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Messages from Michael L. Morton

The Lion Knows Cydonia by Heart..

The star REGULUS is known as "The Heart of The Lion" in the constellation of Leo. As it "precesses", it appears to 'ride up-and-down' along our ecliptic. Of course, one arc-degree of Earth's precession cycle takes about 72 years, so that 'ride' is relatively slow by most standards.

Based on the "Sidereal" astrology work of Cyril Fagan and others, during the mid 20th century, which corrected The Zodiac to Earth's precession cycle, I was prompted by Mary Anne Weaver (a research associate and friend of mine) to look into the possibility (in 1999) of the existence of a "Sky Matrix" ... the idea being spurred by her theory that the Orion belt-star ALNITAK is serving as a "prime meridian-marker" for our ecliptic. In this way, a *constant longitude* could be tracked for relevant "fixed stars" ... as they 'precess', because the star ALNITAK would be precessing right along with the rest of The Zodiac. Robert Bauval's work published in the mid-1990s had convincingly shown that the 3 main pyramids at Giza are positionally correlated with the 3 belt-stars of Orion. If you are overhead with an aerial view of Giza, with due south at your "12:00" position, you will see the 3 main pyramids in an *identical* arrangement on the ground .. to the 3 Orion belt-stars, as you view them in the sky from Earth.

The work of Carl P. Munck, Sr. ... self-published throughout the 1990s, revealed that self-evident prime meridian-markers exist (Munck, 1992) on Earth and on Mars. The Earth prime meridian passes through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Mars prime meridian passes through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars. An ancient planetary archaeomatrix exists on both planets, based on the 360 arc-degree system. It has already "revealed itself" to be consistently and intentionally inter-related, between Earth and Mars. It reveals itself in both the structural designs of the structures, and in the precise latitude and longitude locations of the same structures, relative to one another, and also relative to the equators and prime meridians of both planets.

In Spring of 1999, I began researching the possibility of the existence of a "Sky Matrix", with ALNITAK as our ecliptic's prime meridian-marker.

I realized that there are various "proper motions" of the stars ... in addition to just the Earth precession factor. But the precession is by-far the major factor in all "apparent" star motions as observed from Earth. So .. do understand that I'm aware of "proper motion" of stars.

On a website [dedicated to aspects of "Sidereal" astrology, meaning basically that Earth precession (at least !!) is actually incorporated into the work], I found a list of "fixed stars" ... calculated down to the nearest whole arc-second. Of course, these star-positions were/are adjusted to Earth precession .. so I had apparently found just the database I needed. And, now a year later, I know it WAS the correct database (

When I applied the database figures of the "fixed star" positions, adjusted for Earth precession, to the sky-position of ALNITAK as "prime meridian-marker", I immediately had astonishing results. Not only did I get significant correlations among the star-positions relative to one another ... I got even more significant correlations between the star-positions and several major "archaeomatrix" locations, of monuments on both Earth and Mars .. including the major structures at Giza and at Cydonia.

I have found very important correlations involving the precise latitude and longitude locations of major Earth and Martian structures ... as correlated with the stars SIRIUS, POLARIS, VEGA, ALPHA DRACONIS, REGULUS, ALNILAM, MINTAKA, BETELGEUSE, and ALNITAK ... not limited to those stars, of course.

I viewed the recently-released (early April, 2000) overview photo of Cydonia, to try to confirm some azimuths (angles from true north) I had figured in the orthographically-recified photo-mosiac of Cydonia, from the Viking NASA Mission of 1976 ... published in Richard C.Hoagland's book, "The Monuments of Mars" .. see plate no.10, in the 4th edition of the book. I was looking mainly for:

1) An azimuth of "13.15947253" arc-degrees from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the *Nose* on 'The Face' .. a decimal harmonic of my figure for the ideal/ intended/original polar circumference of Mars as "13159.47253" statute miles.

2) An azimuth of "150" arc-degrees for the ground-alignment of 'The Face' ... or "30" arc-degrees 'off' true north counterclockwise.

I did find these azimuths apparent on this newly-released MGS overhead photo of Cydonia.

The Tie to REGULUS

If we multiply the "30" (arc-degrees 'off' true north, counterclockwise, of the ground-alignment of 'The Face') times the "13.15947253" azimuth from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the *Nose* on 'The Face' ...

30 X 13.15947253 = 394.784176 ... a precise decimal harmonic of the expression "(2Pi) Squared". This is a significant mathematical expression, in-and-of itself. It is found redundantly in the *basic geometry* of the 'conventional' 360 arc-degrees system.

If we multiply the "150" (arc-degrees azimuth of the ground-alignment of 'The Face') ... times the "13.15947253" azimuth from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the *Nose* on 'The Face' ...

150 X 13.15947253 = 1973.2088 ... a precise decimal harmonic of the expression "(2Pi) X Pi".

Now I refer you to the URL already given earlier in this article ... { }.

In this article, or maybe in Part 2 of it (I can't recall at the moment) ... you will see my figures for the "Sky Matrix" numbers of the star REGULUS. Notice its "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value ... "19.7392088" ... (2Pi) X Pi. Yes ... this is identical, in terms of numerical decimal harmonics, to the multiplied product of the 2 azimuths, noted above.

The Tie to Earth Precession

In 1992, Carl P. Munck, Sr. self-published his Grid POINT Value for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... "656.56127" ... which is equal to ... [36 Radians (deg)] / Pi.

{ }.

He also clearly highlighted, in that publication, the following ... 656.56127 X 39.4784176 = 25920 ... a perfect numerical match of the Earth precession cycle, in years.

Yes ... "39.4784176" is exactly "(2Pi) Squared". AND .. yes .. "19.7392088" is exactly HALF of "(2Pi) Squared". In case you are almost asleep ... "19.7392088" is the "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value I have found for the star REGULUS.

The Tie to a Communication Attempt

There is also involved, in this "re-discovery process", a direct and very precise "tie-in" with an incident that occurred on the evening of March 13, 1997, over Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The incident came to be known as "The Phoenix Lights". It was reported by phone, recorded on audio tape, and then played-back over the airwaves on a major syndicated radio program ... that during this incident over Phoenix, Arizona, a *gigantic* UFO was observed to hover over the intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue (in Phoenix, AZ) ... for 4 minutes, at approximately 8:30 PST. I will let you, the reader, look up the details of the numbers involved, at ... { }.

Bear in mind that "The Phoenix Lights" were witnessed by *thousands* of people, simultaneously, in the Phoenix, AZ area on that particular evening. There is a ton of documentation accumulated, regarding this case. This case has already had an impact in court.

I think the "hover-spot" ... over the *CENTER* of that particular intersection, was a very deliberately-chosen set of Grid LAT, Grid LONG, and Grid POINT Value ... chosen by the intelligence controlling the huge UFO ... as part of an attempt at "communication" with us. I'm not sure whether or not the intelligence was/is "alien" to us. It could have been "one of our own".

Then, again, maybe it was NOT "one of our own". The main point is ... whoever it was, they are apparently very much aware of the ancient planetary archaeomatrix that is shared by at least Earth and Mars, and they are also apparently aware of the "Sky Matrix". I would think that "they" are probably relatives of ours, if not "some of our own".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton March 22, 2000