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Messages from Michael L. Morton

REGULUS and the "e" Value..

Many of you have read some recent posts of mine regarding the
 star REGULUS .. the 'Heart of The Lion' (in the constellation of Leo).
 And some of you have read about, or know about, the numerical
 value called "e" ... the base of the "natural logarithms". 
 For example, in RCH's "The Monuments of Mars" .. Hoagland
 discusses the "e" value in relation to Cydonia, on Mars.
 He points out that the TANGENT of the latitude (deg) of 
 'The D&M Pyramid' is approximately indicated by taking the
 "e" value and dividing it by the Pi constant :
 2.718281828 / 3.141592654  =  0.865255979 ...

 ArcTAN  0.865255979  =  40.86819374 (deg North).

 Now; I will show how close that latitude is to Carl Munck's
 (1992) latitude (in the planetary Grid 'matrix') for 'The D&M Pyramid'.
 First; calculate the number of minutes of latitude (we have the number 
 of degrees as "40"). 
 0.86819374 X 60  =  52.0916244 (min).
 Now calculate the number of seconds of latitude.
 0.0916244 X 60  =  5.497464 (sec).

 The number of seconds of latitude, according to the Grid LAT
 (Munck, 1992) of 'The D&M Pyramid' is .. 4.773646584 (sec).
 So .. the difference is ... 
 5.497464 - 4.773646584  =  0.723817416 arc-sec. of latitude.
 An arc-second of latitude at Cydonia on Mars is roughly 53.5 Feet,
 so this is about 38.7 Feet away from the Grid LAT of 'The D&M Pyramid'.
 I'll refer back to this a bit later, here.

                   Grid LONG of (circa 2000 A.D.) REGULUS 

 I've figured a Grid LONG (current, year-2000) in the "Sky Matrix"
 for REGULUS of .. 22324.51921 E.ALNITAK .. the Orion belt-star
 ALNITAK serving as our ecliptical prime meridian marker.
 { }.
 22324.51921  E.ALNITAK ...
 =  65 (deg)  X  08 (min)  X  42.93176771 (sec) E.ALNITAK.

                             Enter ALPHA DRACONIS

 Recently, it has been proposed that the Great Serpent Mound
 in southern Ohio .. has a self-indicated correlation to the star 
 ALPHA DRACONIS, which becomes a "north pole star" during
 a certain phase of Earth's precession cycle. I will show, next,
 my "Sky Matrix" numbers for this star (circa 2000 A.D.) ...
 and these numbers are also found at ...
 { }. 
 Grid LAT  66 (deg)  X  21 (min)  X  25.97402597 (sec)  North ..
 =  36000  North (that is; 'north' of our ecliptic).
 Grid LONG  72 (deg)  X  16 (min)  X  36.93157144 (sec)  E.ALNITAK ..
 =  42545.17031  E.ALNITAK.
 Grid POINT Value  42545.17031 / 36000  =  1.181810286

 Now ... I will take the ratio of the Grid POINT Values 
 19.7392088 / 1.181810286  =  16.70251904

 I ask you now to recall, from some fairly recent email posts and
 website articles of mine .. the *first* crop formation in England
 of this year-2000 season. It was the formation of Danebury Hill Fort,
 Hampshire, UK.  I have a short article on that formation at ...

 That initial crop formation of the year-2000 season had a Grid POINT
 Value (Morton, 2000) of ... "8".  And the design of the formation was
 what I called "a stylized ouroboros". The "ouroboros" is a very ancient 
 emblem denoting both 'Kingship' and 'Enlightenment'.
 ( See the book, "Genesis of The Grail Kings", by Sir Laurence Gardner).

 On 22 July, 2000, a *magnificent* crop formation was reported in 
 Wiltshire, UK, at Knoll Down near Avebury Trusloe. It was dubbed ... 
 "the magnetic field", because it had a very striking resemblance to the
 pattern made by iron filings placed on a piece of paper over a bar magnet.
 I figured the Grid POINT Value of this formation as ... 133.6201523.
 You can see the complete calculations for this at ...

 I will now form the ratio of the Grid POINT Values (Morton, 2000) of
 those 2 crop formations ...
 133.6201523 / 8  =  16.70251904 ... and does that look familiar ?
 Yes .. it precisely matches the ratio of the Grid POINT Values of
 As I write this, by the way, we are now "between" the sky-longitudes
 (or ecliptical longitude lines) of REGULUS and ALPHA DRACONIS ...
 about midway between them, in fact.

 I now refer you to the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1993) of 'The Great
 Serpent Mound', in southern Ohio. This is a very famous effigy mound.
 Munck figured its Grid POINT Value as .. 45Pi exactly .. 141.3716694.

 Note the result when I multiply that figure by "8" .. the Grid POINT Value 
 of the "stylized ouroboros" crop formation ...
 141.3716694 / 8  =  1130.973355  =  360Pi .. precisely.
 There, you see "360" .. the conventional number of arc-degrees on
 one complete circumference. And it's multiplied by a relatively precise 
 Pi constant. Very "geometric".
 What is the Grid LAT of (circa 2000 A.D.) REGULUS ?  Precisely "360Pi" ..
 1130.973355  North  =  360Pi ..
 =  27 (min)  X  41.88790205 (sec)  North (just a 'hair' north of our 

 Now (recall from earlier in this article) you can calculate the Grid POINT
 Value of REGULUS, because you have both its Grid LAT and its Grid LONG.
 22324.51921 / 1130.973355  =  19.7392088  =  2Pi X Pi .. precisely.

 Also recall, from earlier in this article, the "e" value .. 2.718281828 ..
 and I will multiply it now by "8" ..
 2.718281828 X 8  =  21.74625463 .. and I will divide that by what I call
 a "pi fractal" .. of .. (Pi to the 4th power) ..
 21.74625463 / 97.40909103  =  0.2232466641 .. and notice how *very
 close* that (decimal harmonic) is to the Grid LONG of REGULUS.
 The first 5 digits are *identical* to the first 5 digits of ..
 "22324.51921" ... extremely close.
         Using The REGULUS Grid LONG 'Decimal Harmonic'
               To 'Project' a Value for "e" ...

 (0.2232451921 X 97.40909103) / 8  =  2.718263905  ... very, very close
 to the "e" value of .. 2.718281828.

 I will now show you how close *this projected value* for e ..
 will bring you, to the Grid LAT of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars.
 2.718263905 / 3.141592654  =  0.865250274 ..
 ArcTAN  0.865250274  =  40.86800683 (deg) North.
 To get the number of arc-minutes .. 0.86800683 X 60  =  52.0804098 (min).
 Now, to get the number of arc-seconds .. 0.0804098 X 60  =  4.824588 (sec).
 How close is that to the Grid LAT of 'The D&M Pyramid' ?
 4.824588 - 4.773646584  =  0.050941416 arc-sec of latitude.
 In terms of regular Feet .. how close is that to the Grid LAT
 of 'The D&M Pyramid' ?
 { Notice the term "regu-lar" ?  As in .. "Regu-lus" ? }
 Recall from earlier in this article, that one arc-second of latitude
 at Cydonia on Mars is about .. 53.5 Regular Feet.
 53.5  X  0.050941416  =  2.725365756 .. Regular Feet .. quite close
 to "e" number of Regular Feet !!!
 I certainly hope these mathematical correlations are self-evident ..
 as to their obviously high significance .. involving what is being revealed
 (and to what has already been revealed by the work of such 
 researchers as Sitchin, Munck, Torun, Hoagland, B.Cathie, N.Freer,
 L.Gardner, M.L.Morton) in terms of the crop formations, 
 the current star-positions of certain prominent stars as seen
 by the 'naked eye', the exact positions of major structures at Cydonia
 on Mars, the exact positions of major structures on Earth, etc. 

 And "we" are revealing all of this to ourselves, essentially.
 This is, as my friend Neil Freer says .. a rapid process of 
 increasing awareness on many conscious levels .. a process
 of "self-referentiality".  It is more and more apparent, as the days
 go by in this year-2000, that this "unified field matrix" involves
 conscious advanced intelligence and very elaborate forethought,
 on a truly awesome scale. Even so .. we are "getting it", and
 that means a lot to our future as a species. Take heart.

Hi Raphiem ...
I'm also going to give you, here, the 'matrix' figures (Munck, 1992)
for Great Serpent Mound. { I can't recall if I had sent them to you before}.
Grid LAT  39 (deg)  X  01 (min)  X  36.44161626 (sec)  North ..
=  1421.223034  North ..
=  (144Pi)  X  Pi.

Grid LONG  114 (deg)  X  33 (min)  X  53.4079407 (sec)  W.Giza ..
=  200920.6729  W.Giza ..
=  6480  X  (Pi Cubed).
[ W.Greenwich  83 deg  25 min  52.6079407 sec ].
Grid POINT Value  200920.6729 / 1421.223034 ..
=  141.3716694  =  45Pi.
Munck figures this point to be at the center of 'The Egg' that 
is about to be 'devoured' by the 'serpent'.
-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton