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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Alnitak Archaeomatrix

Rush Allen wrote:


I have been too busy to finish my essay on Rostau and the importance of the belt stars in Orion in locking the terrestrial and celestial grids on a common reference grid.

I reread your discussion regarding Alnitak, and would ask that you consider the correspondence of Alnitak in 4500 BC. Does your earth grid system allow for correlation to the celestial grid as a whole?

I have placd a set of SkyGlobe data at

The gif graphically illistrates a very important point. In 4500 BC, Alnitak was at 00h21m right ascension from the vernal equinox. That is only 8.75 arcminutes separation. But, in the interim, Alnitak has moved 5 hours 20 minutes east relative to the vernal equinox, or the "celestial grid" reference point. This is precisely 80 degrees. The 6500 years that passed during this movement of the vernal equinox represents one quarter of the nominal 26,000 years of the precessional cycle. A quarter of a cycle is 90 degrees, not 80 degrees. Since the locations of the pyramids precisely align with the summer solstice, which is ninety degrees from the vernal equinox, there is intelligence of great imortance hidden in the star Alnitak and the Great Pyramid. It moved with the vernal equinox to the tune of ten degrees of arc.

In order for the pyramids to align precisely in the year 2000 AD, the designers of the Great Pyramid had to understand the complete consequences of the precession of the equinoxes. (For now we will ignore the "proper motion" of the star within the galactic background.) Alnitak also moved up by a whopping 23d36m from below the equator to 1d56m south of our celestial grid plane. There is no possibility that such precise alignment can occur by chance.

On the contrary, the pyramid designers we telling us the precise moment when their most sacred period of life will come to pass. They called it the moment of the Risng Sun, when Osiris would come up from the Duat to share the plane of the earth with mortals on this planet. Thus, your earth grid relationship to Alnitak only works if you do the calculations at the precise moment for which the pyramids were designed. In other words, your calculations confirm that the sacred moment called Sep Tepi is now!!! >>

Thanks, Rush .... To answer your question ... YES .. the "archaeomatrix" is *displaying itself* to be *perfectly-integrated-with* what I'm calling the "Sky Matrix" ... the actual positions of the major stars ... as of YEAR 2000 !!!! (-: YES ... this *was* all INTELLIGENTLY PLANNED !!!!!

This is one of the main themes I've been writing about, over the past year or so on The Internet. And, yes ... the key to this was the star ALNITAK !!! It was Mary Anne Weaver who got in touch with me, to see if I'd be interested in checking out some of the major star positions, using ALNITAK as the prime-meridian-marker for our ecliptic !!! Sure enough ... when I started researching this ... in Spring of 1999 ... it quickly clicked !!! It's ONE HUGE MATRIX .... *revealing itself* in precise alignments in the YEAR-2000 star positions !!! SIRIUS, POLARIS, ALNITAK, MINTAKA, ALNILAM, VEGA, REGULUS, BETELGEUSE, ALPHA DRACONIS ... all of these stars are *now* "perfectly meshing" with THE ARCHAEOMATRIX on Earth and Mars !!!! This is what I've been writing about ... for the past year or so !!!

And, as *I've posted during the past few days* ... The Washington Monument is a MAJOR marker in all of this !!!! I mean ... it's latitude/longitude ... with its longitude measured from (of course !!) THE GREAT PYRAMID's Center .. where the archaeomatrix Earth PRIME MERIDIAN is !!!!

So .. yes ... this is ALL converging ... meshing ... NOW !!! NOW !!!!!

Is there, in your opinion, a date .. this year ... a *special date* this year ... such as Summer Solstice ??? ... that would be the "penultimate" time for this year ?? Or was it Vernal Equinox ? Or was it New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 when SIRIUS aligned with The Sky Meridian at midnight ...?... on "live" TV, with The Clintons looking on, as The Washington Monument burst into a blinding blaze of light ? Or .. is it ALL of THE ABOVE ??!!!

Or .. is the date of July 20th, or July 25th, the most important this year ? 24th anniversaries of the 1976 Viking Mission ... lander landed on July 20th ... Day "360" of The Mayan Haab Calendar ... Viking Orbiter took the first pictures of 'The Face' at Cydonia on July 25th, 1976. July 25th is always Day 1 of the new Mayan Haab Calendar year. I think those 2 dates, this year .. are VERY, VERY, VERY ... special !!!

"24" X 365.0200809 = 8760.481942 ... that's my Tetrahedral Grid LAT !!! That's my translation of Hoagland's Tetrahedral Latitude ... of .... 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707132 (sec) North/South of Planetary Equators ... = 8760.481942 North/South !!!!

And "365.0200809" is the *ZepTepi* Solar (Earth) Year in DAYS !!! Ever since then, our year has been getting longer !!

I've been saying (writing) stuff here, on The Internet, for months ... stuff like .... "looky-here, folks .. see how 8760.481942 is PRECISELY 1/6th of the Grid LONG of STONEHENGE " !!!! (Munck, 1992) .... 8760.481942 X 6 = 52562.89164 W.Giza ... = 32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 28.8173748 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 01 deg 49 28.0173748 sec ].

Stuff like THAT !!! LOTS of stuff like THAT !!!

Stuff like ... "SIRIUS has a *year-2000* Grid POINT Value (2.368705056) that is a *precise* decimal harmonic of the SQUARE of the RADIUS of .. STONEHENGE .. in REGULAR FEET" .... 48.66934411 X 48.66934411 .. = 2368.705056 ... which is an outright *MATCH* of the Grid LONG (Morton, 1998) of THE U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... for cryin' out loud !!!!!!! ... 2368.705056 W.Giza ... = 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].

And on, and on .. with EXAMPLE after friggin' DRAMATIC EXAMPLE .. of this awesome display ... NOW ... in good 'ol year-2000.

But ... has any CRITICAL-MASS AWARENESS developed, yet .. of this *happening* ???!!! I should let 'The People' answer that.

They should be shouting it from the rooftops, damn it !!!!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton