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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Mars/Earth .. Clear Evidence of Cultural Continuity..

There appears to be a culturally-common numerical system, and a common latitude/longitude 'matrix' system ... self-evident ... between Mars and Earth.

This is a theme I've been writing about, on The Internet, for the last 2 or 3 years. Here, below, is my latest bit of work along the lines of this developing theme.

One of my references lately has been "Plate no.10" in Richard C.Hoagland's 4th edition of "The Monuments of Mars". This shows an orthographically-rectified photo mosaic of the Cydonia area on Mars. An ongoing reference of mine has been the work of Erol O.Torun, a professional cartographer with The Defense Mapping Agency (US Government). Around 1990 or 1991, Torun (on his own time and volition) made a map of Cydonia ... such that Hoagland and Carl Munck could appropriately work with it. Hoagland sent a copy to Munck, who then was able to study it in detail, even down to the 'arc-second' realm of accuracy. Munck then found very obvious (and amazing) correlations, involving precisely- positioned latitude and longitude, between 'The Face', 'The D&M Pyramid', AND a number of major ancient monuments on Earth. He self-published these findings in 1992. My main point, here, is ... the latitude and longitude at Cydonia was very accurately mapped by Erol O.Torun ... a professional cartographer. And that accuracy is then reflected in Munck's work, regarding 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid'. In turn, I've used Munck's work as my own primary reference.

I was recently able to conclude, based on "Plate no.10" in Hoagland's book, "The Monuments of Mars" (4th Edition) ... that The City Square and The Tholus share an identical latitude. [ 41 deg 03 min 10.53658537 sec ]. How am I able to come up with such accuracy ? I can DERIVE the accuracy, in effect, from identifying the Grid LAT as a valid entity within the planetary archeomatrix ... 41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 10.53658537 (sec) North ... = "1296 North". Determining the validity involves the study of this archaeomatrix, with Munck's work pioneering this new field of study.

Bear in mind that this "new field of study" is still TABOO to The Establishment.

I think a grassroots effort is needed to bring this work ... this new field of study .. to a level of being recognized by a consensus awareness.

I've also been able to identify a major 'planetary archaeomatrix' figure ... "13.15947253" ... as the apparently-intended azimuth, in arc-degrees, from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the Nose on 'The Face'. This figure, in turn, is a decimal harmonic of what I refer to as "the intented/original/ideal" Polar circumference of Mars .. 13159.47253 statute miles.

Also, in my own work, I have found "13159.47253" as the shared, identical Grid LONG of 2 prominent, modern structures on Earth ... The White House and The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. ... 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 12.18469679 (sec) W.Giza ... = 13159.47253 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec ].

Notice the correlation ... 2 ancient structures on Mars with the identical latitude, and 2 modern structures on Earth with the identical longitude ... at Cydonia, and at Washington, D.C. What is their ratio ? 13159.47253 / 1296 = 10.15391399 We will return to this figure of "10.15391399".

I've found a set of obviously-valid planetary archaeomatrix numbers for what I now call "Earth Face" ... an analogue to 'The Face' at Cydonia. This heavily- eroded structure was found by Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D, geologist and paleontologist. Although he has back-peddled (under extreme pressure from The Establishment, I think) as to the reality and the awesome significance of this 'find' (remember ... this subject is still TABOO in The System) ... the numbers I found for this huge FACE speak for themselves. I am certain, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this is a true and planned ancient analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. It is located at Middletown, New York, USA ... astride The Wallkill River.

It is roughly the same width and length as 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. Again ... it is heavily eroded, as originally described by Dr. Cornet. But the *features* are definitely discernable, especially (I would think) from an *aerial view*. Hopefully, as of this writing, it hasn't been destroyed (sabotaged) by someone (or by certain factions) wanting to perpetuate the covering-up of our TRUE ancient heritage.

Notice carefully its "matrix" numbers : Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 21.33658537 (sec) North ... = 20995.2 North. Grid LONG 105 (deg) X 31 (min) X 7.963133641 (sec) W.Giza ... = 25920 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 74 deg 23 min 7.163133641 sec ]. Grid POINT Value 25920 / 20995.2 = 1.234567901

Notice the "25920" Earth precession cycle in years. And ... the Grid POINT Value is the SQUARE of ... "1.111111111" ... which, in turn, is the Grid POINT Value I found for "The Tholus II", nearby ... ANOTHER Cydonian analogue found and reported, originally, by Dr. Cornet !!!

Now, I present you with the following equation ... 21600 / 10.15391399 = 20995.2 / (Pi Squared).

Recall, now, that "10.15391399" figure, from earlier. Now you see it in this equation. The "20995.2" you see in this equation, is the Grid LAT of "Earth Face". The "21600" is the Polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles. It is also the Grid LAT of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992) ... = 51 (deg) X 10 (min) X 42.35294118 (sec) North. AND, "21600" is the number of arc-minutes in "360" arc-degrees. I also point-out, here, that "21.6" is the Grid POINT Value I found for our current North Pole Star ... POLARIS ... {}.

Finally, I cannot fail to mention what I have very recently found to be the precise *difference* in "longitude variances" between Mars and Earth ...

31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec minus 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec = 21 deg 36 min 00 sec

And ... 21 deg 36 min is equal to exactly "21.6" arc-degrees.

There has been a carefully-executed plan, involving the exact variances in longitude ... on Earth, between Greenwich, England and the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza .... and on Mars, from the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia ... to a meridian .. 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec to the East. These variances have been consciously co-ordinated, and this is self-evident.

Neil Freer ( writes:)

[quote] There appears to be a culturally-common numerical system, and a common latitude/longitude 'matrix' system ... self-evident ... between Mars and Earth.[quote]

Yep, Michael, right on the money, excellent, evenhanded, bravo!

Only thing I could offer is that, if you were to incorporate the approach of Bucky Fuller, the basic principle being that there are no straight lines in this universe, at least, all lines are curves, all surfaces are curves, no matter how slight the curvature over a short distance, it's possible that all the correlative numbers, proportions, relationships, might resolve to whole numbers rather than the lengthy decimal scalar numbers you have so correctly identified. The grid, when worked with on the basis of curvature, sort of on the basis of spherical trigonometry, but according to Bucky's approach, might not only resolved to whole number relationships but it might then reveal the even more elegant rule that governs it. *N*

Michael continues

I'm wondering if, essentially, I've actually BEEN working with "curvature numbers" all along, in my work. By that I mean ... I've been working with this self-referential 'matrix' that is BASED-ON ... The Radian (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees ... which is based on a CIRCUMFERENCE of ** 360 ** ... arc-degrees. { ?!?!?!?! }. This is, essentially, a "curvature matrix" !! Right ?!?

And, of course, "latitude and longitude" are implicitly "of curvature" .. arc-degrees, arc-minutes, arc-seconds !!!!

And what does this "matrix" display ... basically ? It displays UNITY within an elegant variety of 'places in time' ... 'spaces in rotation'. Eh ??!!!

It displays this 'unity' because this matrix is based on :

1) Base 10 ... decimal harmonics.
2) 360 arc-degrees on one circumference, in 2-D or 3-D.
3) The Radian (deg) of ... 57.29577951 arc-degrees.
4) The Pi Constant.
5) The Phi Constant ... DOUBLE the Cosine of "36" .. 36 being a decimal harmonic of "360" itself.
6) An Earth precessional movement (a celestial 'mechanism') of 25920 years, reflecting an apparent ecliptical 'sky-motion' of One arc-degree per 72 years. This, in turn, reflects a resonance with pentagonal ("Phi-nesting", as per Dan Winter) geometric form.

This 'subject' is not necessarily limited to "those 6" parameters. But those are among the main items, certainly.

But .. yes ... it's "curvature-based" ... as you prompt the term, Neil !!

Could we go on to say that "5"-fold and "6"-fold symmetries ... 10-based and 12-based ... are also involved and-at-the-heart of this ??!!! I say 'yes'. Erol O.Torun has discussed the 5-fold and 6-fold symmetries involved in-display at/on 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia. "Pentagonal and Hexagonal". The basic geometrics of "Nature" ??!!! And "5" is HALF of 10 ... our "Base 10". And "6" is DOUBLE of 3 ... the great Triad. DOUBLE 6 is 12, of course. And "10" is 10 times One ... Unity.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton