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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Look at this !! .... MORE !! .......

Oh ... by the way ... August 1st, 2000 .... is ... 7920 Days since a very unusual earthquake in Eastern Turkey ... in which "the sky turned silver" ... a quote, from "The Ark of Noah", by David Fasold !! The sky turned silver, and people were out of their houses and businesses ... looking at the sky, when the earthquake hit ... saving many lives.

That was on November 25th, 1978. That earthquake pushed The Ark up out of the ground, so it could be "seen" !!! Another earthquake ... in the middle of May, 1948 ... May 15th, 1948 ... had pushed The Ark "somewhat up out of the ground". But this one ... of Nov. 25th, 1978 ... REALLY pushed it up, so you could "see" it. 7920 Days .... tomorrow ... Aug. 1st, 2000. August 1st .... "8 / 1" .... "81". Or .... "1 / 8" ... "18". "81" X 2000 (our current year !!) = 162000.

That's 9 days after The Queen turned *100 years* old. Elizabeth II ... carries Grail blood. Documented by Laurence Gardner ("Bloodline of The Holy Grail"). 7920 is average (mean) diameter of Earth in statute miles.

Now ... watch this .... divide 162000 by ... 100 ..... 162000 / 100 = 1620. Now ... divide by exactly Pi .... 3.141592654 .... 1620 / 3.141592654 = 515.6620156 regular British Feet ... that is precisely 300 Royal Cubits .. the LENGTH OF "THE ARK" of ZI.U.SUD.RA. { 20.62648063 X 300 = 12 X 515.6620156 }.

P.S. (Upon further calculations) ... I decided to take the ratio of the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992) .. and "515.6620156" ... regular British Feet ... 300 Royal Cubits precisely .. the length of "The Ark" ... (remains are in Eastern Turkey .. yes; I have the coordinates).

656.56127 / 515.6620156 = 1.273239545 ... TANGENT (Munck, 1992) of the Base Slope Angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. (4 / 3.141592654) = 1.273239545

With help and input from a man named Jerry Iuliano ... via The Internet ... I see that the "anti-log" of 1.273239545 is pointing toward what is called in modern physics, "The Fine Structure Constant".

Anti-log 1.273239545 = 18.76028989 ... then; according to Jerry Iuliano ... divide by the Square of "0.37" ... 18.76028989 / (0.1369) = 137.0364492 ... "Fine Structure Constant".

{ Notice the prime number "37" decimal harmonic }.

Iuliano said in a recent email to me ...

 << Subj:   Cheops Pyramid clarification
 Date:  07/29/2000 6:38:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
 From:  JerryIuliano
 To:    Milamo
            <<  ... snip .... >> ...
  As to the meaning of 2/Pi as a geometric construct of the Cheops pyramid 
that alone would mean an "outside" intelligence designing the form of the 
Cheops pyramid because native hieroglyphics gives Pi as a value of 3.16 a 
very crude approximation and the Cheops pyramid was built to a ratio of 
2/3.141596166 which is Pi to 5 decimal places. However I think the "outside" 
intelligence went even deeper than that and instead of using Pi as the 
defining factor of Cheops geometry they used the fine-structure constant as 
the defining geometric construct, which is defined by physicists as the 
amplitude of an electron to emit or absorb a photon. This number was only 
discovered 80 years ago and has been refined in the last 5 years by Toichiro 
Kinoshita of Cornell University to 137.035999935. Quoting from the book, "THE 
ELEGANT UNIVERSE" by Brian Greene page 121 and 122...." Quantum 
electrodynamics is arguably the most precise theory  of natural phenomena 
ever advanced. An illustration of it's precision can be found in the work of 
Toichiro Kinoshita, a particle physicist from Cornell University, who has 
over the last 30 years painstakingly used quantum electrodynamics to 
calculate certain detailed properties of electrons. Kinoshita's calculations 
fill thousands of pages and have ultimately required the most powerful 
computers in the world to complete. But the effort has been well worth it: 
the calculations yield predictions about electrons that have been 
experimentally verified to an accuracy of better than 1 part in one billion 
(137.035999935)".....end quote. The impossible coincidence of the 37 dieties 
in the Egyptian religious pantheon and the geometric constructs of the Cheops 
pyramid, 480.367 ft :height, and 754.5595628 ft:base leg creating this number 
(137.035999935) through this equation:                                          
                                                        tells me that the 
designers of the Cheops pyramid was of an "outside" intelligence  that was 
familiar with the current (2000) value of the fine-structure constant. It 
also tells me that the secret of the fine-structure constant lies in the 
symbolism  of ancient Egyptian religion (37, the eye of Horus,64,32 etc.) For 
this equation simplifies thousands of pages of calculations done on super 
            The meaning of .37 also known by physicists as Beta can be seen 
at this webpage:                                                                
                        J.Iuliano >>
   Jerry ....
           I do appreciate your efforts to answer my questions.
  Let me ask a couple more questions,
 ... snip .. << .... >> .... here ... but please bear with me.

 Let's say, for now ... that we have a precise (2/Pi) value shown by the 
 and the base side-length ... 0.636619773 .. which is exactly half the TANGENT
 of the (given) base slope angle ... OK ?

 Now .... correct me if I'm wrong, here ... but if I use your equation ...
 wouldn't I get the expression .. 
 (10 to the "1.273239545" power) / (0.37 Squared) ? 

 In other words, the tangent of the base slope angle becomes the exponent ?
 No ? Yes ?  Then ... (10 to the "1.273239545" power) / (0.37 Squared) ...
 =  "Fine Structure Constant" ??      

..... << .... snip ..... >>

Much thanks .... Michael L. M.

I think the precise Pi constant ... and the "1.273239545" TAN of the base slope angle ... is the primary geometric construct encoded in the outside structure of The Great Pyramid. But, in turn, I think the "Fine Structure Constant" is also indicated, here ... but just to a slightly different value, from that quoted by Iuliano.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton