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Munck, the Matrix and More

Art Bell's "Listening Frequency" Equals 'Face on Mars' Longitude

I say this is more validation of the 'reality' of Carl P. Munck's re-discovery of an ancient 'planetary math matrix' ... a system by-which ancient pyramids, mounds, and monuments were PRECISELY positioned on Earth, Mars, and probably on other celestial bodies in our Solar System. (I've recently found evidence that some 'modern' buildings have also apparently been laid-out according to this deeply-ancient 'matrix'.

I think we are receiving ... increasingly .... more and more "validations", of a synchronous/serendipitous nature .... regarding a process of 're-discovery' of things lost and/or suppressed. These 'things' include very important and basic elements of sciences and mathematics, monumental (pun intended) archeological evidence on Earth and Mars (and the Moon), etc.

Art Bell, on his radio program, recently proposed a participatory experiment, in which we would listen on a certain frequency (short wave radio) .... for any signal or intelligent sound coming from "ETs" .... he is asking "them" to contact "us" on a specific radio frequency of ..... 6.890 Mhz.

When I heard his announced frequency, I immediately recognized it as a very important "longitude number" of a monument, on Mars, that is in the rediscovered (Munck) 'matrix'. This is the E.Cydonia Longitude .... in minutes .... of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .... 6.890283706 min East of the ancient Martian prime meridian ...which runs through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'. It was Munck who ALSO rediscovered the ancient prime meridian on Earth ... passing through the center of The Great Pyramid at Giza.

Munck also recognized that the number 6.890283706 is a nice "Pi Multiplex" ... as he calls it. I look at it as artwork .... a work of math-art .... or art- math ..... a metaphor of self-referential consciousness .... a metaphor of self-awareness ... a sign of intelligence. 6.890283706 = (2Pi / 3) x (Pi / 3) x Pi

So here we have a nice piece of mathematical art .... involving the Pi constant, which is the ratio of circumference-to-diameter of any true circle or sphere. Look at the 'proportion' in the artifact. Yes .... it's an artifact .... a work of art-math. Two-thirds of Pi, one-third of Pi, and a whole Pi ..... multiplied together. It encodes the actual longitude of the center of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, in minutes (Martian) .... to the east of the ancient Martian prime meridian that runs through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'.

So; I would say that 'The Face' is ALREADY "talking to us" .... on a longitude of 6.890283706 E.Cydonia .... minutes, that is. In fact, it has probably been sending out this message for a long, long time. Do we hear it ? Do enough of us hear it ? How much longer is the work of Carl P. Munck going to be suppressed, deliberately ignored, casually 'dismissed' out of hand, and/or ridiculed ? Michael Lawrence Morton

In a message dated 98-05-24 05:28:23 EDT, you write:

Nice bit of research there. It's good to see that there are some people like yourself getting involved in the maths of these places. "They" can discount photos, falsify data and discredit researchers, but they can't change the mathematical correlation of these places.

Not only is it important to check out the work of Carl P. Munck, there is also Bruce Cathie in New Zealand, who has proven with his maths time and time again, that grid lines exist on planet earth, and elsewhere. For people not familiar with his work, I suggest checking out his web site. I understand his books were removed years ago from American shelves, as the research was 'hitting home' and obviously 'they' want to keep the truth hidden. However, through Nexus magazine his books are again available. >>

Wonderful !!! .... You know about Cathie's work !! I've been sending out emails about his work for months now .... just haven't posted to this list until a couple of days ago. Yes .... his book "The Harmonic Conquest of Space" .... is still his latest, I think. And I didn't know he has a website !! Can you reply and give his website URL ?! I've written to him a long time ago, and I don't know if he ever received my mailings (snail mail).

Cathie talks about the geomagnetic grid. Munck talks about the "archeomath" grid. And, yes, I HAVE found major interfacing between these two grids !! I'll send you some of my work on this.

Here's one part of one example of this interface : Cathie discusses what he calls "the theoretical maximun" speed-of-light as 162,000 nautical miles per second ... and this is equal to 144,000 nautical miles per "grid second" according to the 'grid' he has discovered in terms of arc-distances on the Earth's surface.These two values give an 8/9 ratio or "harmonic" proportion that can be used in calculating a whole range of specific values involving light-speed as it slows-down according to LATITUDE (on Earth's surface). Well, Munck's work involves specific latitudes (and longitudes) of precise 'placements' of monuments, mounds, and pyramids on Earth's surface. Munck's work also involves "gematrian numbers" .... such as 1440 and 1080 and 666. These gematrian numbers interface with "all of the above" !!! 144 + 162 = 306 = 666 - 360

That's one example. It's interesting that the numbers 306 and 666 have the SAME TANGENT.... - 1.37638192. And, notice that 360 is "our" number of arc-degrees on a circumference. Notice also that 360 is one of the terms on the right side of the following simple equation : 656.56127 = (360 x RADIAN deg) / (10 x Pi)

That is the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. 360 - 306 = 54

Munck has shown that the Grid Point Value of The Great Sphinx at Giza is exactly 5400 .... a base-ten 'harmonic' (see Bruce Cathie) of 54. Richard C. Hoagland has written and spoken about the similarities between 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars and The Great Sphinx at Giza on Earth.

I hope you will post Cathie's URL in a reply to this email. Michael Lawrence Morton

Mars Face 'Flannel' Cleans up the Image

In a message dated 98-05-23 15:12:50 EDT, you write: The 1998 images were radically different, but still looked like a face of some kind - although greatly eroded. Can anyone explain this to me? JB JB is Jane Blume ... a subscriber to the mailing list >>

Jane .... I would say (as I've said before ... but it's been a while) ..... that we (The People) are NOT getting "real" images of 'The Face' from this current mission. Something is being done to hide/obfuscate/mutilate/'junk-up' these 1998 images. Parts .... significant parts ... of the 'true' image(s) are apparently being "erased" or withheld through computerized manipulation, BEFORE the "remains" are then forwarded on to the public. Also, "junk" is apparently being 'added' electronically to some of these "remains" before forwarding on to the public.

You are right ... as many people have pointed out .... that the 1976 Viking images of 'The Face' (and of other structures in Cydonia such as 'The D&M Pyramid') were much better-defined and 'clearer' than these so-called "images" from MGS in 1998. This fact ALONE 'should be' red-flagging the public into mass outrage ... but of course this ISN'T the case, is it ? We need to ask ourselves 'WHY?' One reason could be that the public has been numbed ... and 'dumbed' ... by various disinformation campaigns .... on The Internet, TV, movies, magazines, journals, etc. The public seems to now "assume that everything is bogus" .... unless "proven otherwise". But then, what criteria is acceptable to establish this "proof" ?

The work of Carl P. Munck is based upon solid criteria. He used the map of Erol O. Torun, who has been a professional cartographer with the Defense Mapping Agency, to calculate the latitude/longitude of 'The Face' at Cydonia, relative to the exact position of 'The D&M Pyramid' AND relative to the exact position of the Martian equator. Torun used official Viking (1976) photos of Cydonia, which he then had access to in the Defense Mapping Agency, to map the precise positions of certain structures in Cydonia. It was Munck who suggested that the Martian prime meridian ran through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'. He had already determined that Earth's prime meridian passed through the center of The Great Pyramid at Giza. The latitude/longitude numbers of all the major ancient monuments, pyramids, and mounds on Earth ... are precisely correlated to this ancient prime meridian running through the center of The Great Pyramid. Munck's work conclusively proves this ... over and over again, according to the exact known positions of hundreds of pyramids, mounds, stone circles, etc., on Earth. His work is self-published and available for anyone to see. (Many people have already seen it ... and it has scared/embarassed them into denial, silence, ridicule, professional envy, and blatant intellectual dishonesty).

When the Martian prime meridian was adjusted to pass through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid', the numbers immediately fell into place. An obvious and elegant correspondence between Cydonia and Giza was promptly noted. Munck sent his findings all over ... including to NASA. No one would publish it. NASA ignored it. This was in the early 1990s. Still to this day, no one has published his brilliant work. (This ought to tell you something).

Munck proved that 'The Face' at Cydonia is a magnificent artifact. He proved that it is indeed "speaking" to us, if we will hear it. The proof is at the center of 'The Face' ... the actual Grid Point .... the value of which is 656.56127. 656.56127 = (360 x RADIAN deg) / (10 x Pi)

Anyone into basic geometry knows that this is an obvious (and very dramatic) sign of intelligence. Look at the four terms on the right side of the above simple equation. We have here : the 360 equal segments on a circumference that we call "degrees of arc", we have the RADIAN-degrees measure that defines the length of arc on a circumference equal (as close as possible) to the radius of the same circle or sphere, we have the Pi constant that is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle or sphere (as close as possible), and we have the number 10 representing our "base-ten" system of numbers.

And, Munck clearly shows, in his work, the way this "Grid Point Value" is determined for 'The Face' at Cydonia : Grid Latitude of 'The Face' ...... 1440 x Pi .... = 4523.893421 North = 41 deg x 11 min x 10.03080581 sec Grid Longitude of 'The Face' ...... 6.890283706 min E.Cydonia ...... or East of the Martian prime meridian running through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'. Grid Point Value = 4523.893421 / 6.890283706 = 656.56127 Even the number of longitude minutes here is an elegant-but-simple "Pi Multiplex", as Carl calls it ..... (2Pi / 3) x (Pi / 3) x Pi = 6.890283706

This has "intelligent design" beaming out from it !!! And, we ALREADY HAVE THE PROOF. This work was done from the 1976 Viking photos. The GAME IS OVER ! PERIOD !!! They cannot remove the LOCATION of 'The Face' that is documented in the Viking photos.

So; let's call a 'consensus' HALT to this sick game of 'lies and suppression of truth'. Michael Lawrence Morton

Factors Involved In Ancient Prime Meridian

In a message dated 98-05-25 16:38:22 EDT, you write:

Could I get your comments on my question of some time ago: How and why is the location of the prime meridian determined --i.e., why is the prime meridian put at a certain longitude and no other? *N* This is a reply to a question from Neil Freer, researcher and author. He is the author of the book "Breaking The Godspell" .... discussing implications of the work of Zecharia Sitchin for present and future society. He has a new book coming out, by the way, called "God Games" >>

Excellent question, of course. I think the answer probably has several parts to it ... several 'facets', maybe. Here's what I think, based on my understanding of Munck's work, and based on an apparently amazing computing power .... computer ability .... on the part of the designers of this 'planetary matrix'.

I think the number 360 plays a fundamental part, when put in combination with a very appropriate Grid Latitude on the surface of the planet. By "put in combination with" ... I mean 'divided into' a very appropriate Grid Latitude. This will give a ratio, which is the Grid Point Value of a "cornerstone" or 'key monument' through which the prime meridian will pass (through the center of this monument). How is this "appropriate" Grid Latitude determined ?

This appropriate Grid Latitude (and the resulting Grid Point Value, as well) should resonate very well, arithmetically, with the actual size of the planet .... the equatorial circumference, for example. Does it have to be equatorial ... or can it be polar ? I'd say we don't know the answer to that, yet, for "any and all" given celestial bodies. But, let's take Earth as our example.

This appropriate Grid Latitude should also resonate very well, arithmetically, with the contants of circle/sphere math .... Pi, and Radian deg. The number 360 will be used as the value of the prime meridian longitude. Now we come to the choice of measuring units for large arc-distance and for relatively short linear length. Munck's work has shown .... quite conclusively, I think .... that it was the English Foot, the English Statute Mile, and the Nautical Mile ..... that were used.

Arithmetic/Metrological Resonances I realize here that I should emphasize the use of a tremendous computing ability. This, I think, had to be employed from the start. So; bear in mind that all through this 'process', there is an awesome computer behind various calculations needed for the scope of such a project.

Using the following equation, we see that .... 360 degrees = RADIAN deg x Pi x 2 = 57.29577951 x (2Pi)

So; there are 'double-Pi' Radians, in terms of arc-degrees, on a circumference.

Well ... it turns out that there is a very "resonant" relationship between the actual precise number of Statute Miles on the equatorial circumference of Earth, and the Cube Root of 2Pi. At this point, I highly recommend that you have a calculator handy ... one with buttons for TANGENTS, for Pi, for Squares, for Cubes, for Square Roots, for Cube Roots, etc. (I use a TI-30Xa Solar.)

Yes ... 2Pi is a big key. On your calculator, hit Pi x 2 .... = 6.283185307. Then, hit Cube Root key ... and you get 1.845270149. Now .... punch up the number 24901.54558 on the screen. That is (or was, at the time the matrix was designed ... or, it could be an "ideal") ... the exact equatorial circumference of Earth in statute miles. Now ... hit the TAN ... for TANGENT ... button, and you get 1.845270038 .... so you see, now, how the statute mile resonates with the Pi constant ... in terms of (apparently) a very specific equatorial circumference for Earth. I'm leading up to ... The Great Pyramid at Giza, which is a "model of double-pi" ... as Carl P. Munck says.

That 'super computer' of the designers found a point, on a relatively stable land-mass (the Giza plateau) ... for a VERY appropriate Grid Latitude ..... 89298.07684 North = 29 deg x 58 min x 53.09041429 sec .... because, 89298.07684 / 360 = (2Pi) Cubed = 248.0502134 ... the Grid Point Value of The Great Pyramid And, 89298.07684 = 2880 x (Pi Cubed) = (360 x 8) x (Pi Cubed) Yes, the Giza plateau was also appropriate because of the relative 'center of land mass' on Earth today .... in fact, since the end of the last Ice Age approximately 12000 years ago. Also, as Stan Tenen has noted, the Giza plateau is composed mostly of limestone base .... apparently providing opportunities for many various resonances on planetary 'scales' involving "intelligences" of self- referential nature.

One main point, here, is that geometric constants were an INTEGRAL part of the design and planning for 'where' to put the prime meridian on Earth. This showed a true respect for 'natural law' ... or 'geometric nature'.

About 12000 Years Ago I think the current matrix was 'put in place' .... in terms of building the main monuments, pyramids, and mounds on Earth .... not more than about 12000 years ago, upon the 'settling' of the surface after the cataclysmic Great Flood.

There would also have been, in all probability, a specific "settling" of Earth into a 'new' length of the solar year in terms of Days. Yes ... the 'matrix' figure for the solar year in Days is exactly ... 365.0200809 (see Munck). Apparently, the length of our year has been slowly increasing ever since the "settling" after The Great Deluge. The figure 365.0200809 is found throughout this 'matrix'.

A Model of Double-Pi The Great Pyramid shows exactly 2Pi in its ratio of base perimeter to height .... its original height, at that. 3018.110298 / 480.3471728 = 2Pi Feet Feet

One of the 'encoded' ways in which we can know its original height is to measure the precise alignment of The Great Pyramid to True North. As Munck notes in his work, it is off True North by 1.93649 arc-minutes (to five decimal places) .... 1.9364911673 x (2Pi) Cubed = 480.3471728

Note the obvious external features on The Great Pyramid .... 4 sides, 4 corners, and an apex. This totals 9 obvious external geometric features. Recall the number of the Cube Root of 2Pi .... 1.845270149. If this figure is taken to the NINTH exponential power .... for the 9 features on the structure .... we get ... 248.0502134 or exactly (2Pi) Cubed.

Longitude 'Placement' of Prime Meridian Another factor in the placement of the prime meridian was the actual precise locations, apparently after the "settling" of the surface, of a number of natural springs, granite peaks, and natural 'whirlpools' such as at Niagara Falls. Munck has shown that the Niagara Falls 'Whirlpool', the apex of Stone Mountain peak in Georgia (USA), Mud Hole Spring (on the ocean floor off the Florida West Coast), Little Salt Spring (Florida), Warm Mineral Springs (Florida), and Encino Spring (California) .... are definitely in the 'matrix'. So; certain natural energy vortices (at least these particular ones) were respected and included in the 'matrix' from the very beginning of the design. This factor would then have to enter into the "equation", so to speak, of the super computer's calculations for not only the site of the prime meridian, but also for sites of other monuments, pyramids, and mounds.

Metrology Encoded Munck found that both The Great Sphinx AND The Chephren Pyramid are exactly 11.77245771 longitude seconds on either side of The Great Pyramid .... The Great Sphinx to the east and The Chephren Pyramid to the west. He also found that the radius of the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge is exactly 48.66934411 Feet ..... RADIAN deg / 48.66934411 = 1.177245771

So we have the 'base-ten harmonic' coming into play in the 'matrix' too, here. Just move the decimal point around. The number 1.177245771 also is the TANGENT of the precise azimuth-of-orientation of the "Avenue" at Stonehenge ..... and that is 49.65408598 degrees. To have BOTH The Great Sphinx and The Chephren Pyramid placed exactly 11.77245771 longitude seconds away from The Great Pyramid ..... and each on a different side .... is an indication to me that this is another reason as to "why" the super computer picked the site it did for the prime meridian. This whole layout was literally designed to "show" redundant self- referentiality in an arithmetic context, harmonious with "geometry".

More Tangents Munck has researched the precise arc-distances between certain major monuments, mounds, and pyramids. These arc-distances are on-record with the National Geodetic Survey. Their distance for Stonehenge to the Serpent Mound in Ohio is 3865.145 statute miles ..... TAN is 11.77245771.

Their distance from Stonehenge to The Great Pyramid is 2234.668 statute miles... TAN = 3.647562611, or .... (RADIAN deg / 30) Squared. 3.647562611 / 1.177245771 = 3.098386676 = Sarsen Circle Diameter (Feet) / 10 / Pi

So; here we can see how arc-distances over Earth's surface in terms of statute miles, between The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, and the Serpent Mound in Ohio, were planned .... in order to display arithmetic and metrological resonance and redundancy .... with The Great Pyramid's center marking the location of the prime meridian.

I've tried to show, here, some probable factors involved in the apparent choice and planning of Earth's prime meridian for the 'archeomath planetary matrix' re-discovered by Carl P. Munck.

(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton

In a message dated 98-05-26 03:13:21 EDT, you write:

Thomas Buyea Just remember that English is the language of the master race !!!! >>

Thomas .... Your 'one-liner', here .... is this a defensive, sarcastic remark intended to incite some sort of old, tired argument about "ethnocentricity" ? Hmmmmmmm???!!!!! Well .... this kind of "argument" is simply moot , irrelevant, and 'obsolete' at this point in our COMMON planetary history.

The numbers I discussed in the post you refer to, are based directly on pure mathematics, pure "geometry", and 'astronomical' cycles .... such as the length of our solar year in Days, the equatorial circumference of Earth, the Pi constant, the 360 'degree' circumference of a circle or sphere, and so forth. This transcends the entire "ethnocentricity" debate.

Here's a little something for you regarding the Statute Mile, Nautical Mile, and the Foot ..... (7920 / 2160) x 1440 = 5280 The 7920 is the mean diameter of Earth in Statute Miles, and 2160 is the mean diameter of the Moon in Statute Miles. Ah .... but, you say, "that's a ratio .... so it could be in ANY measuring units". Well, Thomas .... you see ... there's a lot more to it : the number 2160 ALSO refers to the total number of corner-angle degrees on the surface of any Cube, the number of Earth Years in a Zodiac Age .... one-twelfth of a complete Precession cycle, and one-tenth of the Polar Circumference of Earth in Nautical Miles. By the way .... there are 21,600 arc-minutes on the circumference of any circle or sphere. And, these 'designers' of this 'matrix' deliberately encoded 21,600 as the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge ..... 21600 North = 51 deg x 10 min x 42.35294118 sec

That's EXACTLY where Stonehenge is centered in terms of north latitude. Carl P. Munck points out that Stonehenge's Sarsen Circle originally had 30 upright stones and 30 lintels across them ..... that's 60 stones on the original Sarsen Circle circumference. 60 stones x 360 degrees = 21600 ..... the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge.

Now .... back to the equation .... (7920 / 2160) x 1440 = 5280 The 1440 refers to pure geometry ..... 1440 total corner-angle degrees on the surfaces of TWO tetrahedra. Many of us know the significance of the "double- tetrahedron" as circumscribed in a sphere .... the model for the 'Merkaba' dynamics that Drunvalo talks about .... the 3-D version of the 'Star-of-David' pattern, and the model of rotational dynamics of planetary bodies involving the "hyperdimensional physics" theory of Richard C. Hoagland.

Oh, yeah .... by the way .... the Grid Latitude of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars is .... (1440 x Pi) North = 41 deg x 11 min x 10.03080581 sec

The 5280 is, of course, the number of Feet in a Statute Mile. Isn't it kind of interesting that ..... 7920 - 5280 = 2640 (?) ..... because 2640 is exactly half of 5280. Also .... the TANGENT of 5280 is the Square Root of 3 .... and the TANGENT of the number 60 is also the Square Root of 3. And 60 is the number "we" use for time measure, for latitude/longitude measure, and for arc-length and angular measure in geometry.

These are the kinds of great things you can learn when you read your Sitchin and study your Munck.

Read your Sitchin Study your Munck Learn the Real Stuff Throw out the Junk

Again .... this all goes to show that this re-discovery of advanced knowledge from deep antiquity is also a re-discovery of elements of our common heritage. It transcends the old politics, the old thinking, the old "ethnocentric" paradigm.

And, it points the way toward a greater understanding of "why" the major crop formations have been in England. Michael Lawrence Morton