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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Supports Shroud-of-Turin Similarity to 'The Face' @ Cydonia on Mars** UPDATED 08 August, 2000

The Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau And The Bethlehem Site

Here are my figures for the church at Rennes-le-Chateau and for the site at Bethlehem .... based on the system of Carl P. Munck for calculating Grid Latitudes and Grid Longitudes, and the ratio (greater-than-one) being 'Grid Point Value' for a given site or structure.

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I discovered these figures in 1996 and 1997, and I've sent them to Carl P. Munck and to others.

As a starting point, I used the figures of Bruce Cathie from his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space" .... on page 109. I then applied Munck's system. B.Cathie's figures were very close ... within less than 15 Feet .. of these following figures !!

The Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau

Grid Longitude 28 (deg) x 52 (min) x 11.33323111 (sec) W.Giza ... = 16501.1845 W.Giza ... = 288 x (RADIAN deg).

(E.Greenwich longitude translates to 02 deg 15 min 49.46676889 sec). Grid Latitude 42 (deg) x 55 (min) x 44.88311688 (sec) North ... = 103680 North.

= 4 Earth Precession Cycles in Years ..... 4 x 25920 years. Grid Point Value 103680 / 16501.1845 = 6.283185307 ... = 2Pi .. precisely.

Note : I think this is a major discovery, especially when taken within the context of the work done by David R. Wood and Ian Campbell involving the area around Rennes Le Chateau, the "Circle of Churches", and the "Extended Star Pentagram" (see the books "Genisis" and "Geneset" by these two authors).


Grid Longitude 04 (deg) x 03 (min) x 54 (sec) E.Giza ... = 648 E.Giza.

(E.Greenwich longitude translates to 35 deg 11 min 54.8 sec). Grid Latitude 31 deg x 41 min x 33.47377679 sec North ... = 42545.1703 North ... = 12.96 x [(RADIAN deg) Squared].

Grid Point Value 42545.1703 / 648 ... = 65.656127 ...

= 'The Face' @ Cydonia (Grid Point Value) / 10.

This is another major discovery, when considered within the context of the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ, and this corroborates the 'connections' between the historical Jesus Christ and the locale of Rennes Le Chateau ... and therefore, this also supports the work of David R.Wood, Ian Campbell, Bruce Cathie, and Carl P. Munck. In addition, this shows a "direct connection" between the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ and the *exact* location (on Mars) of 'The Face' @ Cydonia.

Decimal Harmonic "54" ... Connection to 'The Great Sphinx' ..

Munck has determined a Grid Point Value for The Great Sphinx of exactly 5400 .. a base-ten 'harmonic' of 54 ... and I have determined an exact number of 54 for the E.Giza longitude seconds at the Bethlehem Site. And, the known arc-distance on Earth from pole-to-equator is exactly 5400 nautical miles. A 'next logical step', here, would be to take notice of the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge .. which is exactly 21600 .... the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles ..

= 51 (deg) x 10 (min) x 42.35294116 (sec) North = 21600 North.

(That's *exactly* where Stonehenge is centered, north of our equator .. see Carl P. Munck).


It is important to note, now, that this "grid matrix" .. initially re-discovered by Carl P. Munck, Sr. .. uses what I might call "transcendent multiplication". This appears to be an integral, functional quality of this ancient matrix itself.

Significantly, this also appears to support the "hyperdimensional" (Hoagland) and "scalar-potential" (Bearden; Maxwell) theory/description of an underlying physics ... which certain scientists and researchers have been attempting to 're-discover', with the goal of 're-applying' this physics to our modern society. The suppression against this has been great, as some of you realize.

Notice that the methodology of multiplying the *numbers* ... of degrees X minutes X seconds ... *transcends* the 'conventional objection' of "mixing units-of-measure". The self-evident precise empirical correlations are literally 'proving themselves' ... in this self-referential matrix. The "separate" degrees, minutes, and seconds ... are actually unified in a precisely functioning interplanetary grid-matrix. The so-called "separate" units of measure, in this grid-matrix ... become truly unified as "one system".

This empirical evidence must be respected, above all else. It is simply, and undeniably, proving itself.

Reference to Length of King's Chamber

If I multiply the Grid POINT Values of the church @ Rennes-le-Chateau and the Bethlehem site ...

6.283185307 X 65.656127 = 412.5296125 ... this is my predicted precise length for The King's Chamber floor (with The Great Pyramid of Giza) ... intended (by the designers/builders) as a specific reference to :

1) The Radian (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees, in the 360 arc-degrees system.

2) The Regular (British) 12-inch Foot.

3) The polar radius of Earth.

The value "412.5296125" .. if divided by 12 .. gives "34.37746771" (Regular Feet).

(NOTE: this is not "pyramid inch" measure, here !!). The figure "34.37746771" is a decimal harmonic of the polar radius of Earth .. 3437.746771 nautical miles.

And how do I get a polar radius for Earth of that figure ? I simply divide 21,600 (nautical miles polar circumference) by .. exactly 2Pi .. the Grid POINT Value of the church @ Rennes-le-Chateau .. 21600 / 6.283185307 = 3437.746771 nautical miles.

The figure "412.5296125" is also a decimal harmonic of the 'generic' Area on the Surface of a Sphere; if we assume a *numerical value* of 57.29577951 for the 'given radius' .. 4Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 41252.96125 Square arc-degrees.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton