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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Malta Site, The Flood & The Maltese Cross in the Agean Sea

Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 18:31:24 EST
Subject: [M-I] Malta Site, The Flood & The Maltese Cross in the Agean Sea

In a message dated 11/8/99 3:34:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, JMason4557 writes:

[[.... talking about Maurice Chatelain's book, "Our Cosmic Ancestors" ... Here are some other interesting things in the article: The Maltese Cross is 540 kilometers wide, ... Like the Nasca lines, the Maltese Cross was laid out in stadia of 600ft, or 180 m, the same in Mayan and Egyptian measurements. These stadia and the feet and cubits that were derived from them are the very oldest prehistoric standards of measurement.]] If we use my proposed Cubit of 20.62648063 Regular Inches ... notice some things we can come up with, here. First of all, the width of The Maltese Cross would be ... 1,776,528.792Feet ....

because 1 Meter is a little over 3.28 Feet .... not 3.333333333 Feet. [ With all due respect to Chatelain (or is 'the above' a quote from JMason4557 ?), 600 Feet is not equivalent to 180 meters ].

1776528.792 Feet would be ... 21318345.5 regular inches.

NOW .... divide by 20.62648063 regular inches (Morton, 1998) for The Cubit ...

21318345.5 / 20.62648063 = 1033542.555 ...

and that figure is PRECISELY 1 million times the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1993) of "The Old Man of The Mountain" granite profile of a human face, in New Hampshire, USA. Yes ... this site is in the ancient geo-math archaeomatrix ... and is documented in Carl Munck's work.

In fact, if we multiply this figure by the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, of 656.56127 (Munck, 1991) ... we get ... 1033542.555 X 656.56127 = 678584012.5 ...

which is PRECISELY 10 thousand times the average circumference of The Moon, in Statute Miles. [ 2160 X Pi = 67858.40125 ].

- Michael L. Morton