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Matrix Messages (1/2)

Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Messages (1/2)

Original Height of the Great Pyramid

Here's more, based on Munck's work on calculations that point to the specific number of 480.3471728 Feet for the original height of The Great Pyramid ....

Munck has shown conclusively in his work that the 'designers' of this rediscovered 'matrix' used constants of circle/sphere math to a precise 'tolerance' and they encoded this knowledge (and the precise 'tolerance' as well !!) in the parameters and placements of the pyramids, monuments, and mounds that were built all over Earth. One constant they used was the RADIAN degrees measure. This is the number of degrees (the 'angle' from the center) on the circumference of a circle or sphere, of curved (arc) length, that is equal (as close as possible) to the straight-line radius length of the same circle or sphere. This equals (to 8 decimal places) 57.29577951 degrees. Note that this assumes 360 equal segments, or arc-degrees, on a circumference .... and that is *another* parameter set by the 'designers', that "we" still use today and which we take for granted. 360 / 2Pi = 57.29577951

If we take this 'RADIAN' degrees measure (a constant), and divide it by the 360 degrees on a circumference ..... 57.29577951 / 360 = 0.159154943

If we then multiply that resulting number by the exact base perimeter of The Great Pyramid in Feet ..... 0.159154943 x 3018.1103 Feet = 480.3471728 Feet

(base perimeter) (Original Ht. Great Pyramid) Then, we can see how Munck's Stonehenge Sarsen Circle numbers fit precisely into this .... 0.159154943 x 305.7985078 Feet = 48.66934411 Feet

(Sarsen Circle (Sarsen Circle Radius) Circumference) And then .... 57.29577951 / 48.66934411 = 1.177245771 = TANGENT of 49.65408598 deg

And 49.65408598 degrees is the exact azimuth-of-orientation of the "Avenue" leading out of (or into) Stonehenge. 480.3471728 / 48.66934411 = Pi Squared

To indicate the importance of "base 10", the 'designers' of this 'matrix' used a factor of 10 applied to the number 1.177245771 ...... x 10 ..... to get 11.77245771 .... a number they encoded extensively in this 'matrix', as Munck's work shows in many cases.

Both The Chephren Pyramid AND The Great Sphinx were placed precisely 11.77245771 longitude seconds from the prime meridian that passed through the center of The Great Pyramid .... 'Sphinx' to the East and 'Chephren' to the West.

To emphasize the importance of 11.77245771 even more, they made it the TANGENT of the exact arc-distance in statute miles, between Stonehenge and the Serpent Mound in Ohio (USA). This mileage number is on record with the (U.S.) National Geodetic Survey .... 3865.1447 statute miles.

The azimuth of the "Avenue" at Stonehenge, divided by the RADIAN (deg) constant and then multiplied by the Pi constant, gives a number very close to the tetrahedral 'e' number found redundantly at Cydonia on Mars, from careful examination of NASA Viking photos (1976 mission), by researchers Erol O.Torun and Richard C. Hoagland. 49.65408598 / 57.29577951 x Pi = 2.72258992

I highly recommend that you read a paper by Erol O. Torun on the tetrahedral 'e' subject as it relates directly to the geometry shown by 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars. This paper can be read on the Internet at ....

This email presentation is directly based upon the works of Carl P. Munck.

To obtain the self-published books of Carl P. Munck, write to him (snail mail) at ..... P.O. Box 28, Galloway, West Virginia, USA 26349. I would suggest "Whispers From Time" .... his latest major work. (At this point, he doesn't have a computer.) You could also try, via Internet, the website of Laura Lee at .... ..... go to her "radio bookstore" section for ordering. But .... some people have had difficulty lately in ordering through her website, although I don't know why.

(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton

Washington Crop Circles Follow-Up

In a message dated 98-05-28 10:30:16 EDT, you write:

Davenport informed me that a private pilot is "standing by" to get some aerial photos. I'm not sure what "standing by" means although the weather here has been extremely wet with dark, low clouds over the entire area. That may be what is holding up any progress there. So there ya go. I offer this sketchy report for what its worth." Thanks Gary for this very interesting report. Peter A. Gerstem, Esq. Executive Director >>

Gary and Others .... We need to get latitude and longitude coordinates on this (these) formation(s). Obviously, we really need a good aerial photo, too.

I was able, very recently, to come up with figures indicating specific tetrahedral geometry and metrology (Feet in statute mile) .... from latitude/longitude coordinates of the "torus-like" formation near Silbury Hill in England just a few weeks ago.

The best way (or best/easiest way, considering time and effort) to get the coordinates is to get ahold of an official USGS 7.5-minute topographical quadrangle map for Coupeville, Washington .... and just carefully mark an "X" as close to where the center of the formation is (do it for each formation if there are two formations) as possible.

I have already ordered some topo quads of Coupeville from USGS. I can send out a couple of them (when I get them next week) for people to mark and send back to me. I'll then calculate figures and report them to anyone interested.

To see my figures for the "torus-like" formation in England from 3 weeks ago ... go "News", then click on "Beyond The Circles".

.... Michael Lawrence Morton