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Messages from Michael L. Morton

The Royal Cubit - Revisited..

I've proposed, via The Internet (see below URLs) ... that The Royal Cubit is based on the "360" arc-degrees on one circumference ... our "geometric convention"... which then defines The Radian (deg) as ... 360 / 2Pi = 57.29577951 (deg).

Then ... take the generic Area on Surface of a Hemisphere ... using The Radian (deg) as the *numerical value* for the GIVEN RADIUS :

2Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 20626.48063 "Square Arc-Degrees". A decimal harmonic of that figure ... 20.62648063 ... regular British inches ... is the true length of The Royal Cubit.

See the work of Zecharia Sitchin, Laurence Gardner, Neil Freer, Carl P. Munck, Sr. .... for support of this theory of mine.

The Nefilim (Elohim, Anunnaki) ... gave "us" the 360 arc-degrees system. "They" evidently used that system, and handed it down to "us".

I propose the following : Chris Dunn has done some precise measuring inside The Great Pyramid. I've proposed that the true width of "The King's Chamber", inside The Great Pyramid, is 10 Royal Cubits ... 206.2648063 regular British inches ... and; that the true length of it is 20 Royal Cubits ... 412.5296125 regular British inches. Maybe Chris could measure the floor of "The King's Chamber" for us. (!?!)

Rush Allen wrote:

Michael, Regarding the Royal Cubit, it might be worthwhile to note that their myth says that children of Nut and Geb could not be born during any month of the year. The year was 36 decans, or 360 days in length. There were five children of Nut and Geb, who were born "outside the circle," giving 365 days in the civil calendar. The Sothic calendar was 365.2500 days, due to the sidereal period of the star Sirius. It would take over 10,000 years for the Sothic calendar to accumulate an extra day relative to the Julian Leap Year. The important point is that 360 days was chosen for the annual "circle." This mythical birth supports the pi relationship of the Royal Cubit, because anything outside 360 could not occur. Rush ...

Have you looked into the Earth Grid for the Pyramids in China? I would like to put them to a cosmic grid test. If the Chinese dragon is connected to these pyramids, then the cosmic grid location at the top of the solar system should correspond to the pyramids. In other words, the constellation Draco would be presented in the pyramid layout. Hancock has already made the observation with regard to Angkor Wat. -Rush

Michael continues:

Very good !! This supports the conclusion that "360" is it !!!! 360 arc-degrees on a given circumference ... whether it's around a circle on a piece of paper .. or around a sphere. 360 ... that's it !!!! The "nature" of the number 360 ... the nature of the 'quantity' of 360 ... segments of equal length ... on a circumference. The nature of the quantity of 360 equal segments on a CURVE !!! We're talking about "curvature" ... as in the Neil Freer post. It's something about the nature of the numbers !!! Themselves. As in "nodal points" ... or, as in ... "quantum bits" ??!!! a ... "quantum" ? An ... "entity" ? [ Please not "points of light" ... reminds me of a certain former CIA Director .. you know ].

I'd LOVE to look into the pyramids of China. We DO NEED ... 1) Good maps of the area of the sites/structures ... topographic, and of scale of, say, 1 : 25000, or better ...

AND / OR ...

2) Someone to float over them with a good GPS unit .. you know, if we can believe it ... Clinton just 'ordered' a general un-scrambling of all GPS units .. all-of-sudden. Yes. Hmmmm. We need a good blimp, with a force-field-shield around it.

Yeah ... we can figure-out all the numbers for the Chinese Pyramids. All we need is one or more of the above.

So ... put out an all-points-bulletin ... for one or more of 'the above'. I guess a hot-air balloon would work, too. Just don't forget the GPS unit. -- Michael -- Michael Lawrence Morton