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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Some Direct Relationships ..

I want to call your attention to some direct relationships. These are apparently quite significant ... which, of course, is why I'm writing this email.

I ask you to recall (or reference) my "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value for the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .... the now self-evident 'celestial prime meridian marker-star' for our ecliptic. { }.


Note its reciprocal ... (1 / 43.63323131) = 0.022918312 .... decimal harmonic of .. (72 / Pi). We know that both "72" and "Pi" are very important numbers in the archaeomatrix. For example ... "72" is the number of years to get one full arc-degree of Earth precession. [ 25920 / 360 = 72 ].

It's exciting (oh, yes .. I need to remember to say; "at least for me, anyway") .. to realize that (72 / Pi) ARC-MINUTES is the W.Cydonia longitude I have very recently discovered for "Cydonia City Square (center)". [Oh, yes .. I know I should 'qualify that', too, as a 'polite reminder' to you, Dear Reader, that I'm talking about Cydonia on ... MARS]. { You know .. like the brief 'graphic' that appeared on the screen, in "Mission To Mars" ? }. Yes ... THAT Cydonia. You got it !!! Congrats.

Could it be ... I mean; dare I ask the question .... "Could it be ... that whoever built, or 'was at' ... Cydonia City Center Square ... 'could it be' .. that THEY knew about the Orion belt-star ALNITAK, and its 'role' as celestial prime meridian marker-star for our ecliptic" ? And did THEY know about EARTH's precession cycle ? Ahhh !! Yes; these are the kinds of questions that need to be asked.

These are the kinds of questions that need to be asked of people like Dan Goldin, the current NASA administrator .... after you 'preface' the question with some 'version' or 'facsimile' of the brief tutorial I just went through. Yes ... I realize that 'sound byte' shortness will not permit such a "tutorial" to be spewed-forth (even 'rapid-fire' style, like the "disclaimer-dudes" spit-out on radio commercials) in this society's ridiculous mainstream "press conference" formats ... so ... see to it that somehow a format is MADE for such a 'spewing-forth' !!! MAKE it so !! It's only crucial; that's all.

Now; back to ... "43.63323131".

43.63323131 = [The Radian (deg)] / (1.31312254).

Hmmmmmmm. (?) OK ... that "1.31312254" is a decimal harmonic of the Height in Feet, of the "projected pyramid" over ... *MIAMI SQUARE*. [1313.12254 Feet].

Yes. "Miami Square" is that (square) place I discovered in Miami, that has The Miami Circle as its northeast corner, and that has The Water Well as its southwest corner. { }.

Of course, The Radian (deg) is .... 57.29577951 arc-degrees ... 2Pi X Radian (deg) = 360 deg; on one circumference. The Radian *angle* defines the length of the arc (a portion of the circumference) of a given circle ... that most-closely equals the straight-line length of that given circle's *radius*.

It's a "cosmic attempt to reconcile an arc a ...nd a straight line". YES ... this *Radian* is a big deal, folks. Seriously.

Now I come to the Grid POINT Value of the center of "Miami Square" .. (Morton, 1999) .... "1.013211836". (Again .. refer to the above URL, on this).

Let's divide it into The Radian (deg) ... 57.29577951 / 1.013211836 = 56.54866776 .... (?) ... Hmmmmmmm.

OK ... "56.54866776" is .. the Grid POINT Value of .. Cydonia City Square !!! Yes ... and it's equal to .. "18Pi".

A couple of squares that know each other really well.

Dare I ask ... "Did certain ancient 'Martians' vacation at Miami ... and did they stay at "Miami Square" ? Could they have enjoyed the "special water" at The Well of Osiris ? Or could they have played in the wonderful FOUNTAIN ... now known as The Miami Circle ? They must have known about both spots ... 1.622311471 X 3.872983346 = 2Pi. Such geometric harmony !!

Speaking of the Grid POINT Value of their Cydonia City Square ... 18Pi ... 56.54866776 ....

Could our standard railroad track-width, of "56.54866776" regular inches ... have come down to us from ... certain "Cydonians" ?

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000