 

2) 5-fold symmetry ... the symmetry of *the human form* ... one head, 2 arms,
    and 2 legs ... and of a 5-pointed star ... and of the pentagram.

3) The Golden Section, Phi.  Think of the "72" degrees of each internal angle
     of a regular pentagram. Divide 72 in-half ... and get "36".
     COS 36  =  1/2 Phi.  { COS 36  =  0.809016994  =  1/2  X  1.618033989 }.

I will now give you precise 'archaeomatrix' locations displaying these 2 
figures ....

"1.234567901" .. and .. "1.111111111"  .... in the form of highly-eroded massive
structures in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State, USA. For those of you who are aware
of a "retraction" issued within the past year or so, regarding the intimate connections of
these structures to similar structures at Cydonia on Mars, I can only suggest that you 
take that "retraction" with a grain of salt. I think the evidence is overwhelming that 
these "connections" are true, and also, that these are indeed actual analogs ... 
*very specific* in terms of the ancient 'archaeomatrix'. 

The "1.111111111" figure is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) for "Tholus II" ..
an analog of "The Tholus" at Cydonia on Mars.

The "1.234567901" figure is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) of "The Face II" ..

an analog of 'The Face' at Cydonia. [ This is not to be confused with another probable 
"Face II" at Cydonia on Mars, which has been discussed by a number of researchers.]  For 
the purpose of trying to avoid such confusion, I will now refer to "The Face II" as ... 
"Earth Face".

Grid LONG "Earth Face"  105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 (sec)  W.Giza ..
=  25920  W.Giza ... numerical match of Earth precession cycle in years.
[ W.Greenwich  74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].

Grid LAT "Earth Face"  41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.33658537 (sec)  North ..
=  20995.2  North.

Grid POINT Value "Earth Face"  25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901

This (heavily-eroded) structure is in Middletown, NY (USA) ... overlapping the Wallkill River. 
The Wallkill River flows into the Hudson River. I used the USGS 7.5-minute Series topographical
map named "Middletown (NY) Quadrangle" ... scale 1 : 24000.  This feature is about 1.4 miles 
in length and over a mile in width. The Wallkill River passes directly under the base of the 

Grid LONG "The Tholus II"  105 (deg)  X  14 (min)  X  23.94557823 (sec) W.Giza ..
=  35200  W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich  74 deg  06 min  23.14557823 sec ].

Grid LAT "The Tholus II"  41 (deg)  X  29 (min)  X  26.64423886 (sec)  North ..
=  31680  North ... a major decimal harmonic in the 'reviving' ancient science of "gematria".

Grid POINT Value 'The Tholus II"  35200 / 31680  =  1.111111111 
Note ... (1.111111111) X (1.111111111)  =  1.234567901  

This structure has a large elliptical hill at its center.  The entire structure is about 1.6 
miles in diameter, with an apex at the hill's pinnacle ... about 200 feet high.  "The Tholus 
II" is roughly 17 miles to the East, and about 6 miles to the North, of the "Earth Face",  and 
just to the south of Stewart Air Force Base.

In Carl Munck's latest book, "Whispers From Time, Volume 2" {} 
... on page 250, he has what appears to be a "sketch" of a map of part of Cydonia on Mars.

I assume this map is the one given to him by R.C.Hoagland about 9 or 10 years ago, having been 
prepared by Erol O.Torun ... professional cartographer. I also found a copy of *a portion* of 
this map online recently ... at ..  

This *portion* does not show "The Tholus" (Cydonia), but does show 'The Face' and 'The D&M 
Pyramid', and it also shows an "East-West line" passing between 'The Face' and 'The D&M 
Pyramid'. This "East-West line" is coming from 'The Tholus' ... and it actually *bisects* 'The 
Tholus' ... and this *is* shown in Munck's "sketch" on page 250 of his latest book. So ... I 
now had, as of receiving Munck's book, 2 "versions" of the same original map (drawn by Torun in 
the early 1990s).

In this new book (referenced above), Munck states that he thinks the latitude of 'The Tholus' 
(Cydonia) is ... "41 (deg)  X  02 (min)  X  26.34146341 (sec)" North .. =  "2160  North".

When I looked at both "versions" of this map (originally drawn by Torun), I saw that the 
"East-West line" from the center of 'The Tholus' is too far north to be at "02 min, 26.34 sec". 
I confirmed this fact from knowing the *exact* latitudes of both 'The Face' and 'The D&M 
Pyramid'. I saw that this "East-West line" was well-north of "03 minutes". 

Latitude of 'The Face' ... 41 deg  11 min  10.0308058 sec  North (Munck, 1992).

Latitude of 'The D&M Pyramid' ... 40 deg  52 min  4.773646584 sec  North (Munck, 1992).

I measured the distances on both map "versions".  Here, then, are my numbers for 'The Tholus' 
at Cydonia on Mars :

Grid LAT 'The Tholus'  41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X  10.53658537 (sec)  North ..
=  1296  North .... Square of "36", and a major gematrian number.

Grid LONG 'The Tholus'  01 (deg)  X  01 (min)  X  1.717631063 (sec) E.Cydonia ..
=  1.717631063  E.Cydonia.

Grid POINT Value 'The Tholus'  1296 / 1.717631063  =  754.5275746

Note ... "754.5275746" is a numerical match of the original Base Side Length (Munck, 1992) in 
Feet, of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Notice again the exact latitudes (see above) of 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid', respectively 
; 41 (deg)  X  11 (min)  X  10.03080581 (sec)  North ..
 =  4523.893421 =  (1440 Pi)  North.

And ... 40 (deg)  X  52 (min)  X  4.773646584 (sec)  North ..
=  9929.184894  North. 

 Now; let's look at how my Grid POINT Value for the (Cydonia) 'Tholus' relates
 to these 2 Grid LATs ... 

 (4523.893421 / 754.5275746)  X  (Pi to the 6th Power)  =  "5764.166073" ... which is a numerical match of :

1) the Grid POINT Value of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992).

2) the original Height in regular Inches of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992).

3) the number of DAYS from the time of "The Phoenix Lights" incident of March 13, 1997 ... 
to .. Northern Winter Solstice of Dec. 21, 2012 ... the end of the major Mayan calendar cycle.  
(4523.893421 / 754.5275746)  X  (Pi to the 7th Power)  =  18108.66179 ...
=  (27.58106915  X  656.56127)  ... the Grid POINT Values (Munck, 1992) of'The D&M Pyramid 
and 'The Face' .. MULTIPLIED. 

(9929.184894 / 754.5275746)  =  13.15947253 ... my predicted azimuth in arc-degrees from the 
apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the nose on 'The Face'.  

This number (13.15947253) is also a decimal harmonic of .. 1) my predicted "original/intended"
Mars Polar circumference in Statute Miles .. "13159.47253".

2) the precise Grid LONG of both The White House and The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Morton, 1998) ... "13159.47253  W.Giza" ...
=  108 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X  12.18469679 (sec)  W.Giza.
 W.Greenwich  77 deg  02 min  11.38469679 sec ].

3) the exact Grid LONG of the center of the intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh 
Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona ... over which the Phoenix UFO of March 13, 1997 hovered for 4 
minutes ... "1315.947253" W.Giza ...
=  143 (deg)  X  13 (min)  X  0.707879103 (sec) W.Giza.  

[ W.Greenwich  112 deg  04 min  59.9078791 sec ].

4) the Grid POINT Value of the Southeast Corner of "Miami Square" ... "1.315947253" .... (Morton, 1999).

5) the Grid POINT Value of The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico ... "13.15947253" .. (Munck, 1993).

Regarding "Miami Square" ... I have figured (predicted) the Side Length of this Square to be
... "2062.648063" Feet. I have also stated that if we were to "project" a 4-sided pyramid over
"Miami Square", with a slope angle identical to that of  The Great Pyramid of Giza, the height 
at the apex would be .. "1313.12254" Feet.

Recall that the ratio of base perimeter to height of The Great Pyramid of Giza is "2Pi". If my 
side length for "Miami Square" is "2062.648063" Feet .. the perimeter is then (4 X 2062.648063)  
=  "8250.592249" Feet.

8250.592249 / 2Pi  =  1313.12254 Feet ... height of "projected" pyramid.
 NOTE :  "1313.12254" is precisely DOUBLE "656.56127" ... and you may recall
 that "656.56127" is the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

I will now calculate the ratio of "1313.12254" to the original height (Munck, 1992) of The 
Great Pyramid of Giza in Feet, including the capstone ... 
1313.12254 / 480.3471728  =  2.733694741
Now ... watch what happens when I multiply "2.733694741" times my Grid POINT
Value for 'The Tholus' on Mars ...

2.733694741  X  754.5275746   =   2062.648063  Feet ... side length of .. "Miami Square".  Note:  2062.648063 / Pi  =  656.56127.

Recall, some of you, that The Miami Circle is the Northeast Corner of "Miami
Square", and its Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) is ... "3.872983346" ...
Square Root of 15.

My Grid POINT Value for the Bethlehem site is ... "65.656127" ... and when I
divide that figure by my Grid LONG for 'The Tholus' on Mars .. "1.717631063" .. and then
divide that *result* by (Pi Squared) ... 
65.656127 / 1.717631063)  /  (Pi Squared)   =   3.872983346

Now ... to show some resonance with the "Sky Matrix" ..the Orion belt-star ALNILAM corresponds
 to The Chephren Pyramid of Giza. Robert Bauval has shown the remarkable "positional-spacial" 
correlation between the 3 main pyramids of Giza, as seen from aerial view, and the 3 
belt-stars of Orion,  as seen from Earth. As I mentioned earlier in this article, the Grid 
POINT Value of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992) is ... "5764.166073".

If we divide that figure by my Grid LONG for 'The Tholus' on Mars ... and then, divide 
that *result* by my Grid POINT Value for the star REGULUS (the "Heart of The Lion") ... we will 
get the Grid POINT Value for ALNILAM :

(5764.166073 / 1.717631063)  /  19.7392088   =   170.010936 .... Grid POINT
Value for the Orion belt-star ALNILAM (Morton, 1999). 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000