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Messages from Michael L. Morton


 -- By Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000

 I'm going to show you a most amazing correlation that I
 discovered on 12th September, 2000. This involves an
 equation .. an equation composed of a relatively-precise Pi constant,
 a decimal harmonic of the number "9" (our highest integer),
 and the exact latitude/longitude locations ("Grid POINTS") of :
 FOUR major UK crop formations of the year-2000 season,
 the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau,
 Chartres Cathedral,
 a 'site-of-convergence' at Bonne Mare (France),
 the "Observatory Circle" at the Newark, Ohio (USA) Earthworks, and ..
 the circa 2000 A.D. sky-position (ecliptically-oriented) of the star REGULUS.

 I ask that you please refer to the "RECENT MATRIX MESSAGES"
 section, 'highlighted' in red, at this website ..

 That section is numbered .. #110 through #120.
 The equation I will present, here, involves details and explanations
 from 'among' those numbered articles in that section. 

 I really don't think I can "overstate" the significance of what I am
 about to show you. And .. I maintain, as I have mentioned many times
 on The Internet over the last 2 to 3 years, that these numbers .. these 
 'equations' .. such as this equation you will see in a minute or so ..
 are essentially self-referential, and are self-evidently "speaking truth".
 Not only that .. this is concrete, empirical evidence of *intentional
 communication* directed toward us as Earth humans. Please realize
 that "the mainstream" .. the "establishment" .. the vested "experts",
 are not .. and have not .. been recognizing this empirical self-referential
 evidence. They are suppressing it. They are "ignoring" it. They are very
 much afraid of it, because it is so compelling. It is a legitimate "threat"
 to their power-and-control structure. We, 'The People', need to bring-forth
 the *new paradigm* that so many of us have been "talking about" for so long.
 The *old system* .. the system still in power now, is doing its very best to
 PREVENT .. to stall-off .. the New Paradigm .. for as long as they possibly
 can. We .. 'The People' .. at least the more-enlightened and 'more-aware'
 ones among us .. eh ?!! .. need to *make it happen*. It is not going to 
 "happen by itself". It takes the conscious knowledge, awareness, and
 understanding on the part of the more-enlightened ones among 'The People' ..
 to actually bring-forth the badly-needed New Paradigm. It is not 'going to 
 if enough of us do not *actively express ourselves* regarding the truths that
 we now know and are now learning !!!  Do you understand ? 

               ***  The Matrix IS The Message  ***

 By "actively expressing yourself" .. do I mean throwing pipe-bombs
 or looting stores. No .. of course not.  I mean 'expressing yourself' by
 making some effort at sharing this information .. this knowledge ..
 with others .. with 'someone'.  Such as ... forwarding copies of this
 email to people you know. And then .. following-up, to see if they
 received it, and if they read it, and 'what did they think of it' .. you 
know ? 
 Such as .. learning this material yourself. That would be the first thing to 
 How can you be "motivated' to share stuff with others, if you're not really
 excited about the stuff yourself ? And you can't get 'excited' about it if 
 don't "get it" yourself, of course. Go to the "Stonehenge example" at ..
 Start there, with something simple. 
 And look at the 'Face on Mars' ... how it fits-in .. so perfectly.

 People ask me .. "But what *is* The Message?" ... and ... 
 "But, what does it mean?" 
 I say to you .. The Matrix IS The Message. 

 The "self-referentiality" ITSELF ... expressed in the precise locations
 of these crop formations, of these ancient monuments, of the very
 'sky-positions' of certain major stars, themselves .. the very fact that we
 (me, some of us, even just one of us) are RECOGNIZING the connections,
 the correlations, the synchronicities ... from our own OBSERVATIONS
 as individuals within a civilization ... THAT is The Message. We are
 now .. *NOW* .. observing, and recognizing the REALITY of this very
 advanced, and very ancient ... Matrix.  The Matix IS The Message. 
        This Equation ...

 ("22-Fold Woodborough Hill" Crop Glyph  X  Chartres Cathedral  X  Church at
 Rennes-le-Chateau  X  Site at Bonne Mare  X  Pi)  ...
 =  ("Magnetic Field" Crop Glyph  X  "Elaborate Dumb-Bell" Crop Glyph)  /
 ("Elaborate 11-Fold Mandala" Crop Glyph) ...
 =  ("Observatory Circle" Grid LAT  /  10) ...
 =  (Grid POINT Value of REGULUS  /  0.09).

         In Numbers Only ...

 4.934802201  X  1.273239545  X  6.283185307  X  1.768388256  X  3.141592654 
 =  (133.6201523  X  15.83257145)  /  9.645754125 ..
 =  (2193.245423  /  10) ..
 =  (19.7392088  /  0.09) ..
 =  219.3245423

 You can trace the details and derivations of all of the 'matrix' numbers as
 terms in that equation, as I indicated earlier, by going to ..

 Scroll down just a bit, and you'll see a section 'highlighted' in red,
 called "RECENT MATRIX MESSAGES". Just 'click' on those numbered
 articles. Be sure to include # 113 and # 117, at least. 
 But I hope you read all of them in that section.

 Try to "get it". Give it some time .. give it some effort.
 You can't 'get it' if you only allow yourself "half-time during a football 
 (At least I don't think so). 

 Understand .. that I 'encountered' all those terms in that equation ..
 those Grid POINTS, etc. .. in most cases "one-after-the-other" .. some of
 them within the space of 1 or 2 days .. during this Summer of 2000.
 And every Grid POINT has a Grid LAT and a Grid LONG,
 and every Grid LAT and Grid LONG has a *precise* number of arc-degrees,
 arc-minutes, and 'fractional' arc-seconds ... that's FRACTIONAL numbers
 of arc-seconds .. so that we are talking about an AMAZINGLY specific
 and precise SET of correlations, here. 
 Do you understand the 'magnitude' of the significance of this ? 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton