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Messages from Michael L. Morton

22-Fold 'Woodborough Hill' Formation..

I have found the 22-fold (geometric) 'Woodborough Hill' (UK)
 crop formation .. a magnificent and obviously-genuine one ..
 to be *directly, specifically, and precisely* connected ..
 in terms of Grid POINT Values .. simultaneously to ..
 both Chartres Cathedral and to the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau.

 Here is the equation .. simply involving the 3 Grid POINT Values
 (M.L. Morton) ..
 6.283185307 / 1.273239545  =  4.934802201

 I've already sent you email(s) showing my calculations for the
 'matrix' numbers of Chartres Cathedral (quite recently) ..
 and I've had the 'matrix' numbers of the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau
 on The Internet for over 2 years now.

 Here, in this piece .. I'll give you my 'matrix' numbers for this
 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation (UK, year-2000 season).
 (Approximate coordinates were given to me via email by
 UK researcher Freddy Silva) ..
 Grid LAT  51 (deg)  X  21 (min)  X  2.006154745 (sec)  North ..
 =  2148.591732  North ..
 =  37.5  X  Radian (deg).
 { Note: Radian (deg)  =  (360 / 2Pi)  =  57.29577951 deg }. 

 Grid LONG  32 (deg)  X  57 (min)  X  5.812979828 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  10602.87521  W.Giza ..
 =  3375  X  Pi. { Note: using precisely 3.141592654 for the Pi constant }.
 [ W.Greenwich  01 deg  49 min  5.012979828 sec ].

 Grid POINT Value  10602.87521 / 2148.591732  =  4.934802201

 Note: "4.934802201" is exactly HALF of .. (Pi Squared).
 { 9.869604401 / 2  =  4.934802201 }.

 ALSO .. "4.934802201" is exactly .. Pi  X  (1/2 Pi).
 { 3.141592654  X  1.570796327  =  4.934802201 }.

 There is an excellent article and analysis of this crop formation with 
 some *good graphics* .. by Freddy Silva (a top researcher in the UK) at .. 

 Please go there .. use that URL.

 I received an email from Sharon Pacione, another researcher into
 the crop formation phenomenon, regarding this particular formation.
 I am 'pasting' most of Sharon's email here (following) :
  <<  Hi Everyone .. 
The above crop circle design is so phenomenal that I wanted to share it 
with you.  I also want to share that it is IDENTICAL to the 'crown chakra'
portion known as "Bija mantras".  In the book "Music and Sound
in the Healing Arts" by John Beaulieu, this formation is shown on page 
107.  (ISBN 0-88268-056-0,  published in1987 by Station Hill Press). 

Here is a quote from the book:  ""Bija means 'seed'.  The bijas of the chakra
energy centers are those 'seeds of sound' that are associated with the 
element of each chakra....The bija mantras are combinations of these seed
sounds that evoke elemental archetypes for healing.  There are thousands of
possibilities for creating bija mantras."

Here is one additional quote also used in the book:  "The bija-mantras are the
most potent of all.  They definitely belong to no language and are not found
in any dictionary.  They have no gender and declensions.  They are
combinations of letters that represent the relationship between the
kundalini (life energy) and the Supreme Consciousness (Sacred Sound),
and their specific rays (elemental archetypes)...An attempt to understand
them intellectually will be futile." ~~~~~~~(Usharbudh Arya)
IS BIRTHED BY SOUND!!!  I still say that one day we will KNOW that the 
authentic crop formations are created by the science of "CYMATICS".

I have come across some other information regarding possible meanings of 
some of the formations that I will share in the near future.  Hopefully,
someone will put them in a book (geeze, I hope it's not me)!!!

In the spirit of oneness,
(Sharon Pacione)    >>  

 My thanks to Sharon Pacione for sharing her information and her 
 comments, concerning this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation (UK).
 I notice part of her quote (above) says, "any attempt to understand this ..
 intellectually .. will be futile". Well .. I have to respectfully disagree 
 with the author of that statement. I think we ARE making very significant
 progress in "understanding this intellectually" .. through the very numbers
 I'm finding, and through these very specific, and very precise, correlations
 that I'm finding between crop formation locations, ancient site/structure
 locations, and certain circa 2000 in our sky .. relative 
 our ecliptic. 

 In the equation above, I have Chartres Cathedral and the Church at
 Rennes-le-Chateau directly connected (their 'matrix' Grid POINTS)
 to this crop formation's centered, precise point-of-placement. 
 We now know the design of this formation is that of certain 
 "crown chakra" *healing modalities*. Of course, this is involving
 ancient knowledge about healing .. about using *sound* for therapeutic
 purposes. In Laurence Gardner's work (see "Genesis of The Grail Kings")
 he mentions the ancient "Egyptian Therapeutate". 
 I quote, here, from pages 126-127 of 'Genesis of The Grail Kings' :
 "Another of the most prominent mystery schools was the Great White
 Brotherhood of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (circa 1450 B.C.) .. so-called,
 it is often said, because of their white raiment .. but 'actually' named 
 because of their pre-occupation with a mysterious white powder.
 According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical
 Order Rosae Crucis, there were 39 men and women on the High Council
 of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. A branch
 of this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutate,
 who, in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes."

 The Church at Rennes-le-Chateau and Chartres Cathedral are very
 associated with the Knights Templar, who in turn were involved in
 preserving the knowledge and the legacy (and the actual bloodlines) 
 associated with the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.
 Laurence Gardner, in his work, has shown that Jesus Christ and Mary
 Magdalene were, themselves, descendants of people who carried this
 ancient *knowledge and legacy* down through millennia of human history,
 from ancient Mesopotamia and from ancient Egypt.

 Holger Isenberg sent me the approximate coordinates for Chartres Cathedral,
 on the 31st of August, 2000. { Note: this was either the same day, 
 or the day after, a *white dove* (rare for the area in Denmark where he 
 attempted to actually fly-in through his window. As he reported, in an email 
 The Internet (recorded for posterity), when he looked at the time on a 
 clock .. just seconds after this white dove had tried to fly into his room ..
 the clock read; "19:47"}.

 I went to the website Holger had used to get the approximate coordinates; ... and I entered "France" and "Chartres" in the
 appropriate boxes .. and there appeared a map (drawing/graphic) of an
 aerial view of the area of Chartres, France. I noticed a "very 
 or oval" street .. surrounding the site of the Cathedral. Then, I noticed 
 this street is actually shaped .. *as seen from aerial view* ..
 very much like an actual human heart. This, I think, is quite significant.
 A research colleague of mine .. Joe Mason .. has written rather extensively
 on The Internet ( about the human "heart chakra"
 and its importance in these very transitional times of circa 2000 A.D.
 And Joe Mason's writings on this "heart chakra" topic have been in relation
 to .. certain crop formations !!

 Dan Winter has written much about "Phi-nesting" .. directly correlating
 it with the human heart physiology itself. Of course .. this involves the 
 Phi constant .. the 'Golden Section' .. 1.618033989 .. which is *exactly*
 DOUBLE the Cosine of 36 (deg). Freddy Silva has noted .. in his analysis 
 of this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation ...
 { } ..  
 the *Phi-based design elements* in the '22-fold geometry' of the formation. 

 Do you realize what the odds must be .. for *this particular crop formation*
 to have a Grid POINT Value actually 'precisely-equal-to' .. the exact ratio 
 of the *precise* Grid POINT Values of the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau
 and Chartres Cathedral ?  Do you realize that the Grid LAT and the Grid
 LONG of *each* of these 3 locations .. must be "precisely what they are" ..
 in terms of arc-degrees, arc-minutes, and *FRACTIONAL ARC-SECONDS* ..
 to form the equation I discovered here ?!!

               Regarding SIRIUS ..

 The other night on "Coast-to-Coast AM" .. Richard Hoagland
 mentioned SIRIUS and its importance relative to New Year's Eve
 at midnight on 1999/2000 .. in Washington, D.C. and at Giza.
 And Robert Ghostwolf, on the same show, made a statement as
 to the "importance of mathematics" in 'what's happening' now.
 They were actually referring directly to what I have already written 
 about on The Internet. 

 If you go to my "Sky Matrix" section on the "Farshores" website ..
 ( .. 
 you will see my 'matrix' figures for SIRIUS (Morton, 1999).
 You will note its Grid POINT Value as .. 2.368705056 ..
 and its Grid LONG as .. "24805.02134"  E.ALNITAK ..
 =  19 (deg)  X  23 (min)  X  56.76206256 (sec)  E.ALNITAK.
 { ALNITAK being the Orion belt-star serving as our ecliptical
 prime meridian 'marker' }.
 Notice the decimal harmonic reference to the Grid POINT Value
 (Munck, 1992) of The Great Pyramid of Giza (248.0502134) ..
 as The Great Pyramid itself serves as Earth's prime meridian 'marker'.
 ( ) 

 Then .. go to ..

 Those webpages will show you (graphically, thanks to my friend and
 research associate Gary Val Tenuta) the prime meridians at both Giza and
 Cydonia. I've been able to confirm and to prove the theory of my friend
 Mary Anne Weaver .. as correct .. that is; that ALNITAK is our ecliptical
 prime meridian 'marker' for the longitude of certain prominent star-positions
 in our sky .. including SIRIUS, POLARIS, REGULUS, MINTAKA, ALNILAM,
 ALNITAK corresponds directly to The Great Pyramid, positionally ..
 as viewed from above (aerial view) and to the north of the Giza 
 complex .. to the ORION belt-stars in our sky as viewed from Earth,
 as Robert Bauval discovered around 1995. 
 Mary Anne Weaver is the Ph.D. who wrote the brilliant and very 
 comprehensive paper for Richard Hoagland, almost one year ago
 (October/November of 1999) as I write this, statistically proving
 that the Apollo and the pre-Apollo NASA programs were certainly
 following a definite pattern in their launches and in their landings,
 according to certain *star-positions* as related to the horizons ..
 on Earth, on The Moon, and on Mars.

 So .. getting back to SIRIUS. I now will multiply the Grid 
 POINT Value of Sirius (Morton, 1999) by the Grid POINT Value of
 this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation ..
 2.368705056  X  4.934802201  =  Pi  X  3.720753202

 The figure "3.720753202" is a decimal harmonic of the *matrix
 format* figure of the base slope angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza.
 Munck (1992) found this as .. 37207.53202 ...
 =  51 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  14.30508728 (sec).

 The TANGENT (Munck, 1992) of this base slope angle is .. (4 / Pi) ..
 or .. 1.273239545 
 That figure .. exactly "1.273239545".. is the Grid POINT Value I just
 found recently (2 weeks ago, as I write this) for Chartres Cathedral. 

      Will Richard Hoagland Show My (Following) Equation ? 

 I have sent Richard Hoagland several emails specifically-regarding
 the SIRIUS connections to Washington, D.C., to Giza, to the 'year-2000',
 and to the 'Sky Meridian'. { No .. the "Sky Meridian" is not the ecliptical
 prime meridian }. Please do not confuse the two. He should be able to 
 explain the difference between the two, at the upcoming "Santa Fe Conclave".
 Included in those emails to him, I have sent my equation which elegantly
 describes this "SIRIUS connection" that he was referring-to on the 
 "Coast-to-Coast AM" show the other night. I really do hope he intends to
 actually *clearly show* my equation during this presentation in Santa Fe, NM 
 at the end of this month (Sept. 2000). I suspect, however, that he probably
 is intending to barely even (if at all) mention my name, in-connection-with 
 this "revelation/proof" he has now announced that he will be presenting.
 I also suspect that he may try to "show" the equation as a mere "side-bar"
 or "caption" on a video screen, such that the print is so incredibly tiny ..
 the numbers can't be read, anyway.

 Anyway ... here is my equation .. so at least you'll have it, now ..
 (2.368705056 / 5.411616169)  X  (360 / 2000)  =  0.07878735239

 There, on the right-hand side of the equation, you have The White House ..
 I mean; a decimal harmonic of my Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) for 
 The White House  .. "7.878735239".

 On the left-hand side of the equation .. you have (the Grid POINT Value of
 SIRIUS divided-by the Grid POINT Value of The Washington Monument) ...
 *TIMES* ... (the designated 'number' for MERIDIANS divided-by the 'number'
 of the New Year as of midnight last New Year's Eve).

 Do you recall the Clintons, last New Year's Eve at midnight on national
 television, gazing toward The Washington Monument as it 'burst' into a
 blazing, bright light as the clock struck 12 ?  Do you know where SIRIUS 
 was in our sky, at that moment ? 

 I heard Robert Ghostwolf say, on "Coast to Coast AM" .. sharing
 the stage with Richard Hoagland the other night .. that *MATHEMATICS*
 was so important, now, in what we need to be learning, etc. .. as the
 new-paradigm-time approaches. I agree. These numbers ... these 
 correlations .. self-evident in the numbers .. in the math relating to a
 precise Pi constant, to The Radian (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees,
 to the "360" arc-degrees on one complete circumference, to the 25920
 years of the Earth precession cycle, to the 5280 regular British Feet in
 a statute mile, to the 21,600 nautical miles on the polar circumference
 of Earth, to the Phi constant of *precisely* DOUBLE the Cosine of 36, 
 to the "1/3rd of 22" arc-degrees in the "un-zip" angle of DNA/RNA 
 structure .. all of this is very, very, very important. Yes !!

 So .. one would think .. yes, it would seem "important", in fact .. 
 that this "Santa Fe Conclave" coming-up at the end of this month ..
 should have, as part of "The Panel" .. someone who has been actually
 *doing most of the work* of putting-together all of these *mathematical* 
 methodologies, specific multiple-correlations, and various other particulars 
 combining and synthesizing the works of such people as Carl Munck, 
 Bruce Cathie, David Wood, Erol Torun, Richard Hoagland, etc. .. 
 someone who has actually .. specifically and precisely .. correlated the
 'ground locations' on Earth and Mars .. with certain 'star-positions' in
 our sky. Someone who, in addition .. has precisely correlated the crop
 formation locations with those 'monuments' and with those 'star-positions'
 in our sky. Someone who has literally "figured-out" some basic, relevant,
 'cool stuff' about .. "as above, so below".  Right ? 

 Well ... I must say .. I have received no invitations to be included
 on 'the panel' of this 'Santa Fe Conclave'.

 Are the people on that 'panel' going to be able to really "show" ..
 or are they really going to be able to "explain" ..
 the basics, or the intricacies, of the *MATHEMATICS* ..
 involved in the 'knowing' and in the 'understanding' of these 
 major facets involved in the needed new paradigm ?  
 Frankly, I seriously doubt it.

 One of the most brilliant, good-hearted people I have ever met .. 
 even though via the phone .. Mary Anne Weaver .. has been totally
 ignored by Richard Hoagland since late 1999 .. since just-after she 
 had 'worked her butt off' .. for MONTHS .. writing and re-writing ..
 and re-writing several more times .. that very excellent statistical
 paper for him (for no pay, of course). She couldn't be on the Art Bell 
 show with Richard the night they originally scheduled .. so naturally,
 you'd think she would have been re-scheduled with Richard for
 another time. Right ?  No .. she was *never* re-scheduled. And ..
 Richard *never* got back to her !!

 I went to Miami in mid-February of 1999 .. to see The Miami Circle,
 and to meet with Richard. He had gotten in touch with me by phone
 in late December '98/early January '99 ... asking me if I had the lat/long
 coordinates of The Miami Circle, etc.  I said I was working on it ..
 I had just ordered the official USGS topo map of Miami.
 Lo and behold .. Richard was getting very involved in The Miami Circle
 scenario, and he even was able to get GPS readings and phone them to 
 me during the first week of February, 1999. He was even good enough
 to have me on as one of several guests on Art Bell's show, concerning
 the effort to save The Miami Circle, the night of Feb. 4th, 1999. His GPS
 readings proved to be quite accurate .. they helped me a lot, in figuring-out
 the correct 'matrix' numbers for the precise location of The Miami Circle.
 I was glad, and excited, and I was pleased to be on Art Bell's show with
 Richard for an hour .. I got to talk for about 10 minutes, considering 
 "news-byte" breaks and commercials .. well; better than nothing.

 Well .. that was the last time I was on "Coast to Coast AM". 
 In fact .. that's the last time I've been on any radio show, TV show ..
 anything. I actually thought I did quite well on that short Art Bell segment,
 especially considering it was my first time on the air.
 I emailed Art Bell several times .. and I've emailed the new 
 producer for Mike Siegel ... no response. Never a response. 

 I've written much material regarding 'The Miami Circle' since that 
 time in late Winter of 1999. I found "Miami Square", for example !!
 I figured-out the 'matrix' numbers for "The Well of OSIRIS" at the
 southwest corner of "Miami Square" !!  Has Hoagland 'ever' commented
 on 'those' findings, on Art Bell .. or on the Siegel show ?  No !! 
 I figured-out the "Tetrahedral Grid LAT" .. which I've written about 
 a lot on The Internet .. based DIRECTLY on Hoagland's "Tetrahedral
 Latitude" ... 8760.48194 north/south .. a major 'matrix' number ..
 =  19 (deg)  X  28 (min)  X  16.46707132 (sec)  north/south.
 That's "19.47122061" (deg) expressed in *matrix format* !!
 Has Hoagland ever once mentioned 'that' on Art Bell's program,
 or on Siegel's show ?  No !!!   
 So .. does Hoagland think I'm some sort of freak .. looney .. 
 'wild man', or something ?  Too much of a weirdo for him to be
 associated with ?  Yeah .. my hair was pretty long when I met him
 in Miami .. but it's a lot shorter now. My beard's even shorter, too.
 I was quite 'articulate' on that short Art Bell segment in Feb. of '99,
 so 'that' issue should be of no concern.
 OK ... I do occasionally 'giggle' (laugh) .. sort of wildly, even, 
 at certain times .. but its nothing 'extreme' (the vast majority
 of the time, anyway). Sense of humor, you know. Heh-heh.

 So ...  I have to think that Hoagland, Ghostwolf, and Company ...
 actually 'many' people in this "new paradigm biz" .. 
 simply *want the whole stage to themselves* .. bottom-line.
 They want to be *the stars of the show* .. period. No "room" for others,
 except for some 'non-threatening' supporting role-players.
 Their egos are paramount. They don't want someone like me
 to "outshine" them, which I could easily do at almost any given
 moment. How ?  Because I'm the one who has done the work !!! 
 So .. I guess I'm a "threat" to them. To their overly-inflated egos, 
 that is. They don't want me on any stage ..
 especially on the same stage with *them*. 
 They can have the damn stage .. as long as they actually present 
 my work properly .. and correctly .. and clearly .. and not in "tiny print"
 as some side-bar or caption, so you can't even read it. And as long as
 they give me proper credit as their source for any 'knowledge or wisdom' 
 that came from my mind and from my work. And as long as they 
 *really know* the damn material !!  If they don't "really" know what
 they're talking about, they should at least have someone up
 there, sitting on the panel .. who does !!! 

 It's time that I stood-up for myself, to the likes of Richard Hoagland
 and Robert Ghostwolf, and such characters.
 They have done some good works .. they have pioneered some
 popular awareness of some important aspects of a badly-needed
 new paradigm. But they have done quite a few people a
 lot of serious wrong .. from a lack of honesty, a lack of ethics,
 and a general lack of integrity. And in so doing .. they do not
 set a good universal example for a new paradigm .. and they
 prevent and suppress the best information and knowledge
 from being effectively disseminated.  

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton