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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Sizing Up Mars and Earth..

Are you familiar with the work of Cremo and Thompson ? [ Anatomically-modern human skeletons .. and artifacts .. found 'in-situ' in hundreds-of-millions-of-years-old geological strata ]. Also ... metallic spheres (artifacts) found 'in-situ' in 2.8 BILLION-yrs-old geological strata. See their huge book, "Forbidden Archaeology".

I'm leading-in to the idea of the existence of "human" ... beings ... going back *billions* of years into the past ... into the center of our galaxy, too, if you sort of "follow the spiral" back in time and toward the galactic center. (??) And then; there's OTHER galaxies out there, too, of course.

Then; we have Norman Bergrun's reported findings: his book, "Ringmakers of Saturn". I find it quite compelling. GIGANTIC "EMVs" ... electromagnetic vehicles ... doing some kind of "maintenance" (??) in the rings of Saturn. Some of these "vehicles" are longer than Earth's diameter.

Think about this: if you were part of a REALLY advanced culture ... let's say "humans" .. and you had long, long ago mastered 'gravity' and 'free energy', and 'scalar physics', and, who knows what else ... would "SIZE" really matter to you ? I think it makes sense that if you were of such a culture ... you COULD literally *size and shape* planets. And you could also "place" them in particular orbits. You could also "spin" them as you see fit. And you could "seed" them.

Then, too, you would have a fleet of gigantic "robots" to perform 'maintenance' and to act as "security" guards.


I'm predicting that we will find that the "intended/original/ideal" Polar circumference of Mars was/is ... "13159.47253" statute miles.

NOTICE : assuming a base-ten number system ... that figure is a 'decimal harmonic' of what I'm going to call a "Pi Fractal". That's the first time I've used that term .. because I just now thought of it.

A "Pi Fractal" ? Yes .. notice the expression, "(2Pi) Squared". That is ... (2Pi) multiplied by itself. (2Pi) X (2Pi) = 39.47841761 Next ... multiply THAT figure by "3 powers of ten" .. or "10 Cubed" ... 39.4784176 X (1000) = 39478.4176

NOW ... multiply THAT figure by ... the Sine of The Tetrahedral Latitude (R.C.Hoagland) of 19.47122061 arc-degrees, north/south, of planetary equators.

SIN 19.47122061 = 1/3rd ... 0.333333333 .. [ 39478.4176 X 0.333333333 = 13159.47253 ]. There, we have a figure that is .. well .. "made out of pure geometric and hyperdimensional gold". (-:

Remember .. or know this .. that "2Pi" is the number of Radians (deg) on one circumference ... assuming *360* equal segments on the 'given' circumference. Yes .. that's "our" system ... 360-based. [ 2Pi X 57.29577951 = 360 (deg) ].

Suppose the "sizers" (movers and shakers ?) .. then called the unit ... the "statute mile" ... based on the Polar circumference of Mars and also, simultaneously .. based on the Pi constant *and* on the Tetrahedral Latitude involving the planetary "hyperdimensional" physics/geometry that R.C.Hoagland has been talking about ?

You'd have a nice self-referential figure ..."13159.47253" ... encoded-in AND encoding ... the Polar circumference of Mars. Then; you can further 'encode' that 'decimal harmonic' in-and-at other monuments and sites. { Such as the azimuth, in arc-degrees, from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the very nose on 'The Face' ... "13.15947253" }.

Then, too, you'd eventually be encoding that 'decimal harmonic' on Earth, after your 'progeny' had settled there. { Like the Grid POINT Value of The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico (Munck, 1994) ... "13.15947253" }. AND ... even the Grid LONG of The White House *and* The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998) ... "13159.47253" W.Giza ... = 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 12.18469679 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec ].


At this time, there's still a lot of controversy over where Earth "came from" and over "where Mars came from". [ And .. over where The Moon 'came from' ]. Let's say our 'mover-and-shaker' ancestors did have the technology to size Earth. If they could size Mars, they could have sized Earth, right ?

They memorialized the statute mile, Pi, and the Tetrahedral Latitude ... on Mars. Whew !! How do you 'top' that ? Well ... you could encode the NAUTICAL mile in Earth's Polar circumference. In their arc-degrees system of *360* equal segments on one circumference .. the number of arc-minutes on a given circumference is .. 60 X 360 = 21600.

They evidently called THAT unit the "nautical mile". Then, you'd probably encode THAT number on/in/at various monuments/sites on Earth. { Like at Stonehenge ... 60 original stones on The Sarsen Circle ... 30 uprights and 30 cross-pieces ... showing "60 on a circumference" ... 60 X 360 = 21600 .. then you could do something REALLY COOL, like make "21600" the Grid LAT of the center of Stonehenge itself !! "21600 North" .. = 51 (deg) X 10 (min) X 42.35294118 (sec) North }.

In case some 'emerging' progeny of yours, sometime, might come stumbling along ... if they were intelligent enough, they could figure-out these encoded parameters of yours. That, in turn, would give them a "boost". Your good intentions would then come into play.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton