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Predictive Details Certain Correlations on Year 2000..

Recently, Richard C. Hoagland said, on a nationally-syndicated radio program, that he knew that year-2000 is, in fact, "the year of Disclosure".

He said he had "received some information" which 'essentially proves' that this year (2000) is "the year".

As I write this, I am honestly not sure, as to the nature of the "information" ... nor the source of the 'info' .. to which he was referring. But, I'm now giving some info I have learned ... much of which I have found myself, in my own research ... that I predict will corroborate the information to which RCH is/was referring. So; yes ... I agree with RCH that this year-2000 is the *intended* year of ... "Disclosure".

Many people already know that the year "5760" of the ancient Hebrew Calendar is ... "year-2000 A.D." ... on the calendar by which most of the world currently operates.

In Carl Munck's latest self-published book, "Whispers From Time, Vol.2", he gives his Grid POINT Value for our most-recent (former) geographic North Pole as ... "1375.098708" ... now located at *exactly* 60 degrees North, on Akpatok Island, northeast of Hudson Bay, at a longitude W.Greenwich of .. 68 deg 40 min 16.562 sec. This translates to a W.Giza longitude of ... 99 (deg) X 48 (min) X 17.36235743 (sec) W.Giza ... = 82505.92249 W.Giza. [ 82505.92249 / 60 = 1375.098708 ].

First .. I'll divide this former (but most-recent) North Pole Grid POINT Value, by ... "2000" ... the number of the current "conventional calendar" year ... 1375.098708 / 2000 = 0.687549354 ... which is a precise decimal harmonic (base 10) of the POLAR diameter of Earth in nautical miles ... "6875.49354".

Next ... I'll divide it (former North Pole Grid POINT) by the ancient Hebrew Calendar number of (year) "5760" ..... 1375.098708 / 5760 = 4.188789986 ... which is a precise decimal harmonic of .. my predicted POLAR diameter of Mars in statute miles ... "4188.789986".

Recall "The Phoenix Lights" incident on the night of March 13, 1997. It was reliably reported that during that event, "a gigantic UFO hovered for 4 minutes (240 seconds of time) over the intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue" in Phoenix, Az.

I then calculated the 'archaeomatrix code' Grid LAT, Grid LONG, and Grid POINT Value for the center of that intersection ... and I found a Grid LAT of ... (2Pi) Squared X 1000 ... North. I found a Grid LONG of .. "1315.947253" W.Giza. The Grid POINT Value ... 39478.4176 / 1315.947253 = 30.

The meridians of longitude are parallel to the "pole" of axial rotation of a planet, as many of you know. And the parallels of latitude are parallel to the "equator" of axial rotation, of course.

I found a "Sky Matrix" Grid POINT Value of .. "43.63323131" .. for the Orion belt-star ALNITAK. [ The theory of an ALNITAK "prime meridian-marker" (star) for our ecliptic, was put forward by Mary Anne Weaver, who contacted me to see if I would be interested in researching the possibility of finding a *number matrix* involved in certain star positions, relative to the ecliptic, and allowing for Earth precession. This I have been able to do, to my satisfaction ].

Recall the figure "0.687549354" from earlier in this article. That is a decimal harmonic of Earth's polar diameter in nautical miles .. "6875.49354". Let's multiply that by my Grid POINT Value for the Orion belt-star ALNITAK ... 0.687549354 X 43.63323131 = 30.

Yes ... we get "30" ... the Grid POINT Value of the hover-spot of The Phoenix UFO which hovered for "240" seconds (4 minutes) of time, over that particular intersection. This event ... "The Phoenix Lights" ... happened "240" DAYS after TWA Flight-800 was brought down. Please count those days.

Notice that my Grid LONG of the Phoenix UFO Hover-Spot ... "1315.947253" W.Giza ... is a decimal harmonic of my predicted "ideal/original" polar circumference of Mars, in statute miles ... "13159.47253". Also note that "13.15947253" arc-degrees is my predicted azimuth of a line from the apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' to the nose of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

On January 31, 2000 ... Alaska Airlines Flight 261 came down into The Pacific Ocean, just off Point Mugu Naval Air Station. This was "1053" DAYS after "The Phoenix Lights" event. NOTE: the mass of star SIRIUS B is "1.053" times the mass of our Sun, as discussed in the updated version of Robert Temple's book, "The Sirius Mystery".

According to the "Sky Matrix" I've been calculating, the SIRIUS star-composite (being a trinary star system) ... has a Grid POINT Value of .. "2.368705056". Also ... SIRIUS appears *right-on* the Sky Meridian on New Year's Eve, in our current epoch. Of course, the Sky Meridian would be exactly parallel to the planetary prime meridian ... "on the surface, as in the sky" ... at Giza .. running through the center of The Great Pyramid, due north/south.

The time-span from "The Phoenix Lights" to Northern Winter Solstice of 2012, the end of the major Mayan Calendar cycle-series ... is "5764" DAYS ... and if we add-on the few hours from the time of the event, to midnight Pacific Standard Time in Phoenix that night ... we have a direct reference to ... "5764.166073" DAYS. That figure is not only the Grid POINT Value of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992) ... it is *also* the original height, including capstone, of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992) in terms of *regular inches* (NOT "pyramid inches").

This summer of 2000, it will be "24" years since NASA's Viking mission to Mars. The Viking Orbiter camera first "saw", and took the first photos, of 'The Face' at Cydonia, on July 25th, 1976. That date .. July 25th .. is always the Mayan Haab Calendar New Year's Day. From July 25th of 1976 to July 20th of 2000 ... it is "8760" DAYS. This is a direct reference to ... "8760.481939" ... the 'Tetrahedral Grid LAT' that I discovered (re-discovered) by transcribing Richard C.Hoagland's 'Tetrahedral Latitude' of "19.47122061" arc-degrees north/south of the equator .. into the 'archaeomatrix code' format of ... 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 (sec) North/South ... = 8760.481939 North/South.

Now ... here is another big key. I've been talking a lot about "numbers of Days". What is the number for "hours" in an Earth Day ? "24", of course. That is also the number of Earth Years, this summer, since the "eye" of the Viking Orbiter camera first "saw" 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. And when did Viking Lander land ? On July 20th, of course (1976).

July 20th is always Day Number "360" of the Mayan Haab Calendar. The number "360" is the designation number for "prime meridians" in the ancient 'archaeomatrix code'.

Divide "8760.481939" by "24" ... hours in an Earth Day ... 8760.481939 / 24 = 365.0200809 .... which is the number of DAYS in the "Atlantean" Solar Year, according to the 'archaeomatrix code' (Munck, 1992). Yes, the days have been getting longer since then.

Notice that "24" times "30" = 720. There are 720 total corner-angle arc-degrees on the surface of a tetrahedron. And ... "720" is a reference to ... 7/20 ... July 20th.

Let's now divide the "2000" number of the current "conventional" calendar year, by ... the Grid POINT Value of the prime meridian marker-star ALNITAK (in the belt of Orion, and corresponding to The Great Pyramid of Giza, as the current *true* prime meridian marker on Earth) ...

2000 / 43.63323131 = 45.8366236 = (144 / Pi). Now, let's multiply this result by "30" ... the Grid POINT Value of The Phoenix UFO Hover-Spot ... 45.8366236 X 30 = 1375.098708 ... which is the Grid POINT Value of the former (most-recent) geographic North Pole, on Akpatok Island (Munck, 1999) ... northeast of Hudson Bay ... precisely "30" arc-degrees of latitude further South than it was !!!

And ... notice .. "1375.098708" is equal to ... "24" Radians (deg) !!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton