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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #61

The "Giza Grid POINT", The Ark, and "The Miami Square"

There is a Grid POINT at Giza that Carl Munck calls "one of the master-keys" of the archaeomatrix. This is also referred-to by Munck as "The Giza Grid POINT".

It is found at the 90-degree intersection of two straight lines ... one line is the Grid LAT 41252.96125 North ... = 29 (deg) X (58 (min) X 24.5261363 (sec) North.

The other line is the Grid LONG ... and an actual longitude number ... of 7.396853329 (sec) E.Giza. Of course, this is actually a meridian at 7.396853329 longitude seconds to the East of the prime meridian that passes through the center of The Great Pyramid. Grid POINT Value 41252.96125 / 7.396853329 ... = 5577.096019 .... "The Giza Grid POINT".

I've found a Grid POINT Value for The Ark of Ziusudra ("Noah") of ... 4.647580015.

This is the Square Root of 21.6 ... and 21.6 is my Grid POINT Value for the star POLARIS, based on the Sidereal Zodiac system and also based on Mary Anne Weaver's theory of the Orion belt-star ALNITAK functioning as the prime meridian marker for our (sky-longitude) ecliptic. [ See "A Sky Matrix" ... my article, at the Matrix Index

Notice what happens here ... 5577.096019 / 4.647580015 = 1200. That number is the precise scale-ratio between The Cubit of 20.62648063 regular inches (Morton, 1998 ... see the Matrix#11 ...

and ... the 2062.648063 regular FEET of side-length of "The Miami Square". (20.62648063 regular inches / 12) = 1.718873386 regular Feet. 1.718873386 X 1200 = 2062.648063 regular Feet.

I found a Grid POINT Value at the Center point of "The Miami Square" of ... 1.013211836 .... and a projected height in Feet *at that point* (the APEX of a projected 4-sided pyramid with a slope angle identical to The Great Pyramid) of ... 1313.12254 Feet.

ow notice this ... 206.2648063 X 1.013211836 X 2Pi = 1313.12254.

The product (1.013211836 X 2Pi) is precisely equal to ... (1.62231147 X 1.013211836 X 3.872983346) .... which *is* the 3 Grid POINT Values on the 45-degree diagonal in "The Miami Square" ... multiplied together.

And 206.2648063 is the number of regular inches of width of The King's Chamber, inside The Great Pyramid ... *and* ... 206.2648063 is ALSO the number of regular FEET of height of The Ark of Ziusudra ("Noah") ... 120 Cubits !!! (David Fasold's book, "The Ark of Noah", supports this.)

And "120" is the multiplied product of the "Lo Shu Magic Square" diagonal numbers "6 X 5 X 4" ... that correlate specifically to those 3 Grid POINTS (above) on the 45-degree diagonal in "The Miami Square" !!!

Confirmation of "The Cubit" as 20.62648063 Regular Inches

My findings are confirming my other evidence (which I have cited in several other articles on The Internet) ... for ... The Cubit of 20.62648063 Regular Inches. This also offers yet additional proof that the designers/builders, of these very ancient structures, used a 360 arc-degree system of geometry and measure ... and, further, that they actually used The Radian (deg) measure ... (57.29577951 arc-degrees) as well as the Pi constant, in their templates for their design and creation of these structures.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) copyright 1999