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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Sarasota Key Beach Coordinates..

Preston Hunt wrote:

I just got back from the beach...Here are the coordinates for Sarasota Key Beach:

N 27 deg 15.933 min

W 082 deg 33.231 min

This beach was named Little Sarasota Key beach in the 1800's and early 1900' the 1950's it was changed to Siesta Key Beach named after a local development to the north.

There is a Light marker in the water about 2500 feet west towards Orion's belt. I heard that Saros is the center of the center the "great white way." Is this a key to the central sun? Anyone have any info on this?

Another vortex area about 1.5 miles southeast of the aforementioned is:

N 27 deg 15.540 min and W 082 deg 31.482 min

"Your Presence is a Present in the Present" ;-)

Blessings, Preston Hunt

Again ... Here's a situation where it would be good if we could have some additional information. Such as : any history about this location ... any notable stories about, or connected-with, this location ? Any ancient 'markers' on the place ? Any ruins ? Any huge, very old trees with special 'enclosures' around its base .. stones around its base ? Anything like that ? Maybe a known "vortex" there ?

I will give you a set of figures, from the coordinates given above. But, keep in mind that this *could be* meaningless ... without having any association to a known "vortex", or some 'marker', or a known historical event/time.

Is this spot known as a 'vortex' of some sort ?

What is meant by .... "a Light marker" ?

(Possible) Grid LAT ... SARASOTA KEY Beach : (7200 X Pi) = 27 (deg) X 15 (min) X 55.85053606 (sec) North. (Possible) Grid LONG ... 67858.40132 W.Giza ... = 113 (deg) X 41 (min) X 14.64675185 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 82 deg 33 min 13.84675185 ]. (Possible) Grid POINT Value ... 67858.40132 / (7200Pi) = 3. { Note: "67858.40132" is a decimal harmonic of the mean (average) circumference of The Moon in statute miles (6785.840132) }.

Another Set of Figures For the Other Coordinates Given ( about "1.5 miles SE" of the 'above' )

(Possible) Grid LAT ... 13131.2254 North ... = 27 (deg) X 15 (min) X 32.42277877 (sec) North. { NOTE : THIS COULD HAVE SIGNIFICANCE in association with the apex height of the "projected pyramid", in FEET, at the center of "Miami Square" (Morton, 1999) ... of ... "1313.12254" }. (Possible) Grid LONG ... 127323.9545 W.Giza ... = 113 (deg) X 39 (min) X 28.89129896 (sec) W.Giza. { NOTE: THIS COULD BE SIGNIFICANT in association with the "1.273239545" TANGENT of the Base Slope Angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza. This (from the base) slope angle is ... 51.853974 arc-degrees }. (Possible) Grid POINT Value ... 127323.9545 / 13131.2254 = 9.696273624

NOTE: I think this could now be quite significant. Notice that this figure ... "9.696273624" ... is a RECIPROCAL decimal harmonic of the generic Area of a Circle : 1 / 9.696273624 = 0.1031324031

Pi X (radius Squared) = Area of a Circle.

If we simply use The Radian (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees as the *numerical value* of the GIVEN radius (generic) ... we get the following ... Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 10313.24031 "Square arc-degrees". And there's our decimal harmonic of the above RECIPROCAL of "9.696273624".

So ... this is apparently refering-to the "curvature" dynamics of ... of ... ?? .. well ... of ... "everything" ??!! (-;

Notice, also, that this set of numbers ... this "vortex spot" ??!! ... is referencing the geometry involved in a square 4-sided pyramid whose base perimeter is exactly "2Pi" times its apex height ... such as ... yes ... The Great Pyramid of Giza. This is important.

This is using a 3-D specific structure ... a square-based 4-sided pyramid, of a particular apex height/ base perimeter ratio, to show some things about a Square and a Circle ... or .. some things about "squaring a circle".

To have that special ratio of apex height to base perimeter, if we are using a square base for the pyramid, we will need a slope angle (from its base) of ... 51.853974 arc-degrees.

We know "2Pi" is a very SPECIAL number ... it's the number of Radians (deg) on a circumference of 360 equal segments. (A-ha !!!) [ (2Pi) X 57.29577951 = 360 (deg) ]. So ... we are seeing, here, an example of "self-referential geometry". (A-ha !!)

This is 'the kind of thing' we can "see" expressed .. displayed .. at .. at .. uhhh .. Cy ... Cy ... Cyd .. Cydon -- ... "CYDONIA" .. on .. MARS. (A-ha !)

NOW ... as I point-out in my article(s) regarding "Miami Square" ... { } ... notice that the "131312254" decimal harmonic is PRECISELY DOUBLE the decimal harmonic of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... "65656127".

{ A-ha ! }.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton