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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Huge dump of images" by "Malin & Co.

I want to suggest something, regarding this "huge dump of images" ... by "Malin & Co." ....."

I suggest the probability ... that this is ... essentially ... a "distraction", and a "give-'em-something-to-keep-'em-busy" ploy.

As I've said several times in the past, we ALREADY HAVE .... *way, way-more-than-enough* .."smoking-gun documented evidence" in terms of NASA photos of Cydonia, and of other areas on Mars ... already *proving*, beyond a reasonable doubt, the fact that there are extensive artificial structures on Mars ... and ALSO that they are POSITIONED PRECISELY in *the same grid matrix* as many well-known ancient (AND modern, by-the-way) monuments on Earth. All we *really need* to do is to FOCUS on THAT already-documented- and-researched evidence !!!

Essentially ... by putting our energy, our time, and our attention into this ... "HUGE NEW BATCH" of ... "released images" .... we are playing right into the hands of those who would seek to slow us down ... who want to dilute our efforts, who want to shut us down !!! This is a STRATEGIC PLOY .. (by Malin & Co, and their handlers, and their covert bosses) ... to DISTRACT us .. to send us off on another "wild goose chase" .. looking for ... "MORE & BETTER EVIDENCE" ... when the truth is .. we ALREADY HAVE more-than-enough SMOKING-GUNS !!!! All we need to do is to FOCUS on EXPLAINING THE GRID-MATRIX to the public at large .. to enough of the "grass roots" !!!! The PROOF is IN THE MATRIX .... a self-evident, self-referential system of latitude and longitude ... common to both Earth and Mars !!! The objects at Cydonia are PRECISELY RELATED to objects on Earth !!! This can be EXPLAINED quite easily with simple math and geometry.

So ... here we are .. falling for this trick ... "Oh, boy ... 'they' released all these images" ... "WOW" !!! ... "looky-looky" !!! ... "let's spend days and weeks poring over them, and exhaust ourselves, and waste a lot of time and energy" !!!

We should be spending our energy and time on getting the Munck/Torun/ Hoagland/Cathie/Morton stuff together to present to the 'grass-roots' ... and to whatever media will listen ... as we get near the 24th anniversaries of July 20th and July 25th of 2000 !!! ... Viking Lander and Viking Orbiter.

We might even get into explaining things like ... 365.0200809 X 24 = 8760.481942 .... remember "19.5" ??? ... = 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707132 (sec) North/South of Planetary Equators.

24 .. ?? .. number of Earth years from 1976 to 2000. {and # hrs. in an Earth Day}. 365.0200809 .. ?? .... number of Earth Days in a SOLAR YEAR ... at ZepTepi ... when this "matrix" was apparently dedicated, back around ... 10,500 B.C.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton