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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Re-Assessment of Great Octagon And Octagon Circle..

A Re-Assessment of Great Octagon And Octagon Circle (Newark Earthworks, Newark, Ohio, USA) -- by Michael Lawrence Morton

About a year or less, ago, as of this writing, I wrote that I had found the correct Grid LAT for Octagon Circle .. which also, then, changed the Grid POINT Value. Now, I can report that I've also (in the last day, or so, as of this writing) re-assessed the Grid LONG of Octagon Circle .. and I've found that it, too, was apparently not correctly given ... and so I've made that correction to my satisfaction. In addition, I have figured-out the archaeomatrix numbers for the center of Great Octagon, which I will now report as well.

I wrote that I had found the latitude at the center of Octagon Circle to be ... 40 (deg) X 03 (min) X 8.72664626 (sec) North ... = 1047.197551 North ... a decimal harmonic of (Pi / 3). This is about 135 Feet north of where Carl Munck ("Whispers From Time", Volume 1, 1997, page 139) has Octagon Circle centered.

In checking the centered longitude for Octagon Circle, and Munck has it apparently copied correctly on his hand-drawn copy of the USGS 7.5-minute Quadrangle Topographical map (scale 1 : 24000) ... I just noticed yesterday that although his drawing shows the centered longitude to be a slight fraction of an arc-second East of the 55.8" W.Giza mark ... he has given this position a numerical value of 56.2207" W.Giza. So .. I then decided to see if I could find an apparently correct solution to the situation. As far as I can tell, I have now found the correct figures.

I found the number of arc-seconds of centered longitude to be 55.78224477" W.Giza, or 54.98224477" W.Greenwich. The corrected Grid LONG for Octagon Circle now becomes ... 113 (deg) X 34 (min) X 55.78224477 (sec) W.Giza ... = 214315.3844 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 82 deg 26 min 54.98224477 sec ].

The corrected Grid POINT Value for Octagon Circle now becomes ... 214315.3844 / 1047.197551 = 204.6561169

"214315.3844" is the multiplied product of ... 6912 X (Pi Cubed). And "6912" is a gematrian number .. with a tangent of 3.077683537 .. same tangent as the number "72".

I will address Great Octagon's archaeomatrix numbers a bit later in this piece, but I do want to bring in its *structural/design* significance, here, in relation to Octagon Circle's Grid POINT Value of "204.6561169". Great Octagon is composed of 8 long/thin rectangular segments, that are separated, and 8 rectangular mounds that are aligned with the gaps (separations).

The 8 rectangular mounds are offset inward, toward the center of Great Octagon, rather than being directly in the middle of each gap. So, obviously, the number "8" is prevalent, and also indicated is double-8 via the mounds. We could also make a case for triple-8 if we "add" the gaps .. but it could be that the gaps are only there to clearly display the 8 long/thin earth-segments.

204.6561169 X 8 = 165.888 X (Pi Squared). Notice what happens if we divide "165.888" by the "6912" factor from Octagon Circle's Grid LONG ... 165.888 / 6912 = 0.024 ... decimal harmonic of "24". Of course, 24 is "triple-8".

204.6561169 X 16 = 165.888 X 19.7392088. The figure "19.7392088" is a precise numerical match of the Grid POINT Value of the star REGULUS .. "The Heart of The Lion", in the constellation of Leo (see So we see a strong connection, here, to this major star in our Zodiac. Notice, too, that my figures for the "Sky Matrix", as I call it, are based on a "fixed star" list of *current* (year 2000) star-coordinates ... ( ).

That particular star-list is, in turn, made available on a website that is dedicated to the "sidereal astrology" work of Cyril Fagan and others .. which is significant, because "sidereal astrology" RECOGNIZES the crucial importance of *adjusting the Zodiac to allow for Earth precession*.

Something else I want to point-out, here, is that the Grid POINT Value I found for REGULUS .. is what I call a "Pi Fractal". [ 19.7392088 = (2Pi) X Pi ]. This is self-referential poetry in the heavens. { Gives a new meaning to "Pi in The Sky" ? }.


Here are my archaeomatrix numbers for Great Octagon : Grid LAT 40 (deg) X 03 (min) X 17.41582859 (sec) North ... = 2089.899431 North. Grid LONG 113 (deg) X 34 (min) X 40.79709977 (sec) W.Giza ... = 156742.4573 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 82 deg 26 min 39.99709977 sec ]. Grid POINT Value 156742.4573 / 2089.899431 = 75.

Here, with the number "75", we have a reference to The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge. The circumference of The Sarsen Circle is composed (originally) of 30 uprights and 30 cross-pieces, for a total of 60 stones. The "Horseshoe" arrangement, inside The Sarsen Circle, originally had "15" stones comprising *5 sets* of (2 uprights-with-crosspiece). So ... 60 + 15 = 75 stones.

Notice the multiplied product of The Sarsen Circle radius (48.66934411 Feet, Munck, 1992) and the Grid POINT Value of Great Octagon ... 48.66934411 X 75 = 3650.200809 ... decimal harmonic of the "ZepTepi/intended/ideal" Solar Year (Earth) in Days ... 365.0200809 Days. I also suggest, here, the possibility that "3650.200809" could be the orbital period of "Nibiru" (see Sitchin) in terms of Earth years.

If we multiply the "75" times the Grid POINT Value of Octagon Circle ... 75 X 204.6561169 = 1555.2 X (Pi Squared).

"15552" is a gematrian number with the tangent of 3.077683537 ... same tangent as the "6912" factor in the Octagon Circle Grid LONG. Let's divide "1555.2" into the 6912 factor ... 6912 / 1555.2 = 4.444444444 ... the 'repeating 4s' pattern ... and now let's multiply THAT by Bruce Cathie's speed-of-light decimal harmonic of "162" .. (for 162,000 nautical miles per second maximum light-speed) ... 4.444444444 X 162 = 720 ... the number of total 'corner-angle' arc-degrees on the surface of a tetrahedron. Of course .. a connection to tetrahedral geometry, based on the 360 arc-degrees system.

And as long as we've nudged into "RCH turf" now ... (-; ... I thought I'd better check any possible 'resonance' to the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia. 1555.2 / 656.56127 = 2.368705056 ... that's the Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS, in the "Sky Matrix" ( Yes ... I'd say that's pretty resonant with that "1555.2" factor .. in the multiplied product of the Grid POINT Values of Great Octagon and Octagon Circle.

Azimuth of Passage ... Between Octagon Circle and Great Octagon

The "round number" of this azimuth appears to be 52 arc-degrees. That's a nice Mayan number. It's also the "Sacred Number of Thoth", according to Sitchin's research ("The Lost Realms"). Sitchin also makes a good case, in "The Lost Realms", for Thoth and Quetzalcoatl as being the same historical person. Another possibility for this azimuth is "51.853974" arc-degrees .. (Munck, 1992), the base slope angle of The Great Pyramid. If we divide the TANGENT of that base slope angle into the [1555.2 X (Pi Squared)] figure ... 15349.20876 / 1.273239545 = 388.8 X (Pi Cubed).

The number "3888" is gematrian ... with the tangent of -3.077683537 ... a "mirror" of the +3.077683537 tangents. Still another good possibility for this azimuth would be "51.84" arc-degrees. The number "5184" is gematrian, with a tangent of -0.726542528 ... and is also a decimal harmonic DOUBLE of the Earth precession number of ... 25920 years. [ 2592 X 2 = 5184 ]. Also ... 75 X 51.84 = 3888.

Here's another factor to figure-in to this pondering : The azimuth of "13.15947253" arc-degrees that I have predicted for the line from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia to the very *nose* on 'The Face'. 51.84 / 13.15947253 = 38.88 / (Pi Squared).

I like all 3 possibilities for the azimuth. It's too close for me to call, at this time. It could be any one of those 3. { OK .. I'm leaning toward "51.84" }.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton