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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #63

Megalithic Yard" and "The New Meter writes: quoting from the book, "Uriel's Machine" :

...the Megalithic Yard ...
* 1x MegYard = 2feet 8.64inches = 0.82966metres = 82.966cm = 32.64inches

* 4000 years ago, the Minoans used 366degree circles. This is connected with the megalithic people of 5000 years ago...

* Calendar was based on 366 days

* 366 deg circle, where each degree = 60minutes of arc and each minute = 6seconds of arc ... [that's right ...6 seconds of arc per minute]

Michael writes:

Only 6 arc-seconds per arc-minute ? .. this is interesting, but odd. (?)

And this system is assuming *precisely* ... "2.7" Feet per 'Megalithic Yard' ?

Quick & easy, eh ??! Don't we wish it were so ?!! Munck has already identified a specific length for Alexander Thom's 'Megalithic Yard'. It is ... precisely ... "2.719715671" regular Feet.

This is the Square Root of the 'Master Giza Longitude' (Munck, 1992) of ... 7.396853329 (sec) E.Giza ... to the east of the Giza prime meridian that passes through the center of The Great Pyramid. If you draw a straight line due north/south across the apexes of the 3 small 4-sided pyramids located just a bit to the east of The Great Pyramid, you will have marked that exact longitude. But there's much more involved, here, so please fasten your seat-belts.

I'll also be addressing, here, something brought up by Holger Isenberg, through the M-TRAC-MSAA list, regarding meters .. yes .. the metric system. In a message dated 01/03/2000 2:56:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

230.4 in meters is also the outer base width of the Great Pyramid. Maybe you already wrote this, but I'm not (yet?) a friend of this special Munck-numerology with a, in my opinion, randomly selected count of decimal digits and that's why I mostly do not read all of the postings about this topic. However, I find it very interesting, that most of all "egyptologists" don't even like hearing a faint of PI concerning the Great Pyramid.

What did the Pyramid-Constructor want to express with the perfect 2*height=4*width/PI relation, if not his knowledge about the magic value needed for the "quadrature of the circle"? Later, the ancient egyptians tried to imitate the Great Pyramid, but did not reach its perfect relations.

Holger Isenberg

Michael writes:

If we 'Square' Munck's 'original height' for The Great Pyramid (including capstone) ... in Feet ... 480.3471728 X 480.3471728 = 230733.4064 ... a decimal harmonic of the height of The King's Chamber ... in Regular INCHES

(Morton,1998) ... [See "Matrix 11]. 230.7334064 ... regular inches !!! Maybe "230.7334064" meters for baseline length of The Great Pyramid ??!!

If we project the meters .. as the perimeter ... 230.7334064 X 4 = 922.9336256 meters ... perimeter length. 922.9336256 / 2Pi = 146.8894487 meters .. original height, The Great Pyramid, including capstone. (?) YES .. I think this is correct.

146.8894487 / Pi = 46.7563637 ... and "46.7563637" is a *precise* decimal harmonic of the Grid Latitude (Munck, 1992) of The Mycerinus Pyramid at Giza ... 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 27.79807592 (sec) North ... = 46756.3637 North !!

480.3471728 / 146.8894487 = 3.270127141 Feet per Meter. 3.270127141 X 12 = 39.24152568 regular Inches per Meter. 39.24152568 X (Pi Squared) = 387.2983346 ... = the Grid POINT Value of "The Miami Circle" X (10 Squared). 387.2983346 Squared = 150,000.

Consider a 'New Meter' ... For A New Millennium...... Maybe we'll be "marching to the beat of a New Meter"?! (-:

Now ... before you dismiss this .. please bear with me, for a bit. (Instead of marching to Pretoria, let's 'beat it' to Cydonia). Look at The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge Munck's (1992) circumference for The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge is ... 305.7985078 Feet.

Now; take the reciprocal of "3.270127141" ...1 / 3.270127141 = 0.3057985078 ...a precise decimal harmonic of the circumference, in Feet, of The Sarsen Circle !!

More Support for a "2.719715671" (Ft.) 'Megalithic Yard'

Recall, from earlier in this post, the "7.395683329" (sec) E.Giza ... 'Master Giza Longitude' (Munck, 1992). 7.396853329 / 3.270127141 = 2.261946711 ... = 0.72 X Pi ... = **Grid POINT Value of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza / (10 Cubed) ... = **Original Height of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza / (10 Squared). **(Munck, 1992).

Even More Support From Stonehenge For a Meter of "3.270127141" Feet ... Munck's Grid POINT Value (1992) for Stonehenge is ... 2.433467206 ...2.433467206 / 3.270127141 = 0.7441506403 ... a precise decimal harmonic of the Area of The Sarsen Circle in Square Feet !! Munck's (1992) radius for The Sarsen Circle is ... 48.66934411 Feet. Pi X (48.66934411 X 48.66934411) = 7441.506403 Square Feet !!

Munck also found that the azimuth-of-orientation of "The Avenue" at Stonehenge, has a TANGENT of exactly "1.177245771" ... a precise decimal harmonic of the actual longitude of both The Great Sphinx of Giza [11.77245771 (sec) E.Giza] *and* The Chephren Pyramid of Giza [11.77245771 (sec) W.Giza]. TAN 49.65408598 (deg) = 1.177245771 Now ... 3.270127141 / 1.177245771 = 2.777777777 .. = 57.29577951 / 20.62648063 ... the exact ratio of The Radian (deg) to my proposed 'Royal Cubit' in regular inches !! AND ... 57.29577951 / 1.177245771 = 48.66934411 ... exact radius of Sarsen Circle in Feet !!

Coral Castle Figures-in ...

My Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) for Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle is ...3.650200809 ... [ See "Matrix 10].

3.650200809 / 3.270127141 = 1.116225961 ... a precise decimal harmonic of my Grid LAT (Morton, 1998) for an ANALOGUE of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars. Yes ... this "D&M Pyramid II" is in a highly eroded condition, apparently of great antiquity, in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York State. In 1998, on my own and without compensation, I corresponded with Dr.Bruce Cornet, geologist and paleontologist, involving his discoveries of what he called, "A Cydonia Analogue", in the lower Hudson Valley, in the area of the Wallkill River in New York State. I was interested in looking at the specific map-locations of Dr. Cornet's sites he had discovered. I ordered the official USGS topographical maps of scale 1 : 24000 ... for several of the locations he had described on a website. [ See Http:// ] Note ... this above Url may be 'obsolete' by now, because Dr. Cornet has apparently changed and/or removed much of his former text regarding these discoveries, and he has possibly changed websites as well.

Suffice to say, he had a map-overlay of several "Cydonia Analogue Sites" ... shown on the "orionworks" website. So; this enabled me to make very specific, precise map-measurements on the official USGS topo maps I ordered.I DID come up with some stunning and exciting results, but for "some reason(s)" Dr. Cornet did not exactly "share" my enthusiasm. Later on, in early1999, he even attacked the "credibility" of my work. I have found his reactions to my work, especially regarding his "Cydonia Analogue" discoveries, to be very disappointing, to say the least. I do suspect that he has 'given-in' to some sort of "pressure"from elements of "The Establishment" ... to 'suppress' his "Cydonia Analogue" material ... especially in regard to my findings. I do not 'judge' him for this ...

if this indeed be the case ... for who knows what threats may have been made toward him and/or his family ? Anyway ... getting back to the Grid LAT (Morton, 1998) of "D&M Pyramid II" ..

41 (deg) X 16 (min) X 17.01563963 (sec) North ...
= 11162.25961 North ...
= (Pi Cubed) X 360.

I'll also give you, while I'm at it, here, my Grid LONG and Grid POINT Value for "D&M Pyramid II".

Grid LONG ... 105 (deg) X 26 (min) X 39.2519019 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 107157.6922 W.Giza ...
= (Pi Cubed) X 3456.
[ W.Greenwich 74 deg 18 min 38.4519019 sec ].

Grid POINT Value ... 107157.6922 / 11162.25961 ...= 9.6

Again using my Grid POINT Value for Coral Castle ... 3.650200809 ... 3.270127141 X 3.650200809 X Pi = 37.5 ... the diameter, in Feet, of "The Miami Circle".

Wouldn't It Make Sense ... to ...Wouldn't it make sense to *integrate* the 'Royal Cubit' , the 'Foot', and The Radian (deg) numerical value ... with "The New Meter" ... of ... 3.270127141 Feet ?! Sure ... we'd have to shorten The Meter by about 1/8th of an inch. But ... wouldn't it make sense to do this before we "colonize" other celestial bodies ?

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
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