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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Kryon9944 + Prime Number Code

Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 09:34:54 EST
Subject: [M-I] Kryon9944? + Prime Number Code writes: * 1/81 = 0.012345679012345679 recurring.

Michael writes:

I do *not* single this one out because I think it's the "only" one of interest from this post !!! Not by any means !! It just motivated me to discuss some particulars of some email correspondence from Spring of 1998, between myself and Dr. Bruce Cornet, PhD. ... geologist and paleontologist. Dr. Cornet had [it is now GONE !!] a website devoted to his discovery of a "Cydonia Analogue" area in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State, USA. The URL for this website was ...

This 'Cydonia Analogue' area is generally around the Wallkill River Valley. After reading his website last year (1998), I was very excited about the possibility that these "Cydonia Analogue" sites, that Dr. Cornet had identified through his own on-site studies and measurements, might correlate strongly with the ancient 'archaeomatrix' numbers found by Carl Munck and myself. Of course, my first thought was to check for correlations to the numbers found by Munck for 'The Face' and for 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars, based on the Cydonia map drawn-up by professional cartographer Erol O. Torun. So, I asked Dr. Cornet to let me know which USGS topographical maps I needed to order ... 7.5-minute Series quadrangles; scale of 1 : 24000, for the Wallkill River Valley areas where his "Cydonia Analogues" were (are) located.

He did let me know which official USGS maps I needed, and I ordered them. I then figured out, to the best of my ability, the 'matrix numbers'for ... first ... Dr. Cornet's "Face II" .... at Middletown, New York. This "Face II" actually is located *in* the Wallkill River bed itself ... and extends onto the banks on both sides.

The Wallkill River actually is running just under the "nose" of this "Face II" ... along part of the "upper-lip". Here are the 'matrix numbers' I found for Dr. Cornet's "Face II" ... using USGS "Middletown (NY) Quadrangle", 7.5-minute Series, scale 1:24000 topographical map ...

Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 21.33658537 (sec) North ...
= 20995.2 North.

Grid LONG 105 (deg) X 31 (min) X 7.963133641 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 25920 W.Giza ...
= Earth's precession cycle in years.
Grid POINT Value 25920 / 20995.2 ... = 1.234567901

So ... there we have a decimal harmonic of the repeating "1234567901" ... as mentioned by Raphiem, above.

And what is Carl Munck's Grid POINT Value for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ?

It is .... 656.56127 ... which interacts with Earth's precession cycle(in years) ...

25920 / 656.56127 = 39.4784176 ... which is PRECISELY the Square of ... Double Pi ... (6.283185307 X 6.283185307) = 39.4784176

2Pi is the number of Radians (deg) on one circumference ... assuming "our" 360 degree-based geometry and measuring system ... 2Pi X 57.29577951 (deg) = 360 (deg).

What about the number "81" ? Of course, it's the Square of "9" .... our 9 integers.

So ..... 1 / 0.81 = 1.234567901 .... Grid POINT Value of "Face II" Cydonia Analogue, in the Wallkill River at Middletown, NY. And this isn't all, folks.

And .. of course .... WHY has Dr. Bruce Cornet removed that website ? For that matter ... WHY did he do 'nothing' with this information, after I sent it to him in Spring of 1998 ? I've asked him about that, via email...and he has not replied to my satisfaction. I also sent him very significant figures for "The D&M Pyramid II" ... etc.

Well ... I think he got scared ... and/or was "gotten-to" by someone. He could have been seriously threatened.

- Michael L. Morton