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Messages from Michael L. Morton

The Fortress' at Cydonia on Mars.....

Here are my latest figures for 'The Fortress' at Cydonia on Mars.

The map reference is in R.C.Hoagland's 4th edition of "The Monuments of Mars", plate no.10, in the central section of the book where the photos and diagrams are. This map is a photo mosaic ... orthographically rectified. It could probably be enlarged at a "Kinko's" or something ... you might want to try that.

Right now, I prefer to simply measure the page in the book, itself. There's an East-West line pre-drawn on the page ... and this line runs from 'The Tholus' all the way to the center of 'The City Square'. And we have precise latitude references, too ... because Munck has the correct (I'm convinced) precise latitudes for 'The Face' and for 'The D&M Pyramid' self-published, back in 1992. Here they are :

'Face' Grid LAT ... 41 (deg) X 11 (min) X 10.03080581 (sec) North ... = 1440 Pi = 4523.893421 North.

'D&M Pyramid Grid LAT ... 40 (deg) X 52 (min) X 4.773646584 (sec) North .. = 9929.184894 North.

So ... use those as precise reference points.

And .. there's an arrow indicating "N" for due-north on the page.

ALSO ... here's your longitude reference .... 'The Face' Grid LONG .... 6.890283706 (min) E.Cydonia. (On the 'nose'). That's exactly 6.890283706 arc-minutes East of the center of 'The D&M Pyramid', and the center of the 'D&M' marks the prime meridian.

6.890283706 = (Pi/3) X (Pi/2) X Pi.

ALSO ... the East-West line I mentioned earlier ... is at ... 41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 10.53658537 (sec) North ... = 1296 North .. and that's the Grid LAT of both 'The Tholus' and 'The City Square'.

OK .... "The Fortress" at Cydonia ...

Grid LAT Fortress ... 41 (deg) X 07 (min) X 27.45203916 (sec) North .. = 7878.735239 North ... which is a decimal harmonic of the "Generic Volume of a Sphere" ... using The Radian (deg) as the numerical 'given radius' of a given sphere. By "The Radian (deg)" ... I mean "57.29577951" arc-degrees ... assuming the 'conventional system' of 360 arc-degrees on one circumference.

{ 2Pi X Radian (deg) = 360 deg }.

Here's the standard formula for "Volume of a Sphere" ... (4Pi / 3) X (radius Cubed) = Volume of (given) Sphere.

So ... (4Pi / 3) X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ... = 787873.5239 Cubic Arc-degrees.

Grid LONG Fortress ... 14.59025044 (min) W.Cydonia.

This is numerically equal to precisely ... 144 / (Pi Squared). Again; "W.Cydonia" means "west of the prime meridian", which is marked by the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'.

Grid POINT Value Fortress ... 7878.835239 / 14.59025044 = 540.

The number "540" is a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza (Munck, 1992) ... "5400".

We also have, here, the decimal harmonic reference to the arc-distance on Earth from Pole-to-Equator, in nautical miles (5400).

A 'Follow-up' Point From a Recent Email ...

Do you recall, in a recent email, when I was talking about 'The City Square' .. and its apparent Grid POINT Value of "56.54866776" ... or "18 Pi" ?

BTW ... remember, too, that "56.54866776" is the number of regular Inches of our standard railroad-track width.

Anyway ... recall, now, the Grid POINT Value of the *center* of "Miami Square". It is ... "1.013211836" (Morton, 1999). That is halfway between 'The Well of Osiris' and 'The Miami Circle' site. Also .. notice that "1.013211836" is the ratio between the Pi constant and the "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value of the star VEGA}. [ 1.013211836 X Pi = 3.183098861 ]. VEGA's Grid POINT Value is ... (10 / Pi).

NOW ... we come to my 'point' ...

56.54866776 X 1.013211836 = 57.29577951 ... The Radian (deg).

The City Square's Grid POINT Value "shows us" The Radian (deg) ... by "multiplying itself" by the Grid POINT Value of "Miami Square" on Earth. A "square" consulting another "square". Between the two of them, they know The Radian (deg). Not bad, for a couple of "squares", eh ?!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000