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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Time-frame of PISCES Age, etc. ..

Rush ... This (below; your elucidation) has greatly helped, I think, in 'getting a read' on the time-frame of the Age of Pisces. I can now add some further thoughts on this subject, and I welcome your feedback, of course.

The "zero time", as you called it (again, I'm referring to Rush's writings, below) makes sense to me. Or as you say ... "1 B.C. to 1 A.D." ...seemingly a 2-year span of "no time". This reminds me of the 5 Days of "no time" of The Mayan Haab Calendar ... every July 20th to July 25th.

If we look at a span of years from "0" or "Zero Time" ... to ... "2376 A.D." ... this would be, assuming a precession rate of 72 years per arc-degree ... a span of ... exactly .. "33" arc-degrees !!!

72 X 33 = 2376. This number "33" is very big, of course. I understand (please correct me if you think I'm wrong on this) that PISCES is longer than the average Age ... the average length of an Age being 30 arc-degrees. And, of course, "33" would fit beautifully with the 33 Masonic 'degrees', and with "The Crucifixion" taking place in "33 A.D." at Christ's age 40 (Gardner, 1998) Further, this fits perfectly with the statistical study by Mary Anne Weaver (1999) .. which greatly supports the *non-random* correlations of Apollo and pre-Apollo NASA launch-and-landing times/places ... to .. particular star positions of 19.5 and/or 33 degrees .. above/below the horizon.

As I said in my previous post on this subject, the number "2376" is a gematrian number. If we divide it in HALF, we get "1188" ... a significant historical date in the realm of The Knights Templar and The Ordre of The Temple. This year (1188) was when The Knights Templar "split-off" from The Ordre (see the book, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"), and this was also the year of ..."The Cutting of The Elm".

Further ... Buckminster Fuller's number of arc-degrees of "the DNA un-zip angle" (7.333333333) relates VERY well to Bruce Cathie's light-speed decimal harmonic of "162" (162,000 nautical miles per second) ... like this ... 7.333333333 X 162 = 1188.

Now ... there is also a gematrian number .. "2368" ... which is known by some scholars as meaning, "Jesus Christ" ... whereas the gematrian number "3168" is known as meaning, "Lord Jesus Christ".

Looking at Laurence Gardner's date for the birth of Christ .. "1 March of 07 B.C." .. if we count the number of years from 07 B.C. to 01 A.D. ... we count 8 years. 8 + 2368 = 2376.

Could this be a specific reference to the importance of both "2368" and "2376", and also ... could it be an indication of the importance of having the "Zero Year" exactly 7 years after the birth, and having the "Year One" ( 01 A.D.) as being counted a year later ? In this way, the span of "2376" years for the PISCEAN Age would be from "the birth of Christ" ... but the "2368" span would refer to the SAME ending-time (ending year) of PISCES ... but actually as *counted* from the "Zero Year".

Now .. as for Rush Allen's year of "2379" that he found to correlate with the sky-position of the star ALNITAK ... see his graphics ... at least it is only 3 years from "2376". Is there a resolution available ... to 'reconcile' this 3 years of apparent difference ? Or .. could it be "3 and-a-HALF" years of difference ?

Could there be a HALF-year involved here, in this "apparent" difference ? Could the "HALF" refer to ... a solstice-to-solstice ... or ... equinox-to-equinox ? Or ... could "2379" be, in effect, an "honoring" of the number "3" ... as in ... "2376 + 3" ... to "honor" or to "acknowledge the significance of" .. "The Triad" .. and/or .. to acknowledge the "30 + 3" arc-degrees of the *arc-length* of The Age of PISCES ?!!

In reading Laurence Gardner's books ("Bloodline of The Holy Grail", and "Genesis of The Grail Kings") .. I think he makes a good case for the birth of Jesus Christ on March 1, 07 B.C. ... then "The Crucifixion" in A.D. 33 at his age 40. Then Gardner also says Mary Magdalene died in 63 A.D.

So ... Mary Magdalene would have died at Jesus' age 70 ... (if he was still alive then). On the "Mission Astrology Group" website ... { } ... they give a date (year) of .. "221 A.D." ... as the start of PISCES.

I thought about their year of "221" A.D. .... and then I started thinking about the Gardner information, re: 33 A.D. and 63 A.D. I recalled the "153" number association with the "fishermen and Loaves & Fishes" incident in the Biblical New Testament. And this is associated with the Vesica Piscis of 'sacred geometry'. Plus .. I've found "153" to be important in "gematria", of course.

So ... if we add "153" and "63" ... we get .. "216". To me, that's important. "216" is ... 6*6*6 ... or 6-Cubed. And "21.6" is the Grid POINT Value I found for POLARIS in the "Sky Matrix". The number "216" is very major in this 'matrix' we're re-discovering.

So ... I'm thinking ... suppose "216 A.D." is the actual or "intended" beginning of PISCES ... (?!?). If we add the ideal number of years in an 'Age' (2160) to 216 .. we get "2376" .. a nice gematrian number. And that's only 3 years before "2379" ... the year Rush came up with. THEN .. I'm thinking ... isn't PISCES supposed to be *more* than 30 arc-degrees long ? Could PISCES be more like, say, 2184 years long ... as in "2400 A.D." ?

The decimal harmonic "24" is very important, and I've been running into it all over the place !!!

What do you think ? Could it be 216 .. to .. 2400 ? Look at their ratio ... 2400 / 216 = 11.11111111 .... Rush ... would it be a hassle to check your graphics/program for those years ? I just have this "hunch" ... you know.

I want to now direct your attention again to the number "2368" .. that I discussed in my previous post on this subject. That would be the number of years in the Age of PISCES ... from "Zero Year" to "2368 A.D." by our current calendar. { Refer to my previous post }.

There's an archaeomatrix/sky-matrix number ... "2368.705056" ... that I think could be the *precise* figure intended ... and possibly indicating a "mid-summer" time during the year 2368 A.D. ... early-to-mid-August, maybe, of 2368 A.D. This has to do with Stonehenge, with The Great Pyramid, and with the star SIRIUS in what I call the "Sky-matrix". { }.


Grid LAT 39 (deg) X 36 (min) X 41.84884577 (sec) South ... = 58755.77946 South. [ South of our ecliptic ].

Grid LONG 19 GEM 20' 47" ... translates into ... 19 (deg) X 23 (min) X 56.76206256 (sec) E.Alnitak ... = 24805.02134 E.Alnitak. [ ALNITAK as our celestial prime meridian marker-star ]. And ... this is using The Zodiac as *corrected* for Earth precession !!!

Grid POINT Value 58755.77946 / 24805.02134 ... = 2.368705056.

Notice that 24805.02134 is a *precise decimal harmonic* of the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992) !!! [ 248.0502134 ]. Also notice that 2.368705056 is a precise decimal harmonic of the Square of the radius of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992) in Feet ...

(48.66934411 X 48.66934411) = 2368.705056.

Now ... let's divide Polaris by Sirius ... 21.6 / 2.368705056 = 9.118906529 ... which is the precise Grid POINT Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico (Munck, 1993) !!! James Furia, a musician and researcher into the work of Munck, has noticed that the 3 main pyramids at Teotihuacan (Mexico) are laid-out in the SAME positional pattern (as seen from aerial view) ... as the 3 main pyramids of Giza ... and, as are the 3 belt-stars of Orion, as viewed from Earth. Yes ... The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid DOES correlate, positionally, with The Great Pyramid of Giza and with the Orion belt-star Alnitak, according to this obvious pattern.

Original Apex Height of The Great Pyramid

The discussion of this subject helps to confirm C.P.Munck's original derived height, in regular Feet, for The Great Pyramid ... including the capstone (Munck, 1992). This is ... 480.3471728 Feet.

First, here, I refer you to the simple equation I posted recently ... 52562.89164 / 480.3471728 = 3437.746771 / 10Pi. The "52562.89164" is Stonehenge's Grid LONG (Munck, 1992) W.Giza. AND ... I want to point-out, here, too, that "52562.89164" is *precisely* 6 times "8760.481942" ... and that "8760.481942" is my Tetrahedral Grid LAT of the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude of 19 deg 28 min 16.46707132 sec ... north/south of the Equator. { 19 X 28 X 16.46707132 = 8760.481942 }. And .. we know that "3437.746771" is the precise figure for Earth Polar Radius, in nautical miles. There can be no dispute of that, because it is a known fact that the Polar circumference of Earth is 21,600 nautical miles. Now ... as of this summer .. let's say, as of this coming Northern mid-summer, of the year 2000 A.D. ... let's say we are wondering how much longer it will be until the end of PISCES and the beginning of AQUARIUS. I think, based on the recent discussion between myself and Rush Allen, via the "Mission Ignition" website (thanks to Raphiem !!) ... that the year "2368" will be "one of the special years of celebration and ceremony" involved in the transition from PISCES to AQUARIUS. That year will also be "2376" years after the actual birth of Christ in 07 B.C. (Gardner) ... 8 years prior to "Year 1 A.D.", that is. And if indeed Rush Allen's year of "2379" regarding an alignment of ALNITAK with Northern summer solstice is correct ... then, 3 years after "Summer of 2368 A.D." ... will also be a very special time.

Now ... I want to show you how the figure "480.3471728" ... the original derived height (in regular Feet) of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992), including its capstone ... can tell us how much "longer" .. in terms of *arc- distance* of Earth precession (!!!) ... we have to wait until the mid-Summer of A.D. 2368 ...

First ... divide the current calendar year figure (2000 A.D.) into the Square of the radius of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge (in Feet) ... 2368.705056 / 2000 = 1.184352528 .... precisely HALF of the Grid POINT Value of the star SIRIUS (Morton, 1999).

Then ... divide THAT result into the number "33" .... the number of arc-degrees of the *length* of The Age of PISCES ... 33 / 1.184352528 = 27.8633255 ... and then subtract that from 33 ... and you have 5.1366745 arc-degrees of precession left to go. And this assumes 72 years per arc-degree.

At this point, I wondered what this would be ... in terms of "Sky-Grid LONG" ... so I converted it, as such ... 5 (deg) X 8 (min) X 12.0282 (sec) = 481.128 (approx.) Sky-Grid LONG. Seeing that, I realized that "480.3471728" is very close to that result.

480.3471728 = 05 (deg) X 08 (min) X 12.00867932 (sec) "Sky-Grid LONG".

So ... I'd say that Northern mid-Summer of ... 2368 A.D. .... would be a time to plan for !!! But ... doesn't this also indicate that THIS mid-Summer could be really special, too ?!! Because I'm measuring the precessional arc-distance from *THIS* Northern mid-Summer of year 2000 A.D.

This Summer, we have the 24th anniversary of the landing of Viking on Mars, and also ... the 24th anniversary of the taking of the first pictures of Cydonia by the camera on Viking Orbiter. A-ha !!!

How many Days in 24 years ? Using the ideal/original Solar Year (Munck, 1992) in Days ... 365.0200809 X 24 = "8760.481942" DAYS in 24 Years ... the figure is a precise match of the Tetrahedral Grid LAT (Morton, 1999). { There are "8760.481942" HOURS in an ideal/original YEAR !!! }.

When did Viking Lander land in 1976 ? On *July 20th* .. DAY NUMBER "360" of The Mayan Haab Calendar. When did Viking Orbiter take the first picture of Cydonia ? On *July 25th* ... DAY ONE of The Mayan Haab Calendar, after the "5 Days of No Time".

Suppose we divide "480.3471728" into the "8760.481942" figure ?! 8760.481942 / 480.3471728 = 18.23781306 = Radian (deg) / Pi.

There you are !!! Radian (deg) is 360 arc-degrees divided-by 2Pi !!!!

Yes; this is a follow-up to my previous post, regarding the "2368.705056" figure ... a follow-up to the follow-up.

In the previous post, I said I was "measuring the remaining arc-distance in the Age of PISCES *from* this coming mid-Summer of 2000". Actually, I should have remembered my own writings on The Internet from just a few months ago. We know that SIRIUS lines-up right *on* the Sky Meridian on New Year's Eve !!!

And, recall the show on 'live television' on this past New Year's Eve, with The Washington Monument "lighting-up in a blaze of glory" as The Clintons looked on. I think that "brilliant lighting display" was symbolic of the star SIRIUS ... just at the moment when the actual star was aligned with the Sky Meridian.

I've been talking a lot about "prime meridians". The ones through the centers of The Great Pyramid at Giza and 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia ... and the one in the sky, "marked" by the Orion belt-star ALNITAK. The Sky Meridian is NOT the *celestial prime meridian* marked by ALNITAK. Rather, it is an "imaginary line" always running 'due north-south' across our sky, horizon-to-horizon, parallel to Earth's axis of rotation. The Sky Meridian is always RELATIVE to where the observer is, on Earth.

So ... there was something very special about this past New Year's Eve. We entered a new millennium on our (consensus) calendar. The year is a nice, round number ... "2000" ... a decimal harmonic of the number "2" ... the number of duality and POLARITY. And, of course, the "Zero Point" on this calendar is also, apparently, when Jesus Christ was age 7.

If we look at the number "2000" on this calendar as the 'beginning' of the year (Jan.1st) ... then I suggest we treat the figure "2368.705056" as Sept.15th of 2368 A.D. [ 0.705056 X 365.25 = 258 Days into 2368 A.D. ... which is Sept.15th, in a non-leap year ]. Anyone have any suggestions as to possible significance of "Sept.15th" ?? ... in "2368" A.D. (??).

One of my main points in this post, is that I am, in effect, measuring the remaining arc-distance (of Earth precession) of the Age of PISCES ... *from* .. New Year's Eve at midnight of 1999-2000 ... at the moment when SIRIUS was directly *on* the Sky Meridian .... to .... mid-September of 2368 A.D. And this is represented, mathematically, by the equation I showed in my previous post ... 2368.705056 / 2000 = 1.184352528 = 1/2 X 2.3687 = 05056.

The Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS, in what I call the "Sky-matrix" ... is ... "2.368705056" ... see

Another point I want to stress, here, is that "2368.705056" is not ONLY the Square of The Sarsen Circle RADIUS in Feet (Munck, 1992) ... it is ALSO what I found (Morton, 1998) to be ... the Grid LONG of The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. ... 2368.705056 W.Giza ... = 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza.

The U.S. Naval Observatory

Grid LONG 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza ... = 2368.705056 W.Giza. [ WHERE have I seen that number ??!!!! (-; ]. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ]. Grid LAT 38 (deg) X 55 (min) X 17.00027552 (sec) North ... = 35530.57584 North ... = 3600 X (Pi Squared).

Let's see .... "3600" ... hmmmm .. orbital period, in Earth Years, of ... "Nibiru", according to Sitchin's interpretation of ancient Sumerian tablet writings. Grid POINT Value 35530.57584 / 2368.705056 ...= 15.

And we've been finding "15" all over the place. It is the sacred number of OSIRIS .. "Re-membered". It is the Square of "3.872983346" ... my Grid POINT Value for The Miami Circle. It is the Square Root of the orbital period of VENUS .. in terms of the length of time equal to 225 Earth Days. It is the "number of divisions" of 'The Circle of Churches' in the South of France (see David Wood's books, "Genisis", and "Geneset" ... and also see the book, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven", by Greg Rigby).

Sitchin interviewed the late Dr.Harrington .. astronomer .. at The U.S. Naval Observatory. This interview is on video ... recorded for posterity, thankfully.

In that interview, Dr. Harrington essentially admits to the reality of "Nibiru", directly to Sitchin .. in front of the video camera. Not too terribly long after that ... Dr. Harrington was dead.

Copyright 2000 - Michael L. Morton

NOTE: Copying and circulation of this paper in its entirety is encouraged, but please include the author's copyright. Thanks ~ MLM ---------------------------------------------------------- Now ... I'll directly connect, for you, this "2368.705056" figure ... with Munck's derived original height (including capstone) of The Great Pyramid of Giza, in regular Feet (Munck, 1992) ...

2368.705056 / 480.3471728 = 4.931235553 ... which is the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1995, newsletter of Oct/Nov) of what I now call "The Goat". This is an obscure artifact, located near the tiny village of Sterling Run, Pennsylvania (USA) ... in Cameron County. I visited the site of this artifact in March of 1995, and I marked its position on the USGS topo map, sent it to Carl Munck, and he was able to validate it as being in the 'archaeomatrix'. He also, of course, came up with its Grid LAT, Grid LONG, and Grid POINT Value.

As Munck mentions in the newsletter article, the artifact is "etched/burned" onto the surface of a rock, on the banks of Sterling Run (creek). The rock appears to be a kind of sandstone. When I say "etched/burned" ... I mean it (the image) has apparently been created by some sort of very unusual (advanced ?) technology, such as a "melting" of the rock surface, and then a 'shaping' of the image. The image is that of a *stylized face* of a "goat" or "ram" ... with very prominent horns, and with an obvious beard. The 'face' is only 10 3/4 inches from horn-tip to horn-tip, and only 6 1/8 inches from crown to neck. There is a circle (oval, actually) ... "etched" (or "burned" ?) around the 'face' ... as if a kind of "frame" for the 'face'.

I now think this is a depiction of "Baphomet" ... or, "The Goat of Mendes". This would also, then, be a symbol of "Khem" .. the ancient Egyptian alchemist.

I think it is very interesting that Laurence Gardner writes about "Khem" ... and also that David Wood's books mention "Baphomet" as very much involved with the tradition and legacy of The Knights Templar.

Here are Munck's figures for "The Goat", as I now call it ...

Grid LONG 109 (deg) X 20 (min) X 4.730844179 (sec) W.Giza ... = 10313.24031 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 78 deg 12 min 3.930844179 sec ]. Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 51.68396065 (sec) North ... = 50857.01728 North. Grid POINT Value 50857.01728 / 10313.24031 = 4.931235553

Notice ... "10313.24031" is the generic AREA OF A CIRCLE ... using The Radian (deg) as the *numerical value* of the GIVEN RADIUS ... Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 10313.24031 Square Arc-degrees.

And, notice ... "50857.01728" is the multiplied product of ... The Radian (deg) X (Square Root of Volume of a Sphere) ... 57.29577951 X 887.6223994.

Here's how we get the Square Root of the Volume of a Sphere : (4Pi / 3) X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) .... = 787873.5239 Cubic Arc-degrees.

Then ... take the Square Root of that figure ... 887.6223994

So ... we see that the precise location of this "obscure artifact" is encoding some basic information about circle/sphere geometry ... using the 360-degrees (of arc, on one circumference) system !!! This is extremely significant.

I also have noticed the order of the last 4 digits of "50857.01728" .... "1728".

That is the same 'order' of the last 4 digits of the figure "480.3471728". {See earlier in this post}. Merely random coincidence ? I don't think so. The number "1728" is the CUBE of "12". If you want to convert "Cubic Feet" into "Cubic Inches", or vice-versa, you need to use the number "1728".

I can find the precise height of "The King's Chamber", inside The Great Pyramid of Giza, in the following way ...

2.368705056 X 480.3471728 = 4.931235553 X 230.7334064 (SIRIUS) X (Ht.Gr. Pyr.) = ( The Goat) X (Ht. King's Ch.)

And ... this height of The King's Chamber is in *regular inches*.

Note : (480.3471728) SQUARED = "230733.4064" .... decimal harmonic of height of The King's Chamber in regular inches.

By the way .. I have a nickname for "The Goat". I call him ... "Baffy". It refers to "Baphomet" ... but it also notes his ability to baffle people with his knowledge. If you travel to Cameron County, PA, to visit Baffy ... please be kind and respectful to him. He is a precious thing. He is known to sometimes kick people into the nearby Sterling Run ... (-; ...

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

Rush Allen wrote:

Michael, The 216 AD date can be found at the following target="_blank"> link

The Gospels specifically define the beginning of the Age of Pisces. It is the Age of Fisher's of Men. The way to get the date is to determine when the Last Summer of the king of the House of David took place. We know that had to be the year when the Age of Aries came to an end, and the "killing of the Passover" took place. This Last Supper Passover meal represents the passing over of the House of Aries by the vernal equinox.

The first Passover represented the passing over of Egypt (Taurus) by the vernal equinox. The angle of death is the angle of the equinoxes and the solstices. When the northern vernal passes over a star, the time of that star has passed away.

The texts say that the event took place in the thirtieth year of the last King of the Jews. Thus, the birth date of the last king marks the actual beginning of the reign of Pisces. The texts also say that all childen under two years of age we sacrificed by Herod. The secret of that mystery can be determined by anyone with a little number savy. Our calendar is missing two years, or more appropriately 24 months. It goes from 1 BC to 1 AD at midnight on December 31, 1 BC. But, what hapened to June of 0 BC and June of 0 AD. These children never say the light of day. All children with birth dates in the years 0 BC and 0 AD were eliminated from the Book of Life, by the calendar of the New Age, called Pisces.

The event that happened in 30 AD was the crossing of the "Great Wall of the Ruler." If you are familiar with the temples at Luxor and Karnak, then realize that the great entrance to Luxor is through Ram headed sphinxes. When an individual goes through the facade of the pylons, they have passed into the symbolic Pisces, where the Ka of Osiris rests. Within Pisces is the World Tree, and the pillar of the dead kingdom. The judgement hall of Osiris, and the sarcophagus with holds his Ka is at the Great Square.

Look at the following link and find the intersection of the blue equatorial plane and the red ecliptic plane. It says "0h" and has a little cross at the intersection. The grey line is the east line of Pisces. The Age of Aries was a difficult age for humanity to leave. They knew that the end of the cycle would occur in Pisces, and they dreaded the coming of Pisces. But, when the vernal equinox crossed the line between Pi and Omicron Pisces, it was not possible to honestly deny that the Age of Pisces had come.

The birth date of Christ represents the moment when the heavenly Christ child came down to earth. That event happened in 0 BC to 0 AD. See But, it is not a calendar event.

Much like the birth of the children of Nut and Geb, the Christ Child had to be born on "no day of the year."

Here we are two thousand years after the event, and people are still counting that location where the northern vernal sun rises in the east, the 1st of Aries. I would suggest that we lost more that two year olds, we lost all the children of Pisces under 2000 years (+/- 1 year) of age.

We are still living in the time when the vernal equinox is the known as the 1st of Aries. You see? The argument over when Christ was born is easy to resolve. But, how do we resolve the celestial lie that has been perpetrated on the innocent childen of Pisces?

So, this does not support the 216 AD date for the beginning of Pisces, but you are a lot closer than those people who believe that their calculations show the 1st of Aries occurring on March 21, 2000 AD. Ciao, Rush.

Rome was founded, according to legend, on 753 BC. The vernal equinox saw a conjuction alomst the same as the current one. So, it would appear that sometime things do happen when the planets get together.

My own take on this has been published at

If any one wants to see what all the commotion is about, try John Walker's planetarium. The following links will get you to Rome in target="_blank">753BC and in target="_blank">2000AD.

The conjunction occurs in Aries, the "I Am" constellation, and the house which Rome fixed its tropical astrology in. Notice the the intersection of the equator and the ecliptic occurs at the sun in 753BC. Above the conjunction is Algol, the Demon Star in sack of Perseus, which holds the Medusa's head.

The simple message is that Remus (Sculptor), who was killed by Romulus Perseus), is returning from the dead. Now that both brothers are on the scene, maybe we can get the vernal equinox where it belongs.Ciao, Rush.