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Corroborating Weaver's Theory Of an Alnitak Prime Meridian

In late February of 1999, I was contacted via email by Mary Anne Weaver, who had heard me on the February 4th Art Bell radio program. I had been on Bell's show discussing 'The Miami Circle', along with Richard C.Hoagland and others that night. Mary Anne wanted to know if I'd like to work on her idea that the Orion belt-star Alnitak is a "prime meridian marker" ... in much the same way that Carl P. Munck, Sr. has re-discovered self-evident prime meridians through not only the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza, but also through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars.

See http://www.greatdreams.com/gem1.htm also http://www.greatdreams.com/gem1.htmhttp://www.greatdreams.com/gem2.htm plus my various Matrix Messages on these pages

I said ..."Yes !" ... to Mary Anne's inquiry concerning her theory of an Alnitak prime meridian marker for the ecliptic. The idea of a "sky matrix" ... similar to Munck's re-discovery of a "planetary matrix" (of sites and structures on the surfaces of Earth and Mars, at least) ... seemed immediately likely, if in fact a "celestial prime meridian" for the ecliptic could be found. Robert Bauval had noticed the correlation between the layout of the 3 main pyramids of Giza, as seen from an aerial view, and the positional pattern of the 3 belt-stars of Orion as viewed from Earth. I was also aware that http://members.aol.com/jamesfuria/secret.html James Furia, a research colleague of mine, had noticed the SAME positional pattern ... in the layout of the 3 main pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico. To test Mary Anne Weaver's hypothesis, I needed accurate coordinates for star positions (latitude and longitude) ... including the star Alnitak. Mary Anne referred me to the http://users.cwnet.com/~sidereal/mag/astfixst.htm "Astrolog Fixed Star List"

This is a list of star-positions based on the SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY work of Cyril Fagan, and others. I recommend reading the section on 'sidereal astrology' to get the basic idea of how it works, in terms of cancelling-out (eliminating) the need to continually adjust one's calculations of star-positions due to the Earth precession factor. The "Astrolog Fixed Star List" is adjusted to the date of January 1st, 2000. I think it will become apparent to the reader that the (year) number 2000, itself, will be shown to be 'significant', involving numerical correlations between the 'planetary matrix' and the 'sky matrix'. The star Alnitak's role as a celestial prime meridian marker, will be shown in this work to be self- evident.

The sidereal star-list data is given to the nearest whole arc-second, for celestial latitude and longitude ... adjusted to January 1, 2000. To test Mary Anne's theory regarding an Alnitak prime meridian marker, I will show calculations for some relatively prominent or well-known stars, using a multiplication (following Munck's method, regarding the planetary archaeomatrix calculations) of the given *numbers* of degrees X minutes X seconds ... of the listed star-positions. This will allow me to test the "matrix-validity" of these sidereal star-positions. In my calculations using this data base, I have restricted any of my own "adjustments" to less than 3/10ths of an arc-second, and usually quite a bit less than that, from the given whole arc-second, as you will notice.


Alnitak's given sidereal longitude (Jan.1, 2000) is ... 29 TAU 56' 50" and its given latitude is ... 25 deg 17 min 37 sec South. The longitude notation means that Alnitak is located counter-clockwise 29 degrees, 56 minutes, and 50 seconds "into" the zodiac sign of Taurus. The latitude notation means Alnitak is located south of the ecliptic by the given numbers of degrees, minutes, and seconds. Note: As of this writing, the star-list does not actually have Alnitak listed ... but we contacted the website and were given the correct figures. A bit later in this article, note that the stars Alpha Draconis and Gamma Draconis also are not listed as of the time of this writing ... but we did obtain their correct figures from the website.


I do make this qualification, regarding possible impact on this work of the various "extra-precessional" star movements. I do realize that various factors other than Earth precession are involved in the perceived movements, over time, of all stars. To the best of my knowledge as of this writing, my source-data has originated with reliable sky-observations in the mid-to-late 1990s. I acknowledge that I have not taken into account any possible effects of any such "extra-precessional" star movements since the time of any sky-observations used for this source-data.

That said, however, I do think the following results will prove to be self-evident positive indications of strong corroboration for Mary Anne Weaver's theory of an Alnitak prime meridian marker. In turn, I think this corroboration will serve to bolster and to substantially validate Carl P. Munck, Sr.'s findings regarding key aspects of the re-discovered 'planetary archaeomatrix'.

My first step in testing these coordinates for possible "matrix significance", is to multiply the *numbers* of degrees X minutes X seconds ... WITHOUT concern for "mixing units of measure". Munck's system has already proven itself to work in this way. This is how this ancient matrix was evidently designed, so this is logically how I will test these numbers. Taking the latitude numbers 'given' for Alnitak ...

25 (deg) X 17 (min) X 37 (sec) South ... = 15725 South.

I recognize, from working for over 6 years with the 'archaeomatrix' re-discovered by Munck, that 15725 is very close (for my parameters) to a decimal harmonic of ...

(1/2 Pi) X 10000 ... or, 15707.96327 South ... = 25 (deg) X 17 (min) X 36.95991358 (sec) South.

The "HALF-Pi" decimal harmonic is, in fact, an important mathematical quantity in the re-discovered planetary matrix. We know that the quantity (2Pi) is very important, because it is the number of Radians (deg) on one circumference, assuming "our" conventional 360 arc-degrees on one circumference ...

(2Pi) X 57.29577951 (deg) = 360 (deg).

So ... because 1/2 is the reciprocal of 2 ... it is logical that "1/2 Pi" would be important in this matrix.

The Great Pyramid of Giza "shows" the 2Pi factor ... its base perimeter was designed to be exactly "2Pi" times its original height. Munck (1991) has shown that its original height was apparently 480.3471728 Feet (including the capstone) and its original base perimeter was 3018.110298 Feet.

For more information on Munck's work, and for info on obtaining his self- published newsletters, books, videos, & audio cassettes ... visit ... http://www.lauralee.com/ http://www.lauralee.com/http://www.lauralee.com. Then go to the "Radio Bookstore" section there .

So ... Alnitak's Grid LAT is ... (1/2 Pi) X 10000 South. As for its longitude ... I first will test its January 1, 2000 actual positional longitude 'as given', *in* the sign of Taurus ...

29 (deg) X 56 (min) X 50 (sec) TAURUS ... = 81200 TAURUS.

I know, again from working with the material for a number of years, that *81000* is a very important mathematical quantity in the re-discovered archaeomatrix. The number 81 is the Square of 9, and 9 is "our" highest integer. And, 81000 is the multiplied product of 81 times the Cube of 10. And, 81000 is exactly half of 162000 ... as in 162000 nautical miles per second, the 'theoretical maximum' speed-of-light, according to the work of Bruce Cathie.

See B. Cathie's book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space".

It is also apparent to me that the "162" decimal harmonic is an approximation of "Phi" ... 'The Golden Section' constant, of ... 1.618033989. This has significant implications, indeed. So ...

29 (deg) X 56 (min) X 49.87684729 (sec) TAURUS ... = 81000 Taurus Grid LONG.

To get the "Jan.1st, 2000" 'snapshot-version' of the Grid POINT Value of Alnitak ... we form a ratio of its Grid LAT and Grid LONG numbers ... always larger over smaller ...

81000 / 15707.96327 ... = 5.156620156. And ... 5.156620156 = (16.2 / Pi).

We "just happen" to have, here ... a direct and precise ratio of a "162" decimal harmonic and the Pi constant ... as the precise Grid POINT Value of the Orion belt-star Alnitak ... on January 1, 2000. And Alnitak "just happens" to correspond, positionally, to The Great Pyramid of Giza !!

Next, I'll look at the star Alnitak in terms of testing it as a "Munck-matrix" prime meridian marker. That is ... we designate the Grid LONG of prime meridian markers as "360" ... instead of "zero", because we can't get anything by using zero as a multiplier. So; now we simply use 360 as the Grid LONG ... 15707.96327 / 360 = 43.63323131. That is Alnitak's "Matrix Grid POINT Value", if you will.

If this number is to be valid as a Grid POINT Value for Alnitak, then 43.63323131 must prove to be *intelligent* ...to "know where it is" ... in relation to the Grid POINT Values of not only other prominent stars in a 'SKY Matrix' ... but also must prove to be 'intelligent', in a self-referential and self- evident way ... in relation to the Grid POINT Values of *other* prime meridian markers ... namely, The Great Pyramid of Giza on Earth and 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars.

Additionally, the number 43.63323131 should prove to be 'intelligent' in a self- referential way ... in relation to the number 5.156620156 (as referenced above).

43.63323131 X 5.156620156 = 225 ... the Square of 15.

As Richard C. Hoagland shows in his book, "The Monuments of Mars" ... the "225" decimal harmonic shows-up prominently in the 'geometry' of Cydonia.

One example is in the expression ... 19.5 / 22.5 = ('e' / Pi) approximation. Of course, an angle of 22.5 degrees is precisely half of 45 degrees ... which, in turn, is precisely half of 90 degrees. In terms of Radians (deg) ... 90 degrees is (1/2 Pi) Radians (deg) ... or ... (1/2 Pi) X 57.29577951 = 90 (deg).

An azimuth of 90 degrees is in the "3:00 o'clock" position from true north (12:00 o'clock) ... but this "3:00 o'clock" position is *also* the "15 minute" position on the same clock-face. So there's the number 15, again ... the Square Root of 225.

As I mentioned earlier, I had been been talking about 'The Miami Circle', on the Art Bell program of Feb. 4th, 1999. It turned out that I found the Grid POINT Value of 'The Miami Circle' to be the Square Root of 15. One of the keys to finding the correct Grid POINT Value for 'The Miami Circle' was the fact that Richard C. Hoagland took readings with a GPS instrument ... at 90 degrees of difference, in terms of cardinal points, in relation to the center of the site itself. He gave me those readings over the phone, just a couple of days after that Art Bell program. It is worth mentioning, here, I think, that the number 15 is the symbolic number for "OSIRIS, re-membered".

Notice that ... 225 X 360 = 81000, which is my TAURUS Grid LONG for Alnitak ... its precise January 1, 2000 longitude 'within' the sign of Taurus. Munck (1991) found the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza to be exactly 5400. Suppose we divide that number into 81000 ? ... 81000 / 5400 = 15 ... again !!!

Now, I'll divide ...

43.63323131 / 5.156620156 ... = 8.461594996

... a number which I don't immediately recognize.

What about its reciprocal ?

1 / 8.461594996 = 0.1181810286.

I do recognize 0.1181810286 ... as a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of the star Alpha Draconis, based on the "Astrolog Fixed Star List" data base ... and using the star Alnitak as prime meridian marker. The star Alpha Draconis is very important, especially in light of the recent work of Laurence Gardner.

See his books, "Bloodline of The Holy Grail" and, "Genesis of The Grail Kings".

Here are my calculations for Alpha Draconis ...

Grid LAT 66 (deg) X 21 (min) X 25.97402597 (sec) North ... = 36000 North.

Grid LONG ... we first note its January 1, 2000 position "into" the sign of LEO (counter-clockwise) of ... 12 LEO 13' 27". We then add-up its longitude arc-distance relative to the Jan. 1, 2000 position of Alnitak. We have Alnitak at 29 TAU 56' 50" ... so ... the longitude arc-distance between those two positions is ... 72 deg 16 min 37 sec ... to the nearest whole arc-second. Multiplying ... 72 (deg) X 16 (min) X 37 (sec) = 42624. I recognize that we will have a very significant Grid LONG of 42545.1703 ... if we make only a very tiny adjustment on the nearest-whole-arc-second number of 37. If we use ...

36.93157144 ... 72 (deg) X 16 (min) X 36.93157144 (sec) ... = 42545.1703 E. Alnitak Grid LONG.

The figure 42545.1703 is a Grid LAT (Morton, 1998) at the site of Bethlehem ... historical birthplace of Jesus Christ.

See my article at rennes.htm Matrix Messages 3 & 4 .

If you go to my article there you will see how I found a Grid POINT Value at Bethlehem of ... 65.656127 ... a precise decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1991). Now ... to find the Grid POINT Value for the star Alpha Draconis ... we form the ratio of ...

42545.1703 / 36000 ... = 1.181810286.

As I said, this *is* a decimal harmonic of ...

5.156620156 / 43.63323131 ... = 0.1181810286.

There is a very direct connection between the figure 42545.1703 and 'The King's Chamber' within The Great Pyramid of Giza. I found that the precise width of The King's Chamber, in regular inches (not 'pyramid inches') ... is apparently 206.2648063 regular inches. This is, in fact, the Square Root of 42545.1703. I also recognized the number 206.2648063 as a precise decimal harmonic of ... 20626.48063 'Square Degrees' ... as in the standard math formula we use for the "generic" Area on a Hemisphere. That is ... if we use the Radian (deg) as the 'given radius' ... we calculate the Area on a Hemisphere as follows:

(2Pi) X ("R" Squared) = Surface Area on a Hemisphere ... (6.283185307) X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 20626.48063.

Here is where I usually point-out to people that the work of Zecharia Sitchin has shown that "we" are apparently using the (360-degree) system handed- down to us by 'The Anunnaki' ... The Elohim ... the so-called "mythological gods and goddesses" of antiquity. In effect, I think a large part of our "re- discovery of advanced ancient knowledge" actually involves our realization of the fact that "we" are ... essentially ... descendants of those real flesh-and- blood people we have mistakenly labeled as "mythological". Those people are apparently ancestors of ours.

The work of Laurence Gardner is now enlightening us in considerable detail about the "kingship" factor ... a very key element in our lost and suppressed history as humans. So ... it is appropriate, in the context of Gardner's work, that 'The King's Chamber' within The Great Pyramid would "relate so closely" to the site of the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ ... a "King of Kings". I think the "Royal Cubit" needs to be recognized as ... 20.62648063 regular inches.

See my article at mat_11.htm Matrix Message 11 .


Here are my calculations for Polaris ... again, using the same data base as referenced earlier ... and using the same procedure ...

Grid LAT 66 (deg) X 05 (min) X 41.89090909 (sec) North ... = 13824 North.

Grid LONG 03 GEM 49' 54" .... this then translates into ... 03 (deg) X 53 (min) X 4.025157233 (sec) E.Alnitak ... = 640 E.Alnitak.

Grid POINT Value 13824 / 640 ... = 21.6

Recall that we are using Alnitak *as* the prime meridian marker. Notice that the Grid POINT Value of the star Polaris is apparently a decimal harmonic of the POLAR circumference of Earth ... 21600 nautical miles.

Here, I simply must ask ... what are the odds of this ?

Notice, also, that there are 21600 arc-minutes on one circumference ... ANY circumference, according to "our" convention of 360 arc-degrees on one circumference. And, I mention that the Grid LAT of Stonehenge (Munck, 1991) is 21600 ... = 51 (deg) X 10 (min) X 42.35294118 (sec) North.

Munck realized that there were originally 60 stones on the circumference of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge. Multiply those 60 stones by the 360 arc-degrees *on* that circle, and you get ... 360 X 60 = 21600 ... encoding the Grid LAT of Stonehenge itself.


Grid LAT 39 (deg) X 36 (min) X 41.84884577 (sec) South ... = 58755.77946 South.

Grid LONG 19 GEM 20' 47" ... translates into ... 19 (deg) X 23 (min) X 56.76206256 (sec) E.Alnitak ... = 24805.02134 E.Alnitak.

Grid POINT Value 58755.77946 / 24805.02134 ... = 2.368705056.

Notice that 24805.02134 is a precise decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1991) !! Also notice that 2.368705056 is a precise decimal harmonic of the Square of the radius of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge (Munck, 1991) in Feet ...

(48.66934411 X 48.66934411) = 2368.705056.

Now ... let's divide Polaris by Sirius ... 21.6 / 2.368705056 = 9.118906529 ... which is the precise Grid POINT Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico (Munck, 1993) !!

Earlier in this article I mentioned that James Furia, a musician and researcher into the work of Munck, has noticed that the 3 main pyramids at Teotihuacan are laid out in the SAME positional pattern (as seen from aerial view) as the 3 main pyramids of Giza ... and, as the 3 belt-stars of Orion, as viewed from Earth. Yes ... The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid DOES correlate, positionally, with The Great Pyramid of Giza and with the Orion belt-star Alnitak, according to this obvious pattern.

Corroborating Weaver's Theory Of an Alnitak Prime Meridian


Very recently, an article appeared on http://www.enterprisemission.com/isis.htm The Enterprise Mission website, discussing ... among other things ... a very intriguing relationship and "timing event" involving the new International Space Station, the STS-96, and the Orion belt-star Alnilam.

Alnilam is the "middle" belt-star in Orion. The article explained that STS-96 actually hooked-up with the space station just exactly at the moment when the star Alnilam was directly on the horizon, as seen from Earth if you were standing directly under the 'hook-up' ... at that moment.

This occurred on May 29th ... at 4:24 GMT. Now ... I will return to this ... after I show you my "matrix" calculations for Alnilam : Remember, too, that we are still using Alnitak as the prime meridian marker. Now ... for the star ALNILAM ...

Grid LAT 24 (deg) X 30 (min) X 46.0016965 (sec) South ... = 33121.22148 South.

Grid LONG 28 TAU 43' 35" .... which translates into ... 01 (deg) X 13 (min) X 14.986014 (sec) W.Alnitak ... = 194.818182 W.Alnitak.

Grid POINT Value 33121.22148 / 194.818182 ... = 170.010936

Now ... I counted the number of Days from May 29th to July 4th ... which is 36 Days. Why July 4th ? Because, for one thing, that is when Pathfinder landed on Mars in 1997. For another thing ... it is the date of the American signing of The Declaration of Independence in 1776. (That was also the apparent date of the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati).

Also ... July 4th of 1999 is 180 Days from ... January 1, 2000. Also ... 180 X (Pi Squared) = 1776.528792 ... which has 3 important numbers "embedded" within it ... 1776 ... 528 ... and ... 792. We know the 1776 part. The 528 is a decimal harmonic of the number of Feet in a statute mile ... 5280. The 792 is a decimal harmonic of the number of statute miles of the 'average' diameter of Earth ... 7920.

The number 36 is a decimal harmonic of 360 ... the number of arc-degrees on one circumference. Also, 36 arc-degrees has a cosine of precisely HALF the Phi constant, or HALF 'The Golden Section' ...

COS 36 = 0.809016994 = exactly HALF of 1.618033989

Notice that cosine of 36 = sine of 54. Recall that 5400 is the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx (Munck, 1991). And 5400 is the number of nautical miles of arc-distance on Earth from either pole to the equator. The Grid LONG of the Bethlehem site (Morton, 1998) involves the number 54 ...

04 (deg) X 03 (min) X 54 (sec) E.Giza ... = 648 E.Giza. E.Greenwich 35 deg 11 min 54.8 sec .

The Grid POINT Value of Bethlehem (Morton, 1998) involves the number 36 ...

65.656127 = 36 Radians (deg) / 10Pi = (36 X 57.29577951) / 31.41592654.

Now ... getting back to May 29th of 1999 :

There are 36 days from May 29th to July 4th ... and 180 *more* days to the end of this millennium, or 216 days from May 29th to January 1, 2000. Of course, 216 is the Cube of 6 ... 6 x 6 x 6. And 216 is a decimal harmonic of ... 21600 ... referenced earlier several times in this article. If we divide 216 by 36, we get 6. Noting that "4:24" GMT was the time of the docking event, we can divide 4 into 24 and get ... 6. If we multiply 4 times 24 ... we get ... 96, as in "STS-96".

NOW multiply 170.010936 ... the Grid POINT Value of Alnilam ... times 216 ... 170.010936 X 216 = 120 X (Pi to the 5th power). Now ... multiply 6 times 120 ... we get 720.

The number 120 is the azimuth (in arc-degrees) at one corner of a circumscribed equilateral triangle, assuming one of the corners is at due north. Of course, an equilateral triangle can be a 2-D representation of a tetrahedron. The number 720 is the number of total corner-angle degrees on the surface of a tetrahedron ... 180 degrees on each of the 4 triangles on the surface ... 4 X 180 = 720 degrees.

The "720" also refers, here, to the date of July 20th ... as in "07/20" ... as in Day Number 360 of the annual Mayan Haab Calendar cycle ... and, as in the date of the NASA landings of Apollo 11 in 1969, and Viking on Mars in 1976. This was also the date of an interesting star alignment involving the Phoenix constellation ... in 1997, just 16 days after the landing of Pathfinder on Mars on July 4th. Yes, and as RCH pointed out at the time, Pathfinder was even shaped like a tetrahedron. The Phoenix UFO (mass-sighting event) of March 13, 1997 ... happened 113 days before July 4th ... 03 - 13 - 97 becomes 03 + 13 + 97 = 113.


The star Regulus is associated with "kingship" in the Leo constellation. Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock discuss this star, in relation to Giza and in relation to the Orion belt-stars ... in the book, "The Message of The Sphinx".

Grid LAT 27 (min) X 41.88790205 (sec) North ... = 1130.973355 North ... = 360 X Pi.

Grid LONG 05 LEO 05' 33" ... translates into ... 65 (deg) X 08 (min) X 42.93176771 (sec) E.Alnitak ... = 22324.51921 E.Alnitak.

Grid POINT Value 22324.51921 / 1130.973355 ... = 19.7392088 = 2Pi X Pi.

Recall the number 1776.528792. This is exactly equal to ... 90 X 19.7392088.


As I said earlier, if 43.63323131 is in fact a meaningful and significant Grid POINT Value for the star Alnitak, in terms of Alnitak being a prime meridian marker for the ecliptic ... it should demonstrate some impressive direct mathematical connections to other prime meridian markers ... such as The Great Pyramid of Giza. I will now show that this is the case. In fact, I will show that we can directly *find* the precise Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1991) ... by specifically using the Grid POINT Values of The Great Pyramid of Giza, the star Alnitak, and ... although it is not known to be a prime meridian marker (as of this writing) ... The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid.

I now remind you of the *36* days between May 29th and July 4th, involved in the very recent Shuttle/International Space Station rendezvous ... as Alnilam was directly on the horizon, as seen if you were standing directly under the hook-up at that moment. The star Alnilam corresponds to The Chephren Pyramid of Giza, the middle pyramid of the main 3 at Giza.

The Chephren Pyramid's Grid POINT Value is 5764.166073 (Munck, 1991). I now divide that figure by 36 ... 5764.166073 / 36 = 160.1157242 ... the original *exact* ratio of the Cubic-Feet volume of The Great Pyramid to the Square-Feet area of its base !!! (Munck, 1991).

Now ... I will multiply this ratio ... 160.1157242 ... times my Grid POINT Value for the star Alnilam ... 160.1157242 X 170.010936 = 27221.42416. I now will divide that figure by : 1) Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid (Munck, 1991). 2) Grid POINT Value of the star Alnitak (Morton, 1999). 3) Grid POINT Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid (Munck, 1993).

Let's see what happens ...

27221.42416 / 248.0502134 / 43.63323131 / 9.118906529 ... = 0.275810692 .... the Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1991) ... divided by the Square of 10 !!!

This is ... 27.58106915 / 100.

Yes ... Munck has already established robust and redundant evidence for a prime meridian through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars.

I will end Part One of this intended multi-part series, here. I hope you are interested in this work, and I hope you will freely share this article with others. Thank-you ...

-- Michael L. Morton

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