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Messages from Michael L. Morton

The Standard Teotihuacanic Unit..

Here, I continue (with a slight bit of editing on the previous post) ... with my response to some work of Andrew Bourmistroff (

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P.P.S. --- Regarding the following ...

Note 2: Let us now consider the "Standard Teotihuacanic Unit" (STU) - ("hunab") as defined by Hugh Harleston. Hancock G.,Bauval R.,Grigsby J. [5] wrote that the engineer Hugh Harleston presented what was described as "revolutionary" Teotihuacan's report at the 41st International Congress of Americanists in 1974. After 30 years of research and after more than 9,000 measurements on ancient historical monuments Harleston discovered an unknown metric system. The basic unit of this new metric system he called "Standard Teotihuacan Unit" or STU ("hunab"). This unit is equal to 1.059 meters.

We can see that K21/K32 = 1.309/1.236 = 1.059, that is exactly 1 STU.

I propose that this "1.059" approximates the following figure ... "1.059521194" ... which is intimately involved with the relatively recently-discovered (re-discovered) "archaeomatrix" (Carl P. Munck, Sr.) and "sky-matrix" (M.L. Morton). In turn, the figure "1.059521194" is clearly integrated within the realm of the regular British inch and The Radian (deg) of ... 57.29577951 arc-degrees.

The work of Carl P. Munck, Sr. (1992) has shown that the exact intended radius of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge is .. 48.66934411 regular British Feet. This figure has a direct, and very revealing, relationship to *Teotihuacan*, Mexico. Munck (1994) also found that "The Avenue of The Dead", at Teotihuacan, is oriented at an azimuth of ... (Square Root of 240) arc-degrees ... 15.49193338 arc-degrees from True North. [ 240 is 2/3rds of "360", of course ]. 48.66934411 / 15.49193338 = 3.141592654 ... precisely Pi.

Now .. consider the "162" decimal harmonic of Bruce Cathie's 162,000 nautical miles per second light-speed (in outer space; before the light enters atmosphere, planetary gravity well, magnetic field, etc.). This is what B. Cathie refers to as the "theoretical maximum light-speed".

162 / 1.059521194 = 48.66934411 X Pi.

Consider my proposed Royal Cubit of 20.62648063 regular British inches. 20.62648063 / 1.059521194 = 12 X 1.622311471.

The figure "1.622311471" is my Grid POINT Value for "The Well of Osiris" ... the southwest corner-point of "Miami Square". Please see ... "The Well of Osiris" is the exact location of an ancient water well, which I visited in 1999. Of course, "12" (in the above equation) is the number of inches in a Foot.

Also .. notice this equation ... 1.622311471 = 2Pi / (Square Root of 15). "2Pi" is my Grid POINT Value for the site of the church at Rennes-le-Chateau. {Please see ...} (Square Root of 15) is the Grid POINT Value I found for The Miami Circle ... at the northeast corner-point of "Miami Square".

So ... you can see, here, the precise integration of "1.059521194" with Pi, with the regular British Foot, with exactly "2/3rds" of 360 ... with the exact angle of orientation of "The Avenue of The Dead" at Teotihuacan ... and with The Miami Circle, and "The Well of Osiris".

ALSO ... notice that "240" arc-degrees, as an azimuth, is the position of one of the vertices of an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle ... assuming one of the vertices is at True North. This is an indication of a direct resonance with tetrahedral geometry (see R.C.Hoagland, et al).

Subsuming The Metric System

This evidence, presented in this short piece, goes a long way toward showing that The Metric System is actually integrated within, and subsumed-by, this comprehensive ancient *matrix*. Hugh Harleston's discovery of the "1.059 Meters" approximation ... of what he called "the Standard Teotihuacan Unit" .. was only a preliminary step in our further discovery of the precise value of ... "1.059521194" ... which now reveals The Metric System to be subsumed-by, and already integrated-within ... *the ancient archaeomatrix and sky-matrix*, which I have been writing about on The Internet for almost 3 years now.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton