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Messages from Michael L. Morton



 Directly involving ...
 1) The Recent 'Woodborough Hill' (UK) Crop Formation ..
 2) The "Earthface" New York analogue to 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ..
 3) The "D&M Pyramid II" New York analogue ..
 4) Location of Chartres Cathedral ..
 5) Location of Church at Rennes-le-Chateau ..
 6) A relatively precise Pi constant .. 
 7) Hover-spot of the "Phoenix UFO" of March 13, 1997.
 First ... this equation .. using the same 3 terms of the equation that I  
 very recently posted on The Internet ..

 6.283185307  X  1.273239545  X  4.934802201  =  39.4784176

 The right-hand side of the equation shows a precise rendering of
 (2Pi) Squared .. a very major quantity/entity in the re-discovered matrix.

 "6.283185307" is a precise rendering of 2Pi .. as in ..
 (2Pi) * Radian(deg) on one complete circumference.
 I have found this figure to be the Grid POINT Value of the Church
 at Rennes-le-Chateau (Morton, 1998).

 "1.273239545" is a precise rendering of (4 / Pi) .. and is the
 TANGENT of the base slope angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza
 (Munck, 1992).  TAN  51.853974 deg  =  1.273239545 ..
 I have found this figure (Morton, 2000) to be the intended 
 Grid POINT Value of Chartres Cathedral (France).

 "4.934802201" is a precise rendering of Pi  X  (Pi / 2) ..
 and is the Grid POINT Value I recently found for the 22-fold
 'Woodborough Hill' (UK) crop formation (year-2000 season).

 I encourage you to read (or, to re-read) my Internet posts regarding 
 details and explanations involving the above items.
 { }

 Next .. this equation ..

 39.4784176 / (1.234567901  X  9.6  X  3.141592654)  =  1.060287521

 Right-hand side of equation .. notice this as a decimal harmonic of
 the Grid LONG I found for the 'Woodborough Hill' (UK) crop formation ..
 10602.87521  W.Giza ..
 =  32 (deg)  X  57 (min)  X  5.81297983 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  01deg  49 min  5.01297983 sec ].

 "1.234567901" is the Grid POINT Value I found (Morton, 1998) for
 the "Earthface" analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
 This "Cydonian analogue" is in extremely 'eroded' condition ..
 and is located in Middletown, New York State .. such that the
 Wallkill River passes just under its 'nose'. The scale of this
 structure is roughly on the order of 'The Face' at Cydonia.

 "9.6" is the Grid POINT Value I found (Morton, 1998) for the
 "D&M Pyramid II" analogue to 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars.
 This site is located in Warwick, New York State, in the same region
 as "Earthface". Again .. this structure is extremely 'eroded' and 
 compacted .. and is probably also "truncated" ..
 (Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., geologist) by the last ice sheet (Laurentide). 
 Again .. its scale is on the order of its counterpart at Cydonia.         

 The "Phoenix Lights" of the evening of March 13, 1997 ..
 over Phoenix, Arizona .. were witnessed by literally thousands
 of people, simultaneously .. and involved at least one *GIGANTIC*
 UFO. This gargantuan craft was reliably reported by a military person
 stationed at nearby Luke Air Force Base, to have "hovered over the
 intersection of Indian School Road and 7th Avenue (in Phoenix)
 for 4 minutes". I ordered the USGS topo map for Phoenix, AZ ..
 scale 1:24000, 7.5-minute Quad .. and I figured-out the 'matrix'
 numbers indicated at the *center* of that intersection.
 {Yes .. this is written-up on the "topcities/farshores" website}.
 I found (Morton, 1998) a Grid LAT of .. 39478.4176  North ..
 =  33 (deg)  X  29 (min)  X  41.25226499 (sec)  North.
 Notice this as a decimal harmonic of the figure (above) for
 a precise rendering of (2Pi) Squared. 

 It is now super-obvious to me .. and has been for some time,
 as I've indicated via numerous email posts to several "Lists" and
 to certain "prominent individuals" in the "new-paradigm field" ..
 that we (Earth humans) are being intentionally "clued-in" ..
 regarding important aspects of our lost, distorted, and 
 suppressed history .. and also regarding certain current realities.
 BUT .. we need to BECOME AWARE of this .. at least in terms of
 a 'critical-mass' portion of Earth's civilization. We need to "get it",
 in order to "demonstrate" that we are "ready" for practical,
 'democratic' inclusion within the "galactic community".

 As I've been trying to show .. this "clueing-in" is being done
 largely through numbers .. through simple mathematics based
 on *self-reference*. But the numbers also involve letters ... the
 English alphabet *positional-order*.. and the work of my friend 
 and research associate Gary Val Tenuta .. has gone a long way
 toward illuminating much of that correlation. 
 { }

 Sitchin's basic theory has now been solidly confirmed and validated.
 No .. he doesn't have "all the answers" to "everything" at
 this point in time ... but he's *certainly* on the right track ..
 that much is now an indisputable fact.

 The ruins at Cydonia on Mars are now confirmed and proven
 as artificial .. *and* to be precisely-positioned in the same ancient
 'matrix' evident on Earth .. based on self-referential math, using a
 relatively precise Pi constant, Phi constant, 360 arc-degrees on one
 circumference, a latitude/longitude grid with *specifically-indicated
 prime meridians*, a 5280-foot statute mile, and a 12-inch regular (British) 
 See the specific prime meridian/layout for Earth at .. 

 Then .. see the specific prime meridian/layout for Mars at ..

 The major, genuine crop formations .. several of which I have
 written-about .. of the year-2000 season .. are likely coming from
 The Anunnaki or from people (Earth humans and/or other "ETs")
 who are involved with them. 

 It is un-necessary, now, for us to have to "determine 'whether-or-not'
 the 'objects' at Cydonia on Mars are artificial".  We have determined
 they are definitely artificial, and we have determined their precise
 correlation to *specific* locations of certain pyramids, mounds, 
 stone circles, crop formations, and also .. their precise correlation
 to the sky-positions of certain prominent stars as seen from Earth .. 
 relative to our ecliptic .. with the Orion belt-star ALNITAK serving as
 the ecliptical prime meridian marker.
 { }.

 If we continue in this state of denial and 'un-opposed suppression' of
 robust, rigorous evidence (including the evidence Carl Munck and I have
 assembled .. referred-to in large part, above) .. we then set ourselves up
 for yet-another outrageous cover-up scenario :
 1) A manned expedition is sent to Mars.
 2) They are secretly ordered to not mention *anything* about finding
     evidence of artificiality.

 How would "we" .. The People ... be able to tell, as to whether-or-not
 such a mission was another BIG LIE ? 
 Even if such a mission was "privately funded" .. the real power-brokers
 in our society are the *big-money* (corporate) people .. the folks who 
 have been actually running the world .. using the governmental figure-
 heads and politicians as mere puppets. The people with the most money
 are the ones controlling the whole suppression/cover-up pattern.
 They (those people who are doing the suppression and cover-ups)
 will .. in all likelihood .. sabotage anything that tries to reveal 
 evidence from any manned (or un-manned) mission .. of "proof" of ..
 artificiality on Mars.

 So .. this is why we need to realize .. and to 'wake-up' to the fact .. 
 that Munck's work and my own work have been .. and ARE BEING ..
 suppressed.  Why ?  Because ... our work clearly shows the PROOF.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton