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The True Zodiac Position ...

I've become aware, as part of my learning about the "Sidereal Zodiac" ... that the so-called "Tropical Zodiac" is seriously obsolete ... like about "25 arc-degrees of Earth precession" obsolete, and out-of-phase !!! That is ... almost an entire "Zodiac House" out-of-phase.

Apparently ... the last time the *real* (star-position based) Zodiac was adjusted for Earth precession ... was way back in the 3rd century A.D. .. (the year 277 A.D, possibly).

In other words ... the Zodiac Houses, themselves, are NOT "fixed" to the commonly-used reference point of .. "zero degrees Aries on the Vernal Equinox".

Rather, the Zodiac Houses actually *precess* ... because 'The Houses' involve the *actual positions of the stars*. This fact has been TOTALLY and GROSSLY over- looked and ignored, by common ("Tropical") Astrology .. for over 1700 years.

So; the Vernal Equinox Point ... is NOT at .. "zero degrees Aries", at all. Far from it. The Vernal Equinox Point is now at approximately .. 05 deg PISCES 16 min. That's almost 25 arc-degrees from "zero degrees Aries".

So ... if you were born, say, on September 11th ... you are NOT a Virgo ... you are a LEO. You need to "count-back" 25 Days clockwise ... to get your true natal Sun Sign. Yes ... this changes a lot of people's "charts" !!!

My first thoughts about "why" the Earth's precession hasn't been 'figured-in' for The Zodiac Houses for so long ... over 1700 years ... although I haven't *yet* read much of the literature in the field of Sidereal Astrology (Cyril Fagan, et al) .. is this :

In the 3rd century A.D. is when the Organized Christian Church first began to come into power. This was the time when 'The Church' began to "take over" as THE major socio-political 'force' in the 'Western' World. The Church didn't want the 'common people' having access to 'higher knowledge'. Part of the 'higher knowledge' had been the knowledge of the stars, of course. So ... maybe it was "decided" or contrived/manipulated by those of The Church, coming into power, that the figuring of the precession would be ... 'frowned-upon as un-necessary', perhaps, or even labeled as "undesirable".

Anyway ... "Sidereal Astrology" has, in relatively recent times, been re-discovering and renewing the real, true Zodiac. The major figure in this revival has been a man named Cyril Fagan. He and a few contemporaries did much of their work in the 1950s and 1960s.

It strikes me as quite amazing that "astrology" and "astrologers" *in general*, have not LONG AGO "caught on" to this outlandish error ... the complete 'disregarding of precession' as it logically applies to The Zodiac Houses themselves. I suppose this can serve as somewhat of a testament to the power and influence of the suppressive and repressive forces ... in our relatively "recent" history.

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I don't think it is off-topic. The 'Church' and powers that be, have smugly kept any "undesirable" information from the public for centuries.

Who knows, maybe the Vatican has something to do with the silence re:Cydonia.

Gary; I am equally distressed at the thorough way that the skeptics have blocked discussion and publicity of "wild facts" and outlaw theories, but I do not think it helps to blame a scapegoat. Since you use "the church" as an evil 'deus ex machina' to "explain" the >> situation, could you please specify which "church" you are referring to? Baptist? (If so, which branch?) Lutherans? (Again, ELCA or Missouri Synod?) Presbyterians? Greek Orthodox? Mormons? Pentecostal? Jehovah's witnesses? Episcopalians? Nestorians? There is no monolithic "church" IMHO.

Actually, your humble opinion has been misled. At the time Gary's talking about, there was in fact a single, monolithic church. It was the church of Rome then, and only many, many centuries later did it fragment into what we have today.

I'm not saying Gary's theory holds any water, just that the facts you're using to assault it aren't valid.Derek

Actually, Teri has most of the known "facts" straight. There were many practicing relegions, and several practicing Christain relegions, 1700 years ago. Historical record from many different and diverse sources all confirm very similar stories about the formation of the "big church". In the "western" world, while all the Christain religions of 300 AD were quite similar in structure, one became dominant. The most dominant is always the easiest target for mudslinging. Like Teri stated, there is very little influence placed on the western technological world by the church of today. However, if you lived in Europe during any time period prior to the dawn of "western" technology, you would most likely have considered your religion as "science". The Roman Catholic church, or any other church of peaceful beings, is not the target for negativity in today's world. It's a waste of energy. If you need a modern target, look to those who manipulate our technology in a negative way. There are plenty of targets for your legitimate concern.

Let's get back to my *main* point ... which was NOT to 'blame' anything or anyone ... but to state that I'm convinced that *somehow* we (all-inclusive 'we' as Earth Humans) stopped calculating for Earth's precession cycle as it applies to The Zodiac Houses. This is significant, because currently The Zodiac Houses are almost 25 arc-degrees OFF ... relative-to our Equinox Points. Almost all of our astrological calendars, charts, etc. ... today show The Vernal Equinox at "zero degrees Aries" ... which has been found to be OFF by almost 25 arc-degrees.

In truth, Vernal Equinox currently is at approximately 05 deg PISCES 16 min ... which means that people born in early March, for example ... are NOT of Pisces Sun sign, but are, in fact, of Aquarius Sun sign. Another example .... people born in early September are NOT Virgo ... but are Leo. You have to count-back ... clockwise ... in effect ... by *25 Days from your birthday* ... to find your actual Sun sign. This is a fact.

In 277 A.D. The Vernal Equinox *was* at "zero degrees Aries". But that's over 1700 years ago. It's been a LONG TIME since The Houses of The Zodiac were corrected for Earth's precession cycle. And that's my main point.

This is the Astrolog Fixed Star List that I've been using in my work ... just to let you know. I take these figures and then apply an adjustment to the longitude for ALNITAK (prime meridian marker star). ALNITAK is 03 min 10 sec West of the Gemini/Taurus border (just inside Taurus). You count the total no. of deg, min, and sec as measured from the longitude position of ALNITAK. If you ever want to, I can run through this with you. I'll walk you through it ... if, and when, you're interested.

ALSO .... these numbers *are* the "Sidereal" positions of the stars. So this is exactly in-resonance-with the TRUE Zodiac position !!! That is probably why this WORKS with the 'archeomatrix code' !!! (-: The "Sidereal" Zodiac is merely *the* TRUE Zodiac .. adjusted for Earth precession. The so-called "Tropical" Zodiac is simply the Zodiac for 221 A.D. .... in other words, it's been a LONG TIME since our Zodiac (and there's only One Zodiac) was adjusted for Earth Precession !! We're now about 24.75 arc-degrees OFF !!! So ... again ... let's say you were born in early March .. first week of March. Your Sun sign is actually Aquarius ... NOT PISCES, because .. adjusted for precession, PISCES is now .. yes, "really" ... March 15th to April 14th. So ... "move" all the Zodiac Houses counterclockwise, by 24.75 degrees. -- Michael

 Astrolog Fixed Star List
 Fixed Stars
 Star/ Longitude/ Latitude/ Star/ Star #/ Mag./ Vibe/
 Ache: 20Aqu33'52" -59:22'35" Achernar Star # 1: 0.46 JU
 Pola: 3Gem49'54" +66:05'42" Polaris Star # 2: 2.02 SA,VE
 Zeta: 29Aqu08'21" -72:28'14" Zeta Reticuli Star # 3: 5.24
 Plei: 5Tau38'34" + 3:59'31" Pleiades Star # 4: 5.09
 Alde: 15Tau03'08" - 5:28'25" Aldebaran Star # 5: 0.85 MA
 Cape: 27Tau07'18" +22:51'28" Capella Star # 6: 0.08 MA,ME
 Rige: 22Tau05'31" -31:07'45" Rigel Star # 7: 0.12 JU,MA
 Bell: 26Tau12'34" -16:49'21" Bellatrix Star # 8: 1.64 MA,ME
 Alna: 27Tau50'19" + 5:22'43" Elnath Star # 9: 1.65 MA
 Alni: 28Tau43'35" -24:30'46" Alnilam Star #10: 1.70 JU,SA
 Bete: 4Gem01'05" -16:02'01" Betelgeuse Star #11: 0.50 MA.ME
 Menk: 5Gem10'26" +21:30'06" Menkalinan Star #12: 1.90 MA,ME
 Murz: 12Gem27'06" -41:15'37" Mirzam Star #13: 1.98 VE
 Cano: 20Gem13'54" -75:49'48" Canopus Star #14: -0.72 SA,JU
 Alhe: 14Gem22'06" - 6:44'57" Alhena Star #15: 1.93 ME,VE
 Siri: 19Gem20'47" -39:36'42" Sirius Star #16: -1.46 JU,MA
 Adar: 26Gem01'45" -51:21'59" Adara Star #17: 1.50 VE
 Weze: 28Gem39'43" -48:27'33" Wezen Star #18: 1.84 VE
 Cast: 25Gem30'12" +10:05'23" Castor Star #19: 1.59 ME
 Proc: 1Can02'59" -16:01'32" Procyon Star #20: 0.38 ME,MA
 Poll: 28Gem28'43" + 6:40'41" Pollux Star #21: 1.14 MA
 Suha: 2Leo37'28" -64:28'04" Suhail Star #22: 1.78
 Avio: 28Leo24'47" -72:40'51" Avior Star #23: 1.86 SA,JU
 Miap: 7Lib14'59" -72:13'57" Miaplacidus Star #24: 1.68 SA,JU
 Alph: 2Leo32'41" -22:23'10" Alphard Star #25: 1.98 SA,VE
 Regu: 5Leo05'33" + 0:27'42" Regulus Star #26: 1.35 MA,JU
 Dubh: 20Can27'20" +49:40'32" Dubhe Star #27: 1.79 ME,VE
 Acru: 17Lib08'23" -52:52'28" Acrux Star #28: 1.58 JU
 Gacr: 12Lib00'31" -47:49'38" Gacrux Star #29: 1.63 VE,JU
 Becr: 16Lib54'54" -48:38'03" Becrux Star #30: 1.25
 Alio: 14Leo11'19" +54:18'59" Alioth Star #31: 1.77 SA,VE
 Spic: 29Vir06'17" - 2:03'07" Spica Star #32: 0.98 VE,MA
 Alka: 2Vir11'13" +54:23'15" Alkaid(MA-UR-SA)Star #33: 1.86 MO,ME
 Agen: 29Lib03'34" -44:07'56" Agena Star #34: 0.61 VE,JU
 Arct: 29Vir29'36" +30:44'20" Arcturus Star #35: -0.04 MA,JU
 Rige: 4Sco44'45" -42:35'25" Rigel Kentaurus Star #36: -0.01 JU,MA
 Anta: 15Sco01'33" - 4:33'50" Antares Star #37: 0.96 MA,JU
 Shau: 29Sco50'56" -13:46'54" Shaula Star #38: 1.63 ME,MA
 Sarg: 0Sag51'46" -19:38'19" Sargas Star #39: 1.87 SA,VE
 Kaus: 10Sag20'31" -11:02'44" Kaus Australis Star #40: 1.85 JU,MA
 Vega: 20Sag34'56" +61:44'21" Vega Star #41: 0.03 VE,ME
 Alta: 7Cap02'29" +29:18'33" Altair Star #42: 0.77 MA,JU
 Peac: 29Sag04'44" -36:15'43" Peacock Star #43: 1.94
 Dene: 10Aqu36'08" +59:54'32" Deneb Star #44: 1.25 VE,ME
 Alna: 21Cap10'02" -32:54'31" Alnair Star #45: 1.74
 Foma: 9Aqu07'17" -21:07'58" Fomalhaut Star #46: 1.16 VE,ME
 Andr: 2Ari59'30" +33:23'55" Andromeda Star #47: 4.61 MA,MO
 Alph: 19Pis34'28" +25:40'45" Alpheratz Star #48: 2.15 JU,VE
 Alge: 14Pis25'14" +12:35'57" Algenib Star #49: 2.87 MA,ME
 Sced: 13Ari03'05" +46:37'09" Schedir Star #50: 2.47 SA,VE
 Mira: 5Ari40'15" +25:56'26" Mirach Star #51: 2.37 VE
 Alri: 4Ari38'27" - 9:03'49" Alrischa Star #52: 4.33 MA,ME
 Alma: 19Ari29'27" +27:48'09" Almach Star #53: 2.28 VE
 Algo: 1Tau25'54" +22:25'27" Algol Star #54: 2.20 SA,PL
 Mint: 27Tau37'30" -23:33'31" Mintaka Star #55: 2.48 SA,ME
 Wasa: 23Gem46'58" - 0:11'01" Wasat Star #56: 3.51 SA
 Acub: 18Can54'19" - 5:05'04" Acubens Star #57: 4.27 SA,ME
 Mera: 24Can41'46" +45:07'37" Merak Star #58: 2.44 SA,ME
 Vind: 15Vir12'06" +16:12'20" Vindemiatrix Star #59: 2.95 SA,ME
 Miza: 20Leo57'17" +56:22'38" Mizar Star #60: 2.40 SA,VE
 Koch: 18Can34'06" +72:58'57" Kochab Star #61: 2.24 SA,ME
 Zube: 20Lib20'44" + 0:20'12" Zuben Elgenubi Star #62: 2.90 JU,MA
 Zube: 24Lib38'02" + 8:30'00" Zuben Eschamali Star #63: 2.74 JU,ME
 Gemm: 17Lib33'21" +44:19'29" Gemma Star #64: 2.31 VE,ME
 Unuk: 27Lib20'12" +25:30'45" Unuk Alhai Star #65: 2.75 SA,MA
 Ras : 27Sco42'40" +35:50'28" Ras Alhague Star #66: 2.14 SA,VE
 Albi: 6Cap31'06" +48:58'21" Albireo Star #67: 3.24 VE,ME
 Alde: 18Pis03'26" +68:54'44" Alderamin Star #68: 2.60 SA,JU
 Nash: 27Cap03'13" - 2:33'14" Nashira Star #69: 3.80 SA,JU
 Skat: 14Aqu08'09" - 8:11'21" Skat Star #70: 3.51 SA,JU
 Shea: 4Pis37'19" +31:08'57" Sheat Star #71: 2.61 MA,ME
 Mark: 28Aqu45'03" +19:24'24" Markab Star #72: 2.57 MA,ME
 Cent: 0Sag39'08" - 5:40'18" Centre Star #73: 0.00
 Apex: 6Sag43'03" +53:26'27" Apex Star #74: 0.00

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
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