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Messages from Michael L. Morton

IF the 7-Point Star is "Hoaxed" ... Then Consider This ..

IF the 7-Point Star is "Hoaxed" ... Then Consider This ...

 Was the 7-point star crop formation (Wiltshire, UK) really "hoaxed" ..
 I mean, in the true sense of the word ?

 IF it was hoaxed, there are some *very remarkable* aspects
 to this crop formation which are begging explanation, to say
 the very least. 

 This formation was reported on the 25th of August, 2000 ...
 and is said to have been created on the 24th of August.
 Notice the date-of-creation .... "24 / 8" ... or .. "248".
 I'll get back to that, a bit later in this article.

 Please go to "The International Crop Circle Database" ..

 You'll see there a 'clickable' photo of this formation, etc.
 We're told, matter-of-factly .. that it's "a hoax made to
 demonstrate to Whitley Strieber .. hoaxers' skills at making
 a complex formation".  Oh.  I see.  Hmmmm. 

 Next .. please go to the longitude/latitude datapage ..
 by 'clicking' on the OS Grid Ref number .. SU 130671 ..
 and you'll see the long decimal fractional figures in
 arc-degrees ... which I work with ... by converting them
 into deg, min, and sec .. to get a good approximation
 of the centered location of the formation. Then, I determine
 if there appear to be valid, intended "matrix numbers"
 indicated .. as the exact 'spot of placement'.
 Here are my 'matrix' numbers for this "hoaxed" .. ?? .. formation :

 Grid LAT  51 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  6.566035062 (sec)  North ..
 =  8036.826916  North.
 Grid LONG  32 (deg)  X  56 (min)  X  48.21428571 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  86,400  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  01 deg  46 min  47.41428571 sec ].  
 Grid POINT Value  86,400 / 8036.826916  =  10.75051148

 Notice "8036.826916" .... this is numerically *identical* to the
 Grid LONG of 'both' The Washington Monument (Morton, 1998)
 'and' The 33rd Degree Temple (Masonic) in Washington, D.C.
 (Morton, 2000) .. thusly ..
 8036.826916 W.Giza ...
 =  108 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X  7.441506403 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  77 deg  02 min  6.641506403 sec ].
 And notice the precise fractional number of arc-seconds, there,
 in that W.Giza longitude .. "7.441506403" .. a decimal harmonic
 'match' of the actual Area of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge 
 (Munck, 1992) in regular British square feet (7441.506403).
 ALSO .. "7.441506403" is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of the
 circa 2000 A.D. sky-position (relative to our ecliptic) of the star
 BETELGEUSE in Orion. Please go to the following website and scroll
 down until you see my short article on Betelgeuse .. 

 Also .. notice that my Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) for the star
 SIRIUS (circa 2000 A.D., relative to our ecliptic) .. relates *directly*
 to Betelgeuse, via a relatively-precise Pi constant ...
 2.368705056  X  3.141592654  =  7.441506403

 Yes .. you can see my figures for SIRIUS by going to ...

 Now .. please take note of what is being "displayed", here ... by
 that immediately-preceeding equation. You probably recall the
 standard formula for finding "Area of a Circle" .. Pi  X  (radius Squared).
 Above, I mentioned that the Area of the Sarsen Circle (Munck, 1992)
 of Stonehenge is "7441.506403" regular British square feet .. the area
 of an 'actual', famous, historical ("real-life") Circle. This means the 
 of the radius of the Sarsen Circle is ... "2368.705056" ... a 'matching'
 decimal harmonic of the (current, 2000 A.D.) Grid POINT Value of ..
 the (yes, I know it's trinary) star SIRIUS. 

 I have found (Morton, 1998) that The U.S. Naval Observatory .. 
 in Washington, D.C. .. has a Grid LONG of .. "2368.705056" W.Giza ..  
 =  108 (deg)  X  12 (min)  X  1.827704519 (sec)  W.Giza !!
 [ W.Greenwich  77 deg  04 min  1.027704519 sec ]. 
 We have this major astronomical OBSERVATORY, 'centered' at
 a precise location, in terms of longitudinal arc-distance *from the
 exact 'middle' of The Great Pyramid of Giza* .. of  .. a decimal 
 harmonic 'match' of the Grid POINT Value of the brightest star in our sky !! 

 Recall, above, I mentioned The 33rd Degree Temple .. that its 
 longitude is identical to that of The Washington Monument ..
 8036.826916  W.Giza .. a precise numerical match of the Grid LAT
 I just found for this crop formation in Wiltshire, UK .. a 7-pointed star.
 Now .. I also must mention, here, that The U.S. Naval Observatory
 has a Grid POINT Value of "15" .. the symbolic number of "OSIRIS
 RE-MEMBERED". And, of course, SIRIUS is also known as "ISIS".
 I have *also* discovered (Morton, 2000) that The 33rd Degree Temple 
 has a Grid POINT Value of .. "15".  
 ( Scroll down at ).
 I do have an article showing the figures for The 33rd Degree Temple.

 Of course .. 33 - 15  =  18 .. the Sacred Number of Isis.

                Back to the Crop Formation 

 I will now show you some things regarding the Grid POINT Value 
 I have found for this crop formation .. "10.75051148".

 Remember (earlier in this article) that the formation was supposedly
 created on the 24th of August, 2000 ?
 The date .. "24 / 8" .. and the horizontal digital order is .. "248".
 Munck (1992) found the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid
 of Giza to be .. "248.0502134" .. exactly (2Pi) Cubed.
 There, you have a figure extremely close to .. "248".

 I will now divide 10.75051148 into the Grid POINT Value
 of The Great Pyramid of Giza ...
 248.0502134 / 10.75051148  =  23.07334064 ... the 'Square' of ..
 "4.803471728" .. a precise decimal harmonic 'match' of the original
 full height (including capstone) of The Great Pyramid itself !!
 (Munck, 1992, derived the figure of "480.3471728" regular British feet).
 Further .. I figured (Morton, 1998) the height of "The King's Chamber"
 within The Great Pyramid, to be .. "230.7334064" regular British inches. 
 (I have posted this on The Internet). 

 Recall, now, the "11-fold mandala" crop formation .. from the
 first week of August, 2000. This was a very beautiful and elaborate
 formation.  I calculated a Grid POINT Value for that wonderful creation ..
 of .. "9.645754125".  And I have it posted on the "Farshores" website ..
 and I sent out an email about it, to many people.  
 This was an 11-fold geometric pattern. What can you do with ..
 "11" and .. "7" ... such as in this 7-pointed star crop formation
 I'm discussing ?  You can create the HALF-Pi approximation ..
 of .. 11 / 7.  Or .. you can create .. "117" .. a number that 
 Gary Val Tenuta has written about. ( 117 is 6 times "19.5" ) ..
 the approximation (19.5 deg) of the (Hoagland) "Tetrahedral Latitude"
 (19.47122061 deg) ; you probably recall the approximation.

 I will now show you the ratio of that "11-fold" mandala crop formation,
 and this "7-fold" star crop formation ..
 10.75051148 / 9.645754125  =  1.114533021
 Now .. multiply that result by .. Pi, and by Pi again ..
 1.114533021  X  (3.141592654 X 3.141592654)  =  11.
 You have exactly "11".  
 "Seven .. come 11".

 Recall the "magnetic field" crop glyph ?  It was reported on ..
 the 22nd of July, 2000.  "22 / 7" .. the Pi approximation !
 And it was a truly magnificent and elaborate formation .. awesome.
 Please see my article ..

 In that article, I discuss the "magnetic field" glyph, the "11-fold"
 mandala formation, and another rather complex formation of the
 first week of August, 2000. And I relate them (those 3 formations) 
 specifically to my latest assessment of the numbers of The Newark,
 Ohio (USA) Earthworks. And there are other correlations involved,
 which I explain in that article.

 Here is yet another correlation involved with this "7-fold" star crop
 formation :  you might have read my emails about the "Earth Face" 
 analogue (very heavily eroded) of 'The Face' at Cydonia (on Mars).
 The remains are located in Middletown, New York State (USA).
 My Grid POINT Value for it is .. 1.234567901. 
 10.75051148 / 1.234567901 / 3.141592654  =  2.77181521.
 What is "2.77181521" ?  It is .. the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1999)
 of AVEBURY CIRCLE in Wiltshire, UK.  
 ( See Munck's latest self-published book ...    
 "Whispers From Time, Volume 2" ). 

 IF this 7-pointed star crop formation was indeed "hoaxed" .. ?? ..
 I suspect that 'someone' had some *very specific* information
 or "instructions" (??) .. as to EXACTLY WHERE to place this
 formation. If *that* is true .. ? .. can you really say this formation
 was (merely) "hoaxed" ?  In "The International Crop Circle
 Database", it says that the star-points are not all the same length,
 and that the distances between the star-points 'varies' ... implying
 that this is "evidence of hoaxing". I think the most important items
 about this particular formation are the 7 points of the star ... and
 its precise latitude/longitude correlations that I have detailed in this
 article. And I think *that* evidence far-outweighs such relatively
 (by comparison) trivial details as, "the lengths of the star-points
 aren't the same".      
             The so-called "Comic Alien" Crop Formation

 Again; I'm asking the question, here in this case .. "Is this really
 'hoaxed', in the true sense of the word?"  Before you make
 such "judgements" regarding these crop formations ... consider
 the evidence of their precise latitudes and longitudes .. AND ..
 the *correlations* (if any) of those lats/longs to 'other' formations,
 pyramids, stone circles, star-positions, etc., etc.

 Please go to ..
 You'll see a "clickable' photo .. and you'll also see a statement
 (under "comments", by ilyes) .. saying that this formation is simply
 "true vandalism/graffiti .. self-evident".  Ok.  I see.  Hmmmm.

 Please now 'click' on the OS Grid Ref number .. SU 046698 ..
 taking you to the latitude/longitude datapage.

 Here are my 'matrix' numbers for this formation :

 Grid LAT  51 (deg)  X  25 (min)  X  34.56222322 (sec)  North ..
 =  44066.83461  North.
 Grid LONG  33 (deg)  X  04 (min)  X  2.656611573 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  350.6727277  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  01 deg  56 min  1.856611573 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value  44066.83461 / 350.6727277  =  125.6637061 ..
 exactly "40Pi" .. (40  X  3.141592654).

 Well .. "40" was (is ?) the Rank Number of Enki in the Sumerian pantheon.
 Enki was the master scientist/artist/mathematician of The Anunnaki/Elohim/
 Nefilim. If anyone could do these crop formations, it would be Enki.
 He also had a sense of humor,  apparently .. and maybe he still does.

 This so-called "Comic Alien" crop formation was reported on the
 27th of August, 2000. About 3 to 4 days after that date, Holger Isenberg
 sent me an email with an "estimate" of the lat/long for Chartres Cathedral
 in France. He had gotten his figures from an online "maps/directional"
 service ..

 I worked with his figures .. and I came-up with what I am now confident-of ..
 as being .. the "intended/ideal" matrix figures for the location of
 Chartres Cathedral. I recently sent-out an email on this. 
 And there should be a posting of it on the "Farshores" website. 

 The Grid POINT Value I found for Chartres Cathedral .. 1.273239545 ..
 a numerical 'match' of the TANGENT of the base slope angle
 (Munck, 1992) of The Great Pyramid of Giza !!
 { TAN  51.853974 (deg)  =  1.273239545 }.
 Keep that in mind.

 I will now divide the Grid POINT Value of "this hoaxed crop formation",
 by the Grid POINT Value of "that other hoaxed crop formation" ..
 125.6637061 / 10.75051148  =  3.141592654  X  3.720753202
 The right-hand side of that equation shows a "precise" Pi constant,
 multiplied-by a decimal harmonic 'match' of the *matrix form* of ..
 the base slope angle (Munck, 1992) of The Great Pyramid of Giza !!

 51.853974 (deg) ...
 =  51 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  14.30508728 (sec) ..
 =  37207.53202

 So; you have, there .. a clear, direct correlation between the base
 slope angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza expressed in "matrix" form,
 its TANGENT expressed in the discovery .. only 4 days later .. of the
 Grid POINT Value of Chartres Cathedral, a relatively-precise Pi constant,
 and the Grid POINT Values of these two "hoaxed" crop formations !!!

 How did the "hoaxers" .. ?? .. know EXACTLY WHERE to 'center' these
 2 crop formations ? That is ... how did they know precisely where to
 place them .. in order for *both* of them to correlate so magnificently with
 not only one another .. but with so many *other* important sites, structures,
 and circa 2000 A.D. sky-positions of certain prominent stars ??!! 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton