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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Possible Grid POINT(s) for "Island City"..

I went to Steve Wingate's "Island City" page ...

I saw his latitude/longitude numbers posted prominently there, so thought I'd do some numbers work. I also was impressed with the "rows of straight lines", some other features, and the photo-comparisons he has there, to Macchu Picchu (Peru).

Steve has the latitude as ... "South 18.69" degrees, and the longitude as ... "33.71" degrees. I can project an approximation, from the 2 decimal places, as follows :

Taking the latitude, first ... 0.69 X 60 = 41.4 minutes .. then .. 0.4 X 60 = 24 sec.

Next, I can project an approximate "Grid LAT" of ... 18 (deg) X 41 (min) X 24 (sec) = "17712" South. When I say "approximation", I mean to the nearest whole arc-second. Taking the longitude ... 0.71 X 60 = 42.6 minutes .. then .. 0.6 X 60 = 36 sec.

At this point, I need to convert the approximate longitude into the format using the prime meridian (Munck, 1992) that passes through the center of The D&M Pyramid. I recently found the Martian longitude variance to be ... 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec. ... That is, to the West of the prime meridian being (publicly) used by NASA and others.

Because I (currently) don't know whether "Island City" is at 33.71 deg East of the 'conventional' prime meridian, or at 33.71 deg West of same, I will figure it both ways, and compare.

First, let's assume "Island City" is at 33.71 deg West.

My approximation is ... 33 deg 42 min 36 sec .. to the nearest whole arc-second. To convert to the ancient 'archaeomatrix' longitude, we would subtract, in this case, the *longitude variance* ...

33 deg 42 min 36 sec
09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec
24 deg 10 min 35.2 sec

Next ... we figure the 'archaeomatrix' projected approximate Grid LONG ... 24 (deg) X 10 (min) X 35.2 (sec) = 8448 W.Cydonia (approx.).

To figure the approximate Grid POINT Value, in this case, we take the ratio of (approx.) Grid LAT to (approx.) Grid LONG ... 17712 / 8448 = 2.097 approx.

Can I "tell anything" from this approximation, so far ? I can, personally, because I'm familiar with "2/3rds Pi" as a prominent figure in the 'archaeomatrix'. I already suspect that "2/3rds Pi" might be the intended Grid POINT Value, in this case. [ (2Pi / 3) = 2.094395102 , using my calculator's 10-digit display ].

I also happen to recognize "8448" as a "gematria-related" figure, as such ... 8448 - 3168 = 5280. The "5280" number is the number of Feet in a statute mile. The "3168" figure is a major gematrian number. This figure has been discussed by various researchers, including author/researcher John Michell.

My next step is to use some 'trial & error' ... that is .. try multiplying the suspected "2/3rds Pi" times the suspected "8448" ... (2.094395102) X 8448 = "17693.44983" South ... = 18 (deg) X 41 (min) X 23.97486427 (sec) South.

Then, dividing the Pi constant into "17693.44983" ... 17693.44983 / 3.141592654 = 5632.

Now give this figure to the "5280" Feet in a statute mile ... 5632 / 5280 = 1.066666667 ...

Take that figure times the "162" decimal harmonic (B.Cathie) of light-speed in nautical miles per second (162,000) ...

162 X 1.066666667 = 172.8 .... decimal harmonic of the number (1728, or 12 Cubed) used to convert Volume in Feet to Volume in Inches, and vice-versa. So ... as is the case, frequently, in this 're-discovery process' of this ancient planetary archaeomatrix ... we are getting "direct numerical hits", here, *simultaneously*, on several Units-of-Measure conventional to *our own culture*.

At this point, I'd say that we have identified a probable set of Grid LAT, Grid LONG, and Grid POINT Value for "Island City", in the case of "West of the conventional Martian prime meridian". Let's call this set ... "Probability A".

There is a "Probablilty B" set that I have also recognized ... also for "West of the conventional Martian prime meridian".

This involves the SAME Grid POINT Value (2/3rds Pi), but slightly different Grid LAT and Grid LONG.

The figure "17765.28792" is an important probability here, for the Grid LAT, because this decimal harmonic is a very key figure in the archaeomatrix.

One of the most interesting aspects of this figure, is the "encoded" reference to 3 "numbers-within-the-number" in horizontal digital order. NOTE: "1776" ... "528" ... "792" ... in horizontal digital order. The "528" is a decimal harmonic of "5280" Feet in a statute mile, and the "792" is a decimal harmonic of "7920" statute miles average diameter of Earth. In fact, "792" is a 'gematrian' number.

The "1776" is a gematrian-related number. For example; if we subtract it from the average diameter of Earth in statute miles ... 7920 - 1776 = 6144. Then subtract "5280" from it ... 6144 - 5280 = 864 ... decimal harmonic of the number of seconds of time in one Earth Day of 24 hours (86,400). And "1776" is also, of course, the year of the USA "Declaration of Independence".

I think that year was probably consciously chosen by someone connected to the lost, and heavily-suppressed, ancient knowledge-base that we are now in the process of re-discovering. I think it must be pointed-out, that not *everything* related to "Masonic tradition" is automatically corrupt or "evil". There is a real tradition, an actual knowledge-base, there, that stretches back to ancient Egypt and way beyond that. Knowledge is needed ... it is empowering; and it can be used for good or evil. The choice is inherent, and comes with the knowledge.

So ... "17765.28792" South ... = 18 (deg) X 41 (min) X 24.07220585 (sec) South.

If we retain the same Grid POINT Value, of "2/3rds Pi" ... 17765.28792 / 2.094395102 = 8482.300165 W.Cydonia ... = 24 (deg) X 10 (min) X 35.34291735 (sec) W.Cydonia.

Now .. here's something very impressive about this "35.34291735" number of arc-seconds of W.Cydonia longitude :

35.34291735 / 3.141592654 = 11.25 ... exactly HALF of "22.5" ... and I have run into the "225" decimal harmonic in many cases. { 225 = Square of "15" }.

The figure "8482.300165" is also very "revealing" when it is divided by the Pi constant ... 8482.300165 / 3.141592654 = 2700 ... HALF of "5400" ... and the number "5400" is not only the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza (Munck, 1992) ... it is the precise arc-distance in nautical miles on Earth from Pole to Equator.

Now we have the set of "Probability B".

Assuming "East" of Conventional Martian Prime Meridian ..

Now we'll look at a "Probability Y" scenario ... assuming a longitude to the East of the conventional Martian prime meridian. Again; we use the *longitude variance* of ... 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec, that I very recently figured-out.

This time, we 'add' the variance ... to the "given" approximate longitude :

33 deg 42 min 36 sec
09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec
43 deg 14 min 36.8 sec (approx.)

Now; calculate the projected approximate Grid LONG ... 43 (deg) X 14 (min) X 36.8 (sec) E.Cydonia ... = 22153.6 approx. Grid LONG E.Cydonia.

In this case, I would try a decimal harmonic multiple of 3 times the "7.396853329" (min) E.Giza so-called "Master Giza Longitude" (Munck, 1992). 3 X 7.396853329 X 1000 = "22190.55999" E.Cydonia (possibility) ... = 43 (deg) X 14 (min) X 36.86139533 (sec) E.Cydonia.

For the Grid LAT, I think the best figure to use here is a number derived from Munck's so-called "Giza Grid POINT" (5577.096019) ... by dividing that figure by Pi ... 5577.096019 / 3.141592654 = 1775.244799 ... and then, times "10" ... 17752.44799 South ... = 18 (deg) X 41 (min) X 24.05480757 (sec) South.

Here is the Grid POINT Value, then, for "Probability Y" ... 22190.55999 / 17752.44799 = 1.25 ... and that's exactly 1/4th of "5".

This is a "respectable" probability, because of the 2 "Master Giza numbers" (Munck, 1992) involved in the Grid LAT and Grid LONG, as I explained above.

And ... the Grid POINT Value of "1.25" does resonate with many 'base-ten whole numbers' involved in the archaeomatrix. That makes this a "tougher call" than I had first thought, because I had mistakenly used a Grid LONG number (8482.300165 W.Cydonia) as the "Grid LAT" for "Probability Y", in the previous email.

Therefore, I do have a harder time, here, in "predicting" which longitude position .. East or West ... is the actual longitude location of "Island City".

Based on all that I can "see" at this time ... not having (yet) access to the actual site on Mars, nor having clear photos (at least not yet) ... I have to be very impressed by the "spot-on" apparent precision involved in the numbers of arc- seconds of longitude in BOTH "Probability A" and "Probability B". Recall the "Probability A" case ... "35.2" arc-seconds in the longitude ... which is actually what the *approximation* was !! Also very important is the fact that the "352" decimal harmonic resonates so well with the "3168" decimal harmonic, and that those 2 decimal harmonics *are* the Grid LAT and Grid LONG of "Tholus II" in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State, USA.

And the "35.34291735" arc-seconds in the longitude of "Probability B" ... is precisely (Pi X 11.25) ... and we know that "1125" is a very major player in the archaeomatrix.

Those precise details, in the longitudes of the "A" and the "B" probabilities ... persuade me that one of them, or both, are indicating a West Cydonia longitude for "Island City". There could be 2 "monuments" or "statues" there, and they would be only about 10 Feet (or less) apart.

I also realize that the Grid POINT Value for both "Probability A" and "Probability B" is a decimal harmonic of what I think is the intended/original/ideal *Polar Radius of Mars in statute miles* .... "2094.395102" ... the "2/3rds Pi" decimal harmonic.

In addition, I have predicted an azimuth in arc-degrees from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the Nose on 'The Face' .... of .. "13.15947253" ... a matching decimal harmonic of the intended/original/ideal Martian polar circumference ... "13159.47253" statute miles.

Munck has also indicated, in his work, that "2/3rds Pi" is a key component of the longitude of 'The Face' ... "6.890283706" (min) E.Cydonia (Munck, 1992). 6.890283706 = Pi X (Pi / 3) X (2Pi / 3).

So; I think Steve Wingate is referring to a "W.Cydonia" location, in terms of "Island City". And ... I think both "Probability A" and "Probability B" are of about 'equal weight', in this situation. In fact, I even suspect that these 2 sets .. "A" and "B" .. could actually be specifying 2 particular "objects" or "spots" at this site.

One reason I say this, is because the number of arc-seconds of longitude for "Probability A" .. "35.2" ... is a decimal harmonic of the "35200" W.Giza Grid LONG I have figured for an Earth-analogue of "The Tholus" .. the rather heavily-eroded remains of which is found in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State, USA. "Tholus II" ... the Earth-analogue of The Tholus at Cydonia, has a Grid LAT of ... "31680" North .. a decimal harmonic I discussed in connection with "Probability A", as you recall.

Here is (again; I posted these numbers in a recent email) ... my set of numbers for the Earth-analogue; "Tholus II" ... Grid LONG 105 (deg) X 14 (min) X 23.94557823 (sec) W.Giza ... = 35200 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 74 deg 06 min 23.14557823 sec ].

Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 29 (min) X 26.64423886 (sec) North ... = 31680 North. Grid POINT Value; "Tholus II" ... 35200 / 31680 = 1.111111111

I must also note, here, that "1.111111111" is the Square Root of "1.234567901" .. which is my Grid POINT Value for "Earth Face" .. an Earth-analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia. I have also emailed my figures for this heavily-eroded structure ... also found in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State ... in Middletown, NY.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000