Michael Lawrence Morton is an archaeocryptographer. He has studied the work of Carl Munck, who pioneered this new field, in great detail since the early 1990s. Michael graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, USA, in 1973 with a BA degree in English Literature.

Morton has been working independently for several years, now, in correlating various aspects of the work of a number of leading-edge researchers ... such as Zecharia Sitchin, Carl P. Munck, Sr. (as mentioned above), Bruce Cathie, Neil Freer, Richard C. Hoagland, to name a few. Additionally, he has been breaking new ground in several areas of research into suppressed and lost human history, including modern alphabetical (English language) and numerical (alpha-numeric) correlations involving geometry and metrology associated with the ancient 'archaeomatrix' re-discovered by Munck. Michael has also very recently discovered an apparent "Sky Matrix" Grid, involving a prime meridian marked, as theorized by Mary Anne Weaver, by the Orion belt-star Alnitak.

This "Sky Matrix" apparently correlates specifically with the 'Planetary' surface 'archaeomatrix' ... evoking the Hermetic phrase, "As Above, So Below".