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Rennes Le Chateau and Bethlehem

Here are my figures for Rennes Le Chateau and for Bethlehem .... based on the system of Carl P. Munck for calculating Grid Latitudes and Grid Longitudes, and the ratio (greater-than-one) being Grid Point Value for a given site or structure.

I discovered these figures in 1996 and 1997, and I've sent them to Carl P. Munck and to others.

As a starting point, I used the figures of Bruce Cathie from his book "The Harmonic Conquest of Space" .... on page 109. I then applied Munck's system.

Rennes Le Chateau

Grid Longitude 28 deg x 52 min x 11.33323111 sec W.Giza = 16501.1845 W.Giza = 288 x RADIAN deg (E.Greenwich longitude translates to 02 deg 15 min 49.46676889 sec) Grid Latitude 42 deg x 55 min x 44.88311688 sec North = 103680 North = 4 Earth Precession Cycles in Years ..... 4 x 25920 Grid Point Value 103680 / 16501.1845 = 6.283185307 = 2Pi

Note : I think this is a major discovery, especially when taken within the context of the work done by David R. Wood and Ian Campbell involving the area around Rennes Le Chateau, the "Circle of Churches", and the "Extended Star Pentagram" (see the books "Genisis" and "Geneset" by these two authors).


At this site, I hold out the possibility ... even the probability .... of two significant Grid Points. I don't want to get into ALL of the details, here, as to 'why' I'm proposing a probability of two in this case as opposed to one, but this is just to say that I propose two here, at this time.

Grid Longitude 04 deg x 03 min x 54 sec E.Giza = 648 E.Giza (E.Greenwich longitude translates to 35 deg 11 min 54.8 sec) Grid Latitude 31 deg x 41 min x 33.47377679 sec North = 42545.1703 North = 12.96 x (RADIAN deg) Squared Grid Point Value 42545.1703 / 648 = 65.656127 = 'The Face' @ Cydonia Grid Point Value / 10

This is another major discovery, when considered within the context of the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ, and this corroborates the 'connections' between the historical Jesus Christ and the locale of Rennes Le Chateau .... and therefore, this also supports the work of David R.Wood, Ian Campbell, Bruce Cathie, and Carl P. Munck. In addition, this shows a "direct connection" between the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ and the exact location (on Mars) of 'The Face' @ Cydonia.

Grid Longitude 648 E.Giza ..... same as above Grid Latitude 31 deg x 41 min x 33.6490952 sec North = 42768 North Grid Point Value 42768 / 648 = 66 = Height of The Great Sphinx from base to crown in Feet = Double 33

Note: length of The Great Sphinx in Feet is 240 ..... 66 + 240 = 306 The number 306 refers to the azimuth in degrees of the location of the northwestern corner of the "Ground Temple" after axis-adjustment relative to the original "Circle of Churches" alignment, involved in a crucial part of the work of David R. Wood and Ian Campbell.

Further note on 306 .... 144 + 162 = 306

This refers to the sum of the two "harmonics" discussed by Bruce Cathie in his work on the 'geomagnetic grid' of Earth. These are his harmonics for "theoretical maximum light-speed" ..... 162000 nautical miles per second, equal to 144000 nautical miles per "grid second" ..... a ratio of 8:9 in operation here.

Further Note : If we multiply the two proposed Grid Point Values for the Bethlehem site .... 65.656127 x 66 = 1.32 x (RADIAN deg) Squared The number 1.32 is a base-ten 'harmonic' (see Bruce Cathie) of 13200, and I think 13200 statute miles is the intended/actual/ideal (?) .... polar circumference of Mars.

How does this fit in with Bethlehem and/or The Great Sphinx ? Munck has determined a Grid Point Value for The Great Sphinx of exactly 5400 .... a base-ten 'harmonic' of 54 ..... and I have determined an exact number of 54 for the E.Giza longitude seconds of BOTH proposed Bethlehem Grid Points. And, the known arc-distance on Earth from pole-to- equator is exactly 5400 nautical miles. A 'next logical step', here, would be to go into the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge .... which is exactly 21600 .... the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles ..... 51 deg x 10 min x 42.35294116 sec North = 21600 North

(That's exactly where Stonehenge is centered north of the equator ..... see Carl P. Munck).

(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton

Stonehenge & Pyramid Relationships

In a message dated 98-06-08 12:32:51 EDT, you write:


The Great Pyramid at Giza was covered with very hard, very smooth limestone 'casing stones'. I wonder what the capstone was composed of ? Sitchin, in the book "The Wars of Gods and Men", says that the "god" Ninurta (one of The Anunnaki) dismantled the capstone and "smashed it" .... at the end of a war between the rival factions of The Anunnaki ... the Enki faction vs. the Enlil faction. Sitchin thinks that incident happened around 8000 B.C. or so. He also says (and he is quoting from ancient texts, remember) that Ninurta stripped the 'crystals' out of 'The Grand Gallery' inside The Great Pyramid, at that same time. This probably "de-activated" much of the 'functions' of The Great Pyramid.

Carl P. Munck has discovered a very direct and stunning relationship between The Great Pyramid, The Pyramid of the Sun, and Stonehenge. The Grid Latitude of The Pyramid of the Sun (see Munck) is ....

19 deg x 41 min x 30.01050301 sec North = 23378.18185 North

Now; if we divide that figure by the Pi constant, we will get .... 7441.506403 ..... which "just happens to be" the *precise* area, in terms of Square Feet, of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge. To get the exact radius of The Sarsen Circle, in Feet, we divide 7441.506403 by Pi, and take the Square Root of the result : 7441.506403 / Pi = 2368.705056 Square Root of 2368.705056 = 48.66934411 Feet, radius of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge.

Now; if we divide 48.66934411 into the Grid Latitude of The Pyramid of the Sun, we will have the original height in Feet, including the capstone, of The Great Pyramid (again, see Munck) : 23378.18185 / 48.66934411 = 480.3471728 Feet, original full height of The Great Pyramid. Suppose we divide 480.3471728 into the area (in Square Feet) of The Sarsen Circle ? 7441.506403 / 480.3471728 = 15.49193339

The figure 15.49193339 is the precise azimuth in degrees of orientation, of "The Avenue of the Dead" at Teotihuacan, where The Pyramid of the Sun is located. 15.49193339 Squared = 240, the length of The Great Sphinx in Feet, at Giza. Michael L.M.