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Additional Visible Star-Positions Found To Correlate Precisely With Planetary "Archaeo-Matrix"

This article will detail some additional correlations I have recently found between the current positions of some prominent visible stars in our sky .. some only visible from the Northern Hemisphere ... and particular aspects of certain sites/structures in the re-discovered planetary archaeo-matrix. { By "planetary", I mean sites/structures on at least Earth and Mars }.

Using "Astrolog Fixed Star List" as a Database

This database for current (circa 2000 A.D.) star-positions is found at ...

This data is based on the Sidereal Zodiac .. which is essentially the common "Tropical Zodiac" corrected for Earth precession. This is, of course, very important when dealing with actual star-positions in our sky .. because the Earth precession has moved the "apparent position" of our equinoxes by roughly 25 arc-degrees, since the time of Jesus Christ (or slighly later) ... when our Zodiac was "frozen" in time, for whatever reason(s). So, in other words, the Sidereal Zodiac simply "un-freezes" our sky .. thank-you .. and also updates (long overdue !!) our sky to its actual year-2000 positional layout of the stars. Hurrah !!!

Therefore, the figures you will see in this database are not according to the so-called "Tropical Zodiac", for very good reason(s).
Our Northern Vernal Equinox is no longer at "zero degrees Aries" ... it has been "fast-forwarded" ... (-; ... to roughly 5 degrees Pisces.

Here, in this article, as I said above, I'll be adding some more stars to the ones I have covered in that "intro" webpage I just mentioned.

A Celestial Prime Meridian Marker

In order to measure longitude .. we need a prime meridian. It was Mary Anne Weaver who proposed the theory that the Orion belt-star ALNITAK is a prime meridian 'marker' for our ecliptic. She noticed that Robert Bauval had effectively shown that the main 3 pyramids at Giza, as viewed from above and to the north of the Giza complex, correlate to the sky-arrangement of the 3 belt-stars of Orion ... as seen from Earth, of course. Mary Anne had also noticed Carl Munck's work, as well as my own work, in which Earth's true current prime meridian is 'marked' by The Great Pyramid of Giza. The true 'archaeomatrix' prime meridian on Earth passes through the center of The Great Pyramid. It was Munck who found the self-evident, and self-referential, true current prime meridian on Mars ... through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia. Mary Anne Weaver asked me, in late winter/early spring of 1999, if I would be interested in trying to come up with some numerical, mathematical evidence to either support or refute her theory that ALNITAK .. the Orion belt-star apparently correlating to The Great Pyramid .. is in fact a current 'marker' of a prime meridian for our ecliptic, possibly indicating some sort of current star-position correlation to the ground-based 'archaeomatrix'. Naturally, I was fascinated by her theory .. and so I did begin work on studying this particular database referenced above in this article. That was in Spring of 1999. What I soon found was truly astounding, and I began to write-up some brief reports, and I started posting them on The Internet last summer (1999). Now a year later, I haven't seen any valid refutations of what I've discovered regarding this apparent "Sky Matrix" .. and I've now begun to add these (following) star-positions to the evidence at hand.

Castor and Pollux ... Gemini Twins

When you go to the database, above, you'll notice a (truncated) star name, followed by a longitude notation involving some numbers and a (truncated) constellation name. Go down the list to "Cast" ... for the star Castor. The number "25" means (in the corrected-for-precession zodiac, remember) Castor is located 25 arc-degrees "counterclockwise into" the sign of Gemini ... from the cusp of Taurus/Gemini.

Now .. next, you must adjust the longitude to the actual 'marker' for our ecliptical prime meridian .. the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .. which is located 03 arc-minutes and 10 arc-seconds from that cusp (just barely into Taurus).

{ Note: our ecliptic is the 'general' planetary orbital plane around our local star, Sol. Mars and Earth share the same ecliptical plane around Sol, for example. Pluto, however, does not 'share' this ecliptic, except for a relatively brief intersection.}

Please go back to the list. You see the "30" .. that is the number of arc-minutes, but you must adjust it to ALNITAK .. so you add "03" to the 30 ... and get "33" arc-minutes. Then you see that "12" (arc-seconds) ... so you must also adjust it to ALNITAK .. so you add "10" to the 12 .. and get "22" arc-seconds.

Back to the list.
The latitude figuring is 10 deg 05 min 23 sec North ... that is; north of the ecliptic ... thus, the + sign.

Now you're ready to put those figures into 'matrix' format.
That means multiplying them, and then taking the ratio of the 2 products.
Grid LONG 25 (deg) X 33 (min) X 22 (sec) E.ALNITAK ...
= 18150 E.ALNITAK (approx).
Grid LAT 10 (deg) X 05 (min) X 23 (sec) North ...
= 1150 North (approx).

At this stage, you need some in-depth knowledge of the general 'archaeomatrix' material ... this new field of study. { If you are interested, you can study this subject. I can direct you to the sources. Carl Munck has a website, and I have my work on several websites, etc.}

When I see "1150" .. I immediately think of .. "1152" .. a gematrian number.
And it is very close (relatively) to 1150. This is a case where the intended number "jumps out" at me, which happens quite a lot in this work, and is a delight to me. I have figured the actual Grid LONG as "18095.57368" ...
= 25 (deg) X 33 (min) X 21.9340287 (sec) E.ALNITAK.
Notice that the number of arc-seconds is only "off" 22 by 0.066 arc-seconds.
Very, very close.

Here, then, is the ratio .. to find the Grid POINT Value of Castor :
18095.57368 / 1152 = 15.70796327 ... precisely 5Pi.

The number of arc-seconds for Castor's latitude ?
1152 / 10 (deg) / 5 (min) = 23.04 (sec) North.

Now Here Comes Pollux

On the list, Pollux is 2 stars down from Castor.
Its longitude is given as .. 28GEM28'43"
And its latitude is given as .. + 6:40'41"

For the adjustment to ALNITAK (longitude), we add 3 min and 10 sec, in this case .. just as we did with Castor.
Grid LONG 28 (deg) X 31 (min) X 53 (sec) E.ALNITAK (approx) ...
= 46004 E.ALNITAK (approx).
My actual figure for this is ... "46146.6813" E.ALNITAK ...
= 28 (deg) X 31 (min) X 53.16437938 (sec) E.ALNITAK.
Grid LAT 9869.604401 North ...
= (Pi Squared) X (10 Cubed) ...
= 06 (deg) X 40 (min) X 41.12335167 (sec) North.
Grid POINT Value POLLUX ... 46146.6813 / 9869.604401 = 4.67563637

NOTE: the figure "4.67563637" is a decimal harmonic of the Grid LAT of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992) ...
46756.3637 North ...
29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 27.79807592 (sec) North.
Here, also keep in mind that the slope angle of The Mycerinus Pyramid is identical to the slope angle of The Great Pyramid.

You now have the Grid POINT Values of Castor and Pollux.
They represent the Gemini Twins. Any ideas as to what to do with these 2 numbers ? Multiply them ??! Are you out of your mind ?!!
(Just kidding !!) OK. Multiply them ...
15.70796327 X 4.67563637 = 73.44472435
What do you do with that ?
I might suggest asking an "authority figure" .. named LEO .. The Lion ... and he's got a heart of gold (so I'm told).
Regulus has a Grid POINT Value of .. 19.7392088 (Morton, 1999) ..
the multiplied product of precisely 2Pi times Pi.
Could LEO know anything about The Great Pyramid ?
All you need to do is ask him. He speaks from the heart.

73.44472435 / 19.7392088 = 3.720753202 ... decimal harmonic of the 'matrix' form of the base slope angle (Munck, 1992) of both The Great Pyramid and The Mycerinus Pyramid ...
37207.53202 = 51 (deg) X 51 (min) X 14.30508728 (sec).
Yes .. and The Lion knows more than that. Could he, being "King" .. know anything about 'The King's Chamber' inside The Great Pyramid ?
"Shall we show them, Your Majesty ?", asked the Gemini Twins in unison, of the great King. "Yes; I know the time is now", he replied, regally.
"Very well, Your Majesty", they chorused. Castor and Pollux then immediately multiplied themselves by the most precise Pi constant they could muster.
"73.44472435 X 3.141592654 = 230.7334064" ... and with that, LEO roared in pride. He knew in his heart it was the precise height of "his" King's Chamber .. inside The Great Pyramid ... in regular British inches.

Rigel in Orion

On the list, Rigel is the 7th star from the top.
Its longitude is given as .. 22TAU05'31"
And its latitude is given as .. - 31:07'45" .. south of the ecliptic, hence the - sign.
In this case, you have a star to the West of ALNITAK .. so you must keep in mind that ALNITAK is located ...
29 deg 56 min 50 sec ... "counterclockwise into" the sign of Taurus.
So .. in this case, you subtract the "22" degrees from 29 ...
then subtract the "05" minutes from 56 .. and then the "31" sec from 50. You get .. 07(deg) X 51(min) X 19(sec) W.ALNITAK (approx) ...
= 6783 W.ALNITAK (approx).
Grid LAT 31 (deg) X 07 (min) X 45 (sec) South (approx) ..
= 9765 South (approx).

My actual Grid LONG ... 6785.840132 W.ALNITAK ...
= 07 (deg) X 51 (min) X 19.00795555 (sec) W.ALNITAK.
Notice that this Grid LONG for RIGEL is a numerical match of the mean circumference of The Moon in statute miles.
My actual Grid LAT ... 9771.60979 South ...
= 31 (deg) X 07 (min) X 45.03045986 (sec) South.
Grid POINT Value RIGEL ... 9771.60979 / 6785.840132 = 1.44

In "1.44", you have a decimal harmonic of a major gematrian number.

The Great Hunter Orion, and Leo the King of 'The Beasts' ... have undoubtedly crossed paths. They both remember well. And they both are familiar with ALNITAK itself, that jewel in Orion's belt. Certainly, they both know the Pi constant.

19.7392088 / 1.44 = 13.70778389
13.70778389 / 3.141592654 = 4.363323131 .. decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of ALNITAK (Morton, 1999).
ALNITAK's Grid LONG is "360" .. because it is a prime meridian 'marker'.
If you multiply 360 times Alnitak's Grid POINT Value of 43.63323131 ...
you get .. 15707.96327 South ...
= 25 (deg) X 17 (min) X 37 (sec) South.
That is ALNITAK's latitude.
Notice that "15707.96327" is a decimal harmonic of CASTOR's Grid POINT Value of .. 15.70796327 .. exactly 5Pi.

Such wonderful Signs in these days of 'circa 2000' A.D. -- Michael L. Morton

NOTE: Copying and circulation of this paper is encouraged, but please include the author's copyright (c). Thanks ~ MLM

(c) 1999 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ArchaeocryptographerTo contact the author please e-mail above or telephone: 412-921-9116 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.==