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Sitchin will write about the Marsface..

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<< found on the Red Planet BBS:
 Jim Lewandowski
 Sitchin's opinion - face on mars
 Thu Sep 21 12:26:18 2000
 Sitchin is proposing to write a book (after 2 others in the works) about
 WHO the face on mars IS. He
 has a theory as to who it really is supposed to be. Kind of captivating,
 isn't it? I just hope he lives long enough to write it (he's 80 now).
 He has 2 books before the "face" book. One of the books will delve (my
 favorite subject) into WHY during the 100 BC to 100 AD era, pagans would
 accept "jesus" as being the son of god/savior.
 Fundamentally, what was going on to allow this to have occurred?
 It is amazing to sit before Sitchin in a seminar when he's spend the good
 part of his 80 years researching all this.
 my comment:
 I have not to think much about this, to come to the conclusion that answer
 of the question WHO the face on Mars depicts, was already given by Walter
 Hain around 1980:
 My guess is, that this will be repeated by Sitchin and he might have good
 reasons, why he chooses this topic to be his last book.
 I'm no real fan of Walter Hain's Jesus-Mars theory, but if you consider,
 which organization on Earth could be interested in disturbing research
 about the Marsface, you might guess it: The most powerful organization on
 Earth in the last 2000 years and still today is the roman catholicism
 leaded by the Vatican. It is famous for hiding knowledge from the people
 and for destruction of several ancient libraries. And even the Vatican now
 sees his end coming.
    Holger Isenberg  >>
   This is exciting news ... that Sitchin intends to write about this.
 Yes .. may he live long enough to do it !!

 I take this opportunity to remind this 'List' that I have found much 
 supporting evidence ... the ancient 'matrix' numbers at ..
 1) a certain site at Bethlehem (corresponding to Bruce Cathie's site,
     which he shows his coordinates for .. on page 109 of his book,
     "The Harmonic Conquest of Space") ...
 2) the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau ... 
 3) the site of Chartres Cathedral ..
 4) the site at Bonne Mare (France) ..

 A 'straight line' can be drawn from the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau,
 all the way through Chartres Cathedral, and onward to that site at
 Bonne Mare (see Greg Rigby's book, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven"). 
 And the 'matrix' numbers of those 3 sites correlate very dramatically,
 as I have now shown, and they *further correlate* (very dramatically) 
 with the corresponding 'matrix' numbers of the stars (sky locations of)
 DUBHE (Chartres Cathedral), POLARIS (Church at Rennes-le-Chateau),
 and MERAK (Bonne Mare).

 NOTE :  As of this time, the "new" URLs for the "farshores" site seem to
 be experiencing some technical problems. So .. for now .. please use
 these "old" URLs (as given, above) .. still in-effect as of this moment ..
 for the "farshores" website.  Thanks.
    ALSO ... I urge you to read (or, to 're-read') my article ..
 "22-Fold Crop Glyph/Hoagland" ...       

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton